30 November 2012

No Case To Answer


Today the Mayor of the City of Unley, Mr Lachlan Clyne, faced court for the final time and emerged the victor.

Defending himself against charges relating to the last Council election, Mayor Clyne presented to court today to restore his reputation and protect his integrity.  Deputy Chief Magistrate Cannon delivered a strong judgment in Mayor Clyne’s favour, finding that he had no case to answer.

“Whilst I have maintained my dedication and focus on my role as Mayor of the City” said Mayor Clyne today after the adjournment, “I feel a profound sense of relief that I can now operate freely and with full confidence.”

The Mayor was represented in court today by Michael Abbott, QC, and was accompanied by his family.  “I have been very humbled by the support I have received from friends, family and the community” he said.

Bike Path Changes?

A resident recently met with both the Bicycle Institute of SA and with Colin Boulden, Goodwood Junction Engineering Manager They discussed the affect of the proposed works on bicycle access. She was pleased to secure this meeting and feels that DPTI  are making steps to improve their consultation processes. She was pleased that she had been able to secure a meeting and feel that DPTI are now making steps to improve their consultation processes.
Issues raised include;
  • The DPTI plan to extend the current bike path the show grounds to go under Anzac Hwy to connect with West Tce
  • That Keswick Station will be moved south of Anzac Hwy and named Wayville
  • The DPTI plan to build a bike overpass at Goodwood Station in the next few years, beside the tram overpass (ideally on the southern side)
  • Consideration of an active level crossing for bikes and pedestrians at Goodwood station, at the southern end of the platform, which is to be shortened during the current project
  • Discussion of the need for switchback on a cycle crossing if it has automated gates.

29 November 2012

Public Meeting

Stephanie Key (Member for Ashford) has now organised the meeting for all  persons who wish to attend to ask and hear answered questions on the Goodwood Junction Project.

Time : 7pm
Date: Tuesday 4th December
Venue: Goodwood Primary School
            140 Goodwood Rd, Goodwood
Prior to this, at the same venue, will be a meeting to establish a Residents Action Group meeting from 6 pm to 6.45pm. The purpose of this meeting is to establish an active interim executive committee and to elect an interim chairperson.
As the forum will be run with  a question and answer format can you please forward questions to Stephanie as soon as possible (ashford@parliament.sa.gov.au) , if possible can you cc them to me as well. I'm sure there will be plenty of opportunity for follow up questions and new questions at the meeting.

Greenways Project Clarification

For many people this worthwhile project has been left to one side as the Goodwood Junction project has been more immediate and obvious. However, this project still has some improvements that can be made and DPTI have listened to at least two residents on this matter just this week. Hopefully they will take on board the comments and offer the residents of Cromer Pde and improved outlook and a dedicated bike lane. The letter written after the meeting follows;

