28 June 2018

Umbrella in Unley

Have you enrolled to vote?

Most of you are already on the voters roll for the council elections later this year. This is because you are Australian citizens and enrolled to vote for  state and fedreral elections.
However, Council elections have a wider group of people who are eligible to vote. These include landlords of both residential and business properties and any person leasing a property from these people. This won't get you two votes for any Mayoral election or any ward that you are in but it may give you a vote in more than one ward. This includes those who are not citizens who own or are renting  property. It is time to register to be on the Supplementary Roll. You have until early August. 4 years ago Clarence Park had just 25 people register to be on this roll when hundreds of people would have been eligible. If you don't intend to vote then don't boither to enrol but why wouldn't you want to vote? For mor information clik here

Full Council meeting: June 25th 2018

You may find the following of interest;

  • Living Young Action Plan: This valuable plans works through what Council will continue to do when developing programs for people aged 5 to 25 years. There was some discussion about the end age with at least one Councillor thinking that 25 was too old. My concerns are that the plan did not have a program to help support teenagers in overcoming addictions, especially to online gaming. CARRIED
  • 2018-19 Business Plan: Most of what is in this I have already blogged about. While we asked for the Community to get involved in the Budget Consultation process not one suggestion for funding was accepted by Council. While some ideas will be funded at key budget review time others will go unfunded. Some rate payers are wondering why the bothered! CARRIED
  • Discretionary Rate Rebate Applications; Some organisations believe that they should get a rate cut due to the benefit they offer the community. In this round it was Tabor College (75%),Uniting Church (50%), Kirinari School (25%) and the Chinese Assoc (25%). CARRIED
  • CEO Key Performance Indicators 2018-19 and Assessment of 2017-18 Performance: This is a public document and I urge you to read just exactly what we expect from the CEO and how we think he is performing in his role. CARRIED
  • Millswood Area-On Street parking Review: Following consultation about all day parking by commuters in the Millswood area Council decided to introduce 3 hour parking zones in the are bounded by Aroha Tc, Newman St, Northgate St, Chelmsford Ave, Argyle Ave, Fairfax Ave, Graham Ave, Meredyth Ave and East Ave. This area is a little larger than the area proposed by staff but in line with resent communication with Don and I.
  • Unley Central Precinct CONFIDENTIAL

27 June 2018

How you can make a difference as an Elected Member

Are you thinking about nominating as a candidate for the local government
Find out all you need to know about life as an Elected Member at Unley at
 this free information session.

Becoming a councillor is one of the most direct ways you can influenc
decisions affecting your local community. The role is flexible,
challenging, exciting and rewarding.

Come along to this free information session and find out all you
 need to know about life as an Elected Member at Unley.

Tuesday 10 July 2018
6.30 – 7.30pm
Council Chambers, Oxford Terrace, Unley

No booking required. Light refreshments provided.
Enquiries please phone 8372 5111.

How you can make a difference as an Elected Member

The best way to ensure a broad range of views are considered is for
people of different ages, genders, cultures and backgrounds to step
up and make themselves heard on council.

As long as you are an Australian citizen and have lived in your council
 area for more than one month, you are eligible to nominate to become
 an Elected Member. Local business representatives and people who
own property in a council area are also eligible.

Here are 10 great reasons you may want to consider nominating for
  1. You care about what’s happening in your local community
  2. It’s a great way to develop your knowledge
  3. You want to contribute to your community
  4. You want to provide a voice for your age group/cultural group/gender
  5. You’re sick of watching from the sidelines
  6. You’ve got great ideas to contribute
  7. It’s a nice addition to your CV
  8. You’ll meet interesting people
  9. It’s a way of making a meaningful and lasting contribution
  10. Your chance to make a difference
Visit our Council Elections page for information on the nomination process.

23 June 2018

Clarence Park Ward Briefing Update

I could name the locations, but will show restraint.

Every second month the staff brief us on the happenings in our ward and we get to add things to the list that we would like to see discussed. Works well except that the one two months ago was cancelled rather than being postponed.
The following might be of interest;
  • The poor state of the pavers on the bike path from KWR to Goodwood has been examined by staff and they agreed it is need of repair. Unfortunately the path is on DPTI land and we can let them know it needs fixing. Don't hold your breath.
  • Staff agree to two additional 'flexible guide posts" in the road way (as well as those on the raised area). Hopefully, this will keep turning cars out of the bike lane.
  • Millswood bowls will be asked to forewarn residents when they intend to have fireworks or a nosier than usual event. Lack of doing this has caused some concern for residents nearby.
  • Staff  are presently preparing a business case for the CEO and Council for the employment of an additional parking inspector. This should enable better patrolling near Goodwood Oval during games and training, and illegal parking near Clarence Park Station.
  • A yellow line will be painted  to prevent parking of the first 50 metre of Dryden Rd at the intersection with South Rd. This decision follows observation by staff of a safety issue with cars parked on both sides of the road.
  • Some traffic hazards still exist near Black Forest Primary School on the Forest Ave intersection with Oban Ave. Minor works would see this intersection safer. However, the school has failed to apply for additional funding. Consultation with residents should occur soon.
  • Survey results for the Chelmsford Ave/ Victoria St parking issues will bring a recommendation to Council this month for 3 hour parking restrictions in part of Victoria St, Chelmsford Ave, Allenby Ave, Curzon Ave and Fairfax Ave. I believe that Meredyth Ave should be included in this as displaced cars are sure to look further afield to  still be able to commute and catch the tram

I'm not as old as I used to be

Getting older, getting louder, making sure your voice is heard.

