06 November 2012

Resident's Meeting ;6th Nov

This evening I attended a resident's meeting held at the Clarence Park Community Centre. This meeting was organised by Stephnie Key in response to what she perceives to be extra vigilance and consultation required during the Goodwood Junction upgrade (rightly so). Kate Ellis was also in attendance and about 20 people.There was a similar meeting held last Saturday morning. The idea is that a group would be formed to lobby  and liaise with the state government on issues as they arise. Stephanie also indicated that she would organise a public meeting in the near future and get DPTI people back to speak to a group where opinions could be shared. This looks a lot more like the consultation that everyone wanted in the first place. The more people involved in this type of  group the better. They would also have an opportunity to have a collective say about issues arising that concern Unley Council, the Stormwater Management Authority, Federal government and other agencies as issues arise. The Leah St  speed humps got a bit of a battering as well!

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