Hello Jeanette
Thanks to you and your colleagues for coming to our home on Monday to discuss our concerns regarding the impact of the rail electrification project on Cromer Parade and our thoughts for improving the amenity along our section of the corridor.
As promised I am attaching the three photo posters that we were looking at on Monday. These illustrate our concerns with the current situation as well as some ideas for alternative ways that would actually improve the environment experienced by local residents.
To again summarise our concerns briefly. They are:
•    Visual environment. There are approximately 32 houses along Cromer Pde that overlook the train line. The existing appearance of the rail corridor is appalling. The fence is disintegrating. Weeds are overgrown everywhere. All houses have a view of the ramshackle back fences on the other side of the train line. The new electrical posts and wires will add to the visual mess.
•    Community amenity. The is a extremely large number of cyclists who use this part of the cycle route from the city. It is currently proposed that the Cromer Pde road will continue to be the path for cyclists. We see this as inadequate and possessing several problems. No provision has been made for walkers. It also fails to provide continuity with the Greenway shared path project plan. 
•    Noise. The existing level of noise when trains are passing is extremely high. While the electric trains are likely to be quieter they also will be very much more frequent. There currently appears to be no proposal to provide a sound barrier to protect residents in the rail electrification project. Other DPTI projects such as the Northern line project appear to have done so.
As we discussed at our meeting, our proposal is that these visual and community amenity issues be resolved by:
•    keeping the existing tree line adjacent to the curbing on Cromer Parade. 
•    constructing a 3-metre wide bicycle/walking pathway on the inside (i.e. on the rail corridor side) of the tree line
•    constructing a significant, visually attractive (and preferably effective sound barrier) fence on the inside of the bicycle/walking pathway to create continuity with the Greenway project. 
We also discussed the need to improve the view Cromer Parade residents have of the ugly back fences on the other side of the rail corridor and while we don't have an easy answer to this problem it is of great concern if a sound proof (and opaque) fence is not possible on our side of the corridor. We would appreciate hearing DPTI's proposal on how this problem is to be addressed.
As we have noted previously we were pleased to see that in its submission to the Development Assessment Commission, DPTI states that the Goodwood Upgrade project offers an opportunity to ‘create an opportunity to physically enhance the rail corridor and its immediate environs through ... new vegetation and screen landscaping in adjacent streets. These are positive changes directly related to the project that will enhance the outlook of neighbouring properties and the general appearance of the areas as a whole’ (p37). We assume the same aspiration applies to the rail electrification project as well.
The three photo posters attached illustrate the proposal outlined above:
•    Photo Poster 3 of the Glenelg tramline shows the sort of construction we are proposing with a 3-metre wide dual bike/walking pathway between the tree line and the fence
•    Photo Posters 1 and 2 of Cromer Parade and Canterbury Tce demonstrate that such a construction is possible in Cromer Parade as what we are proposing for Cromer Pde is already scheduled for Canterbury Tce and the entire distance between Clarence Pk and Emerson stations. The photos demonstrate that the space available along the two corridors between the tree line and the rail tracks is virtually identical.
So thanks again for engaging with us about these matters. We are keen to hear the result of your discussions with your colleagues about these issues and ideas. You may be aware that the inaugural meeting of a newly formed Goodwood Junction Rail Project Resident’s Action Group will be held on Tuesday 4 December and we would like to report any progress to that meeting. We will also of course continue providing information about developments to other residents in Cromer Parade.

28 November 2012

East/Aroha/Leah Intersection

Road needs traffic lights'
Eastern Courier Messenger, Adelaide  by  John Stokes28 Nov 2012

TRAFFIC lights or lollipop guards should be put in place on a busy Forestville intersection when the Victoria St level crossing closes for nine months, Unley councillors say.

The crossing between Goodwood and Forestville will be closed from Monday, December 10, until August next year as part of the $110 million Goodwood Rail Junction upgrade.

This will mean drivers will be forced to detour off three streets Victoria St, Leah St and Leader St to make it to Goodwood Rd or Anzac Highway.

Goodwood South Cr Don Palmer said this would lead to congestion of the Leah St intersection.

"The potential is that locals are going to be disadvantaged," Cr Palmer said.

"They’re not going to be able to break into the traffic from the southem rat-run." Fellow Goodwood South Cr Jennie Boisvert has called for 20 years for the intersection to be fixed.

Proper signage about the closure and a lollipop man or woman would be needed during the closure, Cr Boisvert said.

"That corner needs work in any case," she said.

"People will find alternative routes fairly quickly and people will get used to it but the goodwill that’s been extended could wear thin (if the closure takes longer than expected)." Councillors will approach council management to lobby the Transport Department to put extra controls in place.

"It’s not for me to tell them what’s the solution they’re the experts but temporary traffic lights would make sense," Cr Palmer said.

Pedestrian and cycle access will remain open for most of the ninemonth closure as an underpass is built near Victoria St so Noarlunga Line trains can travel below the Belair Line and freight lines.

Signs will alert people when the crossing is completely closed.

A Transport Department spokeswoman said the contractors would consider setting up traffic controllers at the intersection to ease congestion when their trucks were using it. She said the department understood the inconvenience to residents and thanked people for their patience.

For more information or to register for project updates contact the Project Information Line on 1300 443198 or email dpti.rr@sa.gov.au

Caption Text:
UPGRADE CALL: Unley Cr Jennie Boisvert near the Victoria St level crossing, which will close for nine months. Picture: Sam Wundke H0413892

Mitcham's train meeting, 26th November 2012


A report from the meeting from organiser Mark Parnell.
Last night, in a very powerful act, around 300 people crammed into the Blackwood High School Auditorium to push for better community transport services.

I would first like to say a very big thank you to all of you who managed to get there. Many thanks also for the many of you who couldn’t make it but sent me your feedback and suggestions.

I must admit I have very mixed feelings about last night’s meeting.  In many ways we achieved a lot.  There were some wonderfully practical and eminently sensible suggestions from you for doing things better. Because of your public pressure, and the fact that so many of you attended last night’s meeting, the Minister was forced to offer express buses – and your forceful advocacy of this option on the night forced them to go further to  guarantee a new timetable with scheduled express buses.

