17 November 2012

Aroha Tce; Are the trees safe?

The answer to this is yes. After the completion of the recent arborist reprt and inspection it was found that the majority of trees are safe and have a relatively low risk of failure. There are, however, a couple that need to be removed and nearby residents will be informed of this. Replanting will then occur in the autumn and winter.
On the matter of water sensitive urban design that was to be incorporated into the redevelopment of the road this was not done. At the time of reconstruction I put many questions to staff about water wells being installed on the southern side and the design of the tram side. It seems that none of this work was done. Probably this is why the project had a surplus when complete. The trees continue to get the water run off from the rail coridoor and are probably still some of the best watered trees in Unley.

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