Join an interactive, fun session with a different topic each month. In partnership with The Exchange - an initiative of the ACH group.

SATURDAY 4 JULY, 10.30 - 11.30AM
Gold coin on entry, bookings essential, phone 8372 5100 or book online.
Tea, coffee and biscuits provided.

Learn CPR with St John Ambulance

Learn practical, lifesaving CPR skills in a hands-on, relaxed and supportive session. Practice CPR on a manikin, learn basic wound management and how to help someone who is choking. Come armed with your first aid questions for Q&A.

SATURDAY 7 JULY, 1.15 - 4.15PM
Cost $5 to be paid on booking, bookings essential, phone 8372 5100 or visit the Libraries. Tea, coffee and biscuits provided.

16 June 2018

Call for women to nominate for Council

  ​Please share with others who may be interested.​
(Fliers attached).
​ALGWA SA is liaising with the Local Government Association in promoting its 2 free sessions:
​Make a Difference – Nominate for Council
Saturday 28 July 2018
9.30am – 12.30pm Local Government House, 148 Frome St, Adelaide.
Enrol online at: http://training.lga.sa.gov.au/index.cfm/enrolment/
Date: Tuesday 31 July 2018
6.00pm – 9.00pm Local Government House, 148 Frome St, Adelaide.
Enrol online at: http://training.lga.sa.gov.au/index.cfm/enrolment/

​Another approach for women candidates is 
Become Election Ready with our Outspoken Women Bootcamp ( flier attached below)Date: Saturday 18 August Time:
9am - 5pm Location: Adelaide CBD, tbc
Cost: $775+gst 
Contact: Louise Pascale Mb: 042 420 8787 Email:hello@outspokenwomen.com

Unley will need 6 new Councillors

and may get even more. If you have ever thought of giving it a go there may never be a better time than in this year's election. The current Council of 13 has already been reduced to 11 by the resignations of Clyne and Koumi. While the rest of us are managing pretty  well many are not seeking re-election and at least 2 are running for mayor. Unley has announced that their first session for hopeful candidates will be held in the Council Chambers on Tuesday July 10th at 6:30pm. You will get an opportunity to learn about Unley Council and the expectations and responsibilities of being on Council. This role suits people of all ages, employed or retired regardless of gender or race. You get about $16,000 per year including free childcare if you need it. You need to work hard for this but most of the work can be done when you have time and not at a particular time. All up 15 plus hours per week or more depending on time and energy. Why not give it a go!

11 June 2018

Saving Money in Local Government

I loved the letter to the editor this morning about payment of CEO's in Local Government. Why don't we pay them what they have saved us? Unley current CEO, Peter Tsokas, has saved ratepayers over $400,000 per year by cutting costs to run council in every year he has been CEO. This has saved  over $3 million. Bet he'd be happy with this payrise? Be careful what you wish for!

Mayoral candidates face off

 Both Cr Bob Schnell and Cr Michael Hewitson have now announced  that they will run for Mayor of Unley in the 2018 elections. While Bob put a small add in the Eastern Courier announcing his candidature Michael has letter boxed a large colour pamphlet. While I read this with interest it brings to mind Don Palmer's recent blog about leadership (http://www.donpalmer.org/are-your-leaders-showing-leadership/ ). To this end I hope that my efforts as a Councillor are seen as those of a leader, someone who can work with others and sees ideas (both mine and others) through to fruition.

New public art

This time another year
Artist Bridget Currie will install two contemporary sculptural artworks in Henry Codd Reserve. The 2m white mild steel sculptures will have Giant Sea Squill and South Australia Vanilla Lily bulbs
within their space, which will give the sculptures a different perspective with the changing
seasons. Bridget is one of Adelaide’s foremost contemporary artists represented by Greenaway
Gallery and has exhibited around the world. These sculptures will be among the first
contemporary conceptual artworks we have commissioned in the public realm.

Goodwood Oval Beehives
Two domes representing bee hives and made of mild steel will be installed at Goodwood Oval 
close to the playground and subtly placed in the mulch beneath the trees but clearly visible from
the main oval. The two domes will be 1.4m and 1m high. The large dome will have 3 metal bees
welded to it and the smaller dome with have 2 metal bees. Ellen has worked with us before as
the artist who created the designs for Welcome Mat, the 6 street intersection artworks for
Goodwood Road.
This artwork is a celebration of the Unley Swimming Centre and is certain to create a strong
sense of nostalgia and fun. Created by Project2Project, this will be a large-scale 2 dimensional
artwork using historical and contemporary images on the rear wall of the Swimming Centre’s
change rooms facing Forestville Reserve. The final piece is produced on long term outdoor
conformable High-tac SAV (self-adhesive