That is a great result that wouldn’t have happened without such strong community pressure.

However, I’m sure you share my frustration at the attitude of the Transport Department representatives present on the night.  It’s just so disappointing that they didn’t come and speak to the community months ago to find out what would actually work.

I also recognise that express buses do not suit everybody, and although raised last night, there is no guarantee of extra G30 or 195/6 services.  Also, it was very clear from the discussion last night the location of the Eden Hills alternative bus service is not adequate.

Some of the other issues raised included:
-          The need to ‘trial’ services well beyond January, as this time will not provide an accurate guide to commuter behaviour
-          Disability and limited mobility access on the alternative buses
-          Concerns about the length of the bicycle trailer trial, and the number of places provided
-          Concerns for patrons who get nauseous on buses, especially on steep and windy roads
-          A need for much better integration between train services, and between train and bus services
-          Continued, extreme late running of regular scheduled buses
-          Major fears about the increase in traffic congestion
-          Concern about the increase in buses and extra traffic during the major period of fire risk
-          A request for free parking near the city for those who won’t be able to rely on the alternative bus and will be forced to drive instead

Clearly there is much work required yet from the Transport Department.

Last night we received confirmation that keeping the train running from Belair to Mitcham was not only technically possible, but was comparable on cost to the proposed alternative bus service, and would provide a better service for commuters.  Yet, because of a failure to properly consult with the community the Department has unwisely dismissed that option.

This afternoon I introduced the following Motion into State Parliament:

I.        That this Council notes:

a)      The packed public meeting on Monday night at the Blackwood High School called by the Greens to discuss alternative services for commuters on the Belair train when the train line is closed from 2013 for up to 8 months.
b)      The serious concerns expressed at the meeting about the impact of the closure of the Belair line (along with the Noarlunga and Tonsley lines) on traffic congestion on Southern arterial roads and the subsequent reliability of the substitute bus timetable.
c)       The range of positive alternative solutions proposed by the community, including boosting existing regular bus services along Shepherds Hill and Unley Roads,  more scheduled express bus services, and improved siting of the Eden Hills bus stop.   
d)      The deep disappointment expressed at the meeting that the Transport Department had failed to adequately talk to the community first about what alternative services would work best for commuters
e)      That keeping the train running between Belair and Mitcham is not only technically viable, but cost comparable and delivers many benefits for commuters, and that this option, not surprisingly, remains the most popular alternative for Mitcham Hills residents.

II.      Calls on the Transport Services Minister to deliver on a range of options canvassed at the Meeting, including:

a)      More scheduled express bus services in a revised timetable that is both credible and reliable
b)      An increase in the number of scheduled existing bus services, including the G30 and 195/196 services
c)      A review of the location of the proposed Eden Hills station substitute bus stop
d)      A commitment to consult better with affected commuters before, during and after the proposed rail closure

This follows an earlier Parliamentary Motion calling for the ‘Belair to Mitcham’ train option, which you can read about here.

I can assure I will continue to strongly push the Minister and the Department to ensure the best possible options for you all.  I will try and keep you informed of developments as they occur over the coming weeks.

Thank you once again for coming last night.

Best wishes

Confidentiality Orders

This article appeared in The Advertiser this morning. I always write the topic to be discussed in my meeeting reports and the outcome if I feel it is still of interest when the Confiential order has been lifted.
How transparent should Council be?
SA councils too often hold closed meetings, says state's ombudsman
SA councils are hiding their meetings behind closed doors too often and regularly are in breach of the Local Government Act in doing so, an investigation by Ombudsman Richard Bingham has found.
An audit of meetings of 12 of the 68 councils across South Australia in the two years between 2009-2011 found 725 meetings were held in confidence, of a total of 8044.
The confidentiality rate of 9 per cent of all business items compares with 3 per cent the Ombudsman recommends as a maximum.
The audit examined 80 of the closed-house meetings in detail and found, in 40 cases, there was no defensible reason to exclude the public, and in 31 cases, there were arguable grounds but no real need to hold them in confidence. Only nine of the 80 cases had a clear reason to hold them in confidence.
Mr Bingham found many meetings were held out of view of the public gaze to avoid embarrassment or public pressure when discussing controversial local subjects.
His report, tabled in State Parliament today, also found numerous cases where there were procedural errors in declaring a meeting off-limits to the public, meaning the council had no legal authority to do so and was in breach of the Local Government Act.
"A lot of cases I put down to ignorance, rather than malice, but there were also some cases where they (councils) went into confidence when....dealing with issues that could be embarrassing for the council," Mr Bingham said.
"Some of the councils were very good and had in-confidence rate of less than three per cent, and I think it is entirely reasonable to aim for that three per cent mark.
"Transparency and sunlight are the remedy for this secrecy and I hope they act to improve their openness."
Mr Bingham recommended the Local Government Act be amended to specify that controversy, or sensitivity, over a matter in the community is not a reason for closing a meeting to the public.
He declined to name the most secretive council but has written to each council telling them how they fared in his report. Councils are free to publish his findings on their council, which Burnside Council so far has done.
Under the Local Government Act council meetings including committee meetings should be held in public except in "special circumstances."
"In many cases, information which should be made public is not," Mr Bingham said.
"Too often release of information is done in such a way as to restrict public access to released documents."
The report also found more than 40 per cent of the State's 68 councils failed to review their confidential meetings Code of Practice within 12 months of the 2010 council elections as required by the Act.
Councils in the audit were: Alexandrina, Barunga West, Burnside, Ceduna, Coober Pedy, Grant, Light, Mt Barker, Murray Bridge, Onkaparinga, Playford and West Torrens. 

27 November 2012

Full Council; 26th November 2012

This month's agenda heard a deputation form a person regarding the Capri Theatre and a number of people regarding the proposed closure of Kelvin Ave for a pocket park.
Items of interest include;
  • Kelvin Ave; This item was back on the agenda as Cr Saies wished there to be further discussion on the easement that exists over the land. Deputations supporting both sides of the argument were allowed leading to be plenty of debate. Even though at every phase of the consultation the majority of those who responded wanted one form of land scape treatment or another there were always a number of people who were vehemently opposed to project. In the end this group would have been able to end the process when the final consultation results were analysed under the Road Closures Act by DPTI. The motion was refused. A subsequent motion to end any further landscape treatment options was then put and passed. I amended the final motion, with the support of Don, (but not my colleagues) to spend the budget savings on William St's footpaths.While there will now be a further report on the state of these footpaths it was good for people to understand that proposing alternate ways of spending the money is not the way Council works.
  • Capri Theatre  Loan Request;The theatre were requesting an interest free loan of $51,000 to allow for the purchase of a new equipment that will allow them to reduce staff costs and to ultimately have more money to spend on the maintenance of the Wurlitzer organ. The organisation have given a detailed plan too repay the money, interest forgone would be less than $5,000. Council has a poor record in getting money repaid in these circumstances so I hope my faith in this group restores some of the balance. Passed
  • Access Request 671South Rd, Black Forrest;The owners of this land used Council property to access their back yard for parking in 2004. By doing this they have reduced the amount of parking available on the site to shoppers and parents of BFPS. Charging rent or the land annexed is  a minor charge that will attempt to right this wrong. This was deferred to the next meeting.
  • Appointment of a Deputy Mayor; This was again contentious even though Lachlan indicated he would like the support of a deputy ; the decision to have one was still hard fought.. The Dept Mayor is now Bob Schnell.
  • Appointments to Centennial Park Board; This board position now carries a remuneration of $6,200 per annum. Although there were many contenders and a feeling that change should happen in the selection  the current members (Lapidge and Hudson) were re-elected to the Board.
  • Review of Committee Structure; I dealt with this in  a separate blog, essentially the City Strategy meeting would be replaced by 3 committees with 4 elected members on each. As this was agreed to it will allow for more in depth discussion in areas of particular interest to Councillors. We also decided to occasionally have two Council meetings/ month. The Chairpersons of the new committees are Community and Culture (Michael Saies), Infrastructure  and Capital Projects (Jennie Boisvert) and  Development Strategy and Policy (Michel Hewitson).The Audit Committee (Tipper, Saies ) and Unley Business and Economic Development committee (Koumi as chair and Salaman)have more elected members.
  • CEO Recruitment Policy; This has been a difficult one for me and an attempt to get the policy right so that if and when we need to recruit a new CEO there will be some gender equity in the committee and some clarity around what information is confidential and what is not and to whom. This was adjourned for more informed debate at the next meeting.
There were two confidential items, these being;
Recovery of Costs-384 Cross Rd
The Capri Theatre
Centennial Park-Provision of Services

24 November 2012

Footpaths;1.2 metres v 1.8metres

I have had a discussion on this mater over the last few days with constituents and staff. Council made a decision a few years ago to reduce the width of the paved surface from 1.8m to the minimum allowed by regulation, 1.2m.
Why did we do this?
Initially to increase the area not paved to allow for greater water penetration of the soil and to reduce run off. This in  turn would reduce the volume of storm water in any rain event and reduce the chance of flooding.
This year's accelerated footpath budget of $1,500,000 would have cost $2,000,000 with the additional width. Over a length of time this allows for many more footpaths to be completed and enjoyed by residents.
The additional cost is caused by having to cut back the concrete plinth that many fences have that often extends underneath the surface up to 150ml and the removal and disposal of the additional soil that has to be removed.
The resident is then left with a small gap between their fence and the paving and a larger gap between the paving and the curb. The dilemma is then what to do with these areas? Many choose to have dolomite in the areas and simply leave them as bare land. However, many also landscape the areas with lawn or plants.
The street scape can look fantasic when all residents on any one street decide to do this.

22 November 2012

DPTI Haulage Routes; The Debate Heats Up

During early discussions on this matter Councillors were assured that the rail corridor was a viable way to remove the soil from the Goodwood Junction site, after an initial removing of topsoil. However, at the information day it became clear that the streets of Millswood and Forrestvile would be used for haulage. One resident has letter boxed homes on the main routes asking for people to contact Minister Conlon to express their concerns. He has been amazed at the response from people who are prepared to this. He is the only person that can ask DPTI to investigate alternate routes. Next week it will be the people who live around Forrestville Reserve will be affected as well as the preliminary works begin for the diversion of Brownhill Creek around the project. It is my understanding that DPTI are door knocking in the area, the divide and conquer consultation process seems to work well for them.
The public meeting requested by residents of Stephanie Key, the local Member of Parliament, is likely to be held in early December.
I was interviewed today by the Eastern Courier regarding the problems residents will encounter when Victoria St is closed to traffic. We all know that the corner that connects Victoria St with Aroha Tce and Leah St is problematic ( read that as impossible to turn north off Victoria St). Some ideas on how to make this safer during this time would be useful?  Since my first stint on Council in 1995 this intersection has been on the agenda and to this date we've discussed trying to straighten the road through the acquisition of property, traffic signals and better layout. Very little has changed. I feel in the first instance we  should be asking for the intersection to be manned during peak hours to enable the through traffic to be stopped for vehicles trying to turn right. Your thoughts?
It is also imperative to have signs on East Ave telling commuters that Victoria St will be closed.

21 November 2012

Goodwood Groove; 7th Dec 2012

This looks like a fun event for all with free entertainment. Why not stay for a while or spend the evening at the event? A great event for kids of all ages.

19 November 2012

Victoria St Closed; Dec 10th

Victoria St level crossing will be closed to traffic from Dec 10th until at least August 2013. According to the latest update from DPTI pedestrians and cyclists should be able to continue to use the crossing at this time. Other detail can be obtained by clicking the link below.


17 November 2012

Aroha Tce; Are the trees safe?

The answer to this is yes. After the completion of the recent arborist reprt and inspection it was found that the majority of trees are safe and have a relatively low risk of failure. There are, however, a couple that need to be removed and nearby residents will be informed of this. Replanting will then occur in the autumn and winter.
On the matter of water sensitive urban design that was to be incorporated into the redevelopment of the road this was not done. At the time of reconstruction I put many questions to staff about water wells being installed on the southern side and the design of the tram side. It seems that none of this work was done. Probably this is why the project had a surplus when complete. The trees continue to get the water run off from the rail coridoor and are probably still some of the best watered trees in Unley.

Dunrobin St Trees; Final Outcome

There has been much discussion over the trees in Dunrobin St for many years. The ironbarks seem to be the sort of tree that people love or hate. In this case the majority of residents have asked Council to keep the trees and to manage the infrastructure around them as best as they can. The recent arborist's report identified only 2 trees to be removed immediately, these are easily identified as they are either dead or near dead and relatively small. The engineers report on some identified houses failed to identify significant damage at this time. However, the trees are far from full grown and may cause structural damage to property in the future. The abundant wildlife in the area must be attributed to some extent to the type of trees.
However, there will need to be extensive maintainance, pruning, of some trees and the footpaths will continue to need repair.

13 November 2012

Questions for DPTI?

Don and I met with Council staff this afternoon and put he following questions to them to put to DPTI on our behalf. Some we got the answers for the others I will update when I have them.

What will be the final outcome for the Brownhill Creek diversion at Forrestville Reserve?
This will be a covered culvert all he way to the creek bed in the reserve.
When will the public meeting occur for this?
1st December 2012, but it will be an Open Day format.
This has now been changed to mid January 2013
How widely will this meeting be letter boxed?
I have asked that this one be bounded by Victoria St, Goodwood Rd, Leader St and Leah St.
What haulage routes will the trucks use?
Ethel St, Nichols St , Leah St and Leader St.
When will Stephanie Key hold the consultative meeting promised at a recent resident's meeting?
Who is managing the signage at areas already near work sites?
Will all the contractors use the same methods and systems to close roads as needed?
Where ever possible
How soon before works begin is it reasonable to let residents know what is happening?
This is debatable but probably earlier than they do although I believe the time frames are improving.
Are there alternate haulage routes than those now prosed for the main works?
Has a dilapidation survey been completed?
Yes, for Council infrastructure  and for some identified houses.
Will one be offered to affected residents?
Can we charge back Council staff time being used on this project to DPTI?
Can this be completed by Oct 2013?
I reckon if I offered a bottle of red to anyone who said they could I'd need a cellar.

City Strategy;12th November 2012

Items on this month's agenda included;
  • Kelvin Ave, Clarence Park-Proposed Landscape Treatment; after gaining budget approval council staff have clarified with the relevant government organisations to allow for either road closure or a driveway link.The recommended option is the driveway link as this will still allow for a large area to be landscaped and for through traffic at a reduced speed.However, the vote may well go with the road closure. The vote did go for a road closure although Don and I supported the driveway link.There are many streets with road closures that people were reluctant to embrace (think Malvern), the people that live in these streets now think they are wonderful, they have significantly raised the value of homes and the amenity of the area.
  • Lease 84 Edmund Ave to Adelaide Potters Club; this is a lease renewal or a further 3 years. I'm not in favour of reducing the rent for a commercial organisation below what it currently is. The tool used to calculate rent indicates that it could be lower than it currently is with an amount of $10,164. The debate will be interesting.This was passed with my reluctant support, it is a worthwhile cause.
  • Funding Allocations for the Community, Cultural, Recreational and Environment Grants programme; this money will go toward funding the development of a gardening kit, improvements at the Fern Ave Garden, Parkside Primary School ( to paint the stobie polls in Robsart St),the Carers Choir, Urban Myth, Neighbourhood Watch, the Broughton Arts Society, Unley United Soccer Club, Unley Symphony Orchestra, St. Spyridon Church and the Effective Living Centre.Passed but with some reluctance concerning one organisation located outside of Unley,even though it was demonstrated that they do good work in Unley.
  • Funding Allocation- Ron Young Programme; Recommended for full funding are both the installation of WIFI and new computer equipment at the Unley Community Centre and also the purchase of 2 ipads for the Library. Passed
  • The full agenda can be found at;  http://www.unley.sa.gov.au/webdata/resources/files/CSP%20Agenda%20November%202012.pdf

11 November 2012

Remembrance Day Service This Morning

 I attended the moving ceremony at 11am this morning at the Memorial Gardens in Unley. This event seems to rarely fall on a weekend and I had not attended one before.
Usually I attend the ceremony at the school in at which I teach. All the pines on the western side of the Urrbrae school oval were planted in remembrance of fallen former students.The ceremony was attended by at least 200 people including veterans and their families, school children, the scouts and guides from Clarence Park, Councillors and Mayor and  many other interested people. I was proud to be wearing my father's medals, he was in the navy in World War 2 and lost his battle with cancer 15 years ago.

A resident with veteran Les Partridge

Grantley Ave Closed 12/11/12 to 19/11/12

We were notified late last week that Grantley Ave would be closed this week to all but local traffic as the DPTI contractors complete the changes being made to the sewer. This will connect to the works in Hackett Ave. The residents were not letterboxed until yesterday. We have been told this will only take a week.

08 November 2012

Green Organics; food waste can be included

Green Organics - Food Waste can be included.

Don't waste your food scraps! Turn them into compost via your green organics bin.

The City of Unley is always looking for ways to divert waste from landfill. Reducing the amount of waste sent to landfill not only achieves important environmental benefits but reduces the Landfill Levy that the Council has to pay - this in turn helps to limit the Rates that you pay to Council.
Food waste and other organic material makes up around half of what is placed in the blue waste bins. By putting food waste into your green organics bin (along with garden waste) it will be collected and commercially processed into nutrient-rich compost.
Our waste is transformed into a valuable resource that is sold to farmers and gardeners all over Australia.
Your green organics bin can still be used for your garden waste, i.e. lawn clippings, leaves, prunings, cut flowers, etc.
Even if you have a home garden compost or worm farm you may like to recycle the food scraps that are not suitable for your home compost via the green organics bin; all food scraps including citrus, dairy, meat, bones, shells and even heavily soiled pizza boxes may be placed into the green organics bin.

For convenience, food scraps can simply be wrapped in newspaper or paper-towel to prevent spills when placed in the green organics bin.
Alternatively, some hardware stores sell 'compostable' bags which may be used for food scraps.
But please do not use bags labelled 'biodegradable' - this is not 'compostable' - and never use plastic bags of any type in the green organics bin, this can contaminate the entire truckload. If you are unsure about the compostable bags, please contact Council.
For more information on the green organics bin and recycling food waste, please contact the Council on 8372 5111 or visit the Zero Waste SA Recycle Right website: http://www.zerowaste.sa.gov.au/at-home/recycle-

Chemical Disposal Day: 24th November

9a9m9am -3pm9-3pm
Saturday 24 November 2012
Wayville Showgrounds
Stirling Angus Hall
(Enter from Rose Terrace, Wayville)
99999999househochedisposal day
For more information
Phone 1300 137 118 Phone 8372 8888 Phone 8372 5111 Phone 8203 7203
www.zerowaste.sa.gov.au www.mitchamcouncil.sa.gov.au www.unley.sa.gov.au www.adelaidecitycouncil.com
Please use containers that
you do not wish to retain,
as they will not be returned
upon drop off
Rose Terra
The household chemical disposal day provides an opportunity to
go through your home and dispose of items like the following:
- Aerosol cans, floor care products, polishes and
oven cleaners.
- Pharmaceuticals, medicines, bathroom cleaners, nail
polish and remover.
- Paint strippers, cutting oil, solvent-based glues, any
paints, thinners, acetone, turpentine, varnish, wood preservative
and rust remover.
- Fertiliser, fungicides, weed killers, insecticides,
pesticides and rat poison.
- Batteries, battery acid, transmission and brake fluids,
car wax with solvent, petrol, diesel, kerosene, motor oil, sump oil
and coolant.
- Acids, alkalis, artists’ paints, dry cleaning
solvents, fibreglass resins (not mixed), mercury batteries,
NiCads, mothballs, photographic chemicals, swimming pool
chemicals, smoke detectors, fluorescent light tubes, compact
fluorescent lamps and gas bottles.
Things to do
Keep or put labels on containers if possible
Package securely to prevent spills
Transport chemicals in your vehicle’s boot or trailer
Place containers of liquids in an unwanted bag or plastic
bucket so they do not leak
Keep corrosive chemicals such as battery acid away
from poisons
Keep oxidising agents such as peroxide away from all
other materials
We will not accept
Business or industrial waste
Explosives or ammunition
Empty containers
Radioactive materials
This service is at no cost to residents as it is fully funded by Zero Waste SA,
Adelaide City Council, City of Mitcham and City of Unley.
Please note that this service is not available to businesses or for commercial quantities.isposal day
For more information
Phone 1300 137 118 Phone 8372 8888 Phone 8372 5111 Phone 8203 7203
www.zerowaste.sa.gov.au www.mitchamcouncil.sa.gov.au www.unley.sa.gov.au www.adelaidecitycouncil.com

07 November 2012

Meeting Schedule Restructure

There have been many discussions of late about the structure of our meetings and advisory groups. Many Councillors have expressed a desire to have more frequent Council meetings rather than a City Strategy and Full Council. There seems to be little discernible difference between the content of the two. The key difference being that recommendations made at City Strategy can be reserved out for further discussion at the following Council meeting and decisions made at Council are considered to be final. They can be rescinded but the process is a little more complicated.
We also need to discuss who will be on each committee for the following 2 years (until the next election). The Development Assessment Panel was selected at last month's Council meeting ahead of other positions. There was no valid reason to do this other than an officer had erred in his judgement. The result was that despite a desire for change from a majority of members the existing panel was re-elected. This seems like a contradiction but with our current voting system both can be true. It's certainly time we used a fairer system.
The other things to be considered are;
Do we need a deputy mayor?
Should positions be rotated so that the best aren't hogged by the few?
How long should one serve on a committee if others want  a chance at the same position?
Should the chair of the new committees be paid more money?
What advisory groups do we need?
What should be the future of the Goodwood Oval Advisory Group?

06 November 2012

Resident's Meeting ;6th Nov

This evening I attended a resident's meeting held at the Clarence Park Community Centre. This meeting was organised by Stephnie Key in response to what she perceives to be extra vigilance and consultation required during the Goodwood Junction upgrade (rightly so). Kate Ellis was also in attendance and about 20 people.There was a similar meeting held last Saturday morning. The idea is that a group would be formed to lobby  and liaise with the state government on issues as they arise. Stephanie also indicated that she would organise a public meeting in the near future and get DPTI people back to speak to a group where opinions could be shared. This looks a lot more like the consultation that everyone wanted in the first place. The more people involved in this type of  group the better. They would also have an opportunity to have a collective say about issues arising that concern Unley Council, the Stormwater Management Authority, Federal government and other agencies as issues arise. The Leah St  speed humps got a bit of a battering as well!

02 November 2012

Speed Humps in Leah St

I believe these were installed yesterday in Leah St, Forrestville. These have gone through extensive consultation but only with the people in the local area. It will be interesting to have your comments.
The first I received is published below.

We write to complain about the stupidity of the speed humps installed in Leah Street, Forrestville yesterday.
With vehicles parked down one side of the street combined with the design of the stupid things, make it impossible to traverse the road even at very slow speed.
Not only do they shake the vehicle, doing any amount of unknown damage to the car, but also your body at the steering wheel, no matter how slow you go.
And when confronted by a bus in the opposite direction the whole road has to stop so they can get around, over, through the humps.
Leah Street has never been a street where you can speed - too many parked cars and driveway exit vehicles, so we can see absolutely NO POINT in this waste of public money.
I hope the local residents fully enjoy the continual thumping day and night when vehicles cross the humps. John

Community Update; Goodwood Junction

The first update has been  sent to those people who have given  their email addresses to DPTI. The recently updated website looks for more informative. Take the time to view this for up to date information.  Visit www.infrastructure.sa.gov.au/RR/rail_revitalisation/goodwood_junction.

01 November 2012

November Update; 2012

October has been busy, more with the Grade Separation than anything else. However, I have managed to get roads repaired (Eglington Ave), footpaths repaired (Frederick St), and stormwater outlets realigned and finished correctly (Fairfax Ave).
  • The Dunrobin St trees consultation  closes 3rd November. There are 3 options; to keep the trees, to remove the trees in stages or to remove all the trees at once.
  • Suitable sites for artistic beautification; I need some help in identifying suitable sites for art works (similar to Sugar and Spice). Please send some photos of blank spaces that need some brightening up or spaces often graffited (these nuisances respect the art of others and rarely tag over them ). Suggestions are the Vieo store on East Ave and the building on the curve of Goodon Rd.
  • Further land acquisitions. It is my understanding that DPTI are purchasing a strip of land (40square metres on Dryden Rd); there are no others planned at this stage.
  • Street sweeping trial to be reviewed. If you have been part of this please respond when requested by staff. I hope this can soon be extended to all residents
  • Aroha Tce; Risk management. I’m still waiting to see the report into the safety of the trees and a description of Water Sensitive Urban design that is keeping the trees well watered.
  • Tree health in Millswood Cres; Many of the trees between Millswood park and Ormond Ave appear to be in poor health and/or dying. Staff will help to make the decision if they need a good prune or replacement of a similar species.
  • 669 South Rd will be discussed at he next Council meeting, this is the car park next to Black Forest Primary School. Some of the land has been annexed by the business next door.
  • Autism SA Information Session with Lisa Nops, Thursday 8th Nov  at 7pm in the Town Hall. Bookings are essential 83725100.
  • Hazardous Waste Disposal; Wayville Showgrounds ( Rose Tce), Sat 24th Nov. Sponsored by Zero Waste
  • Strength for Life; Strength training for over 50s. Clarence Park Community Centre, Mon and Fri 10am-11am. Call 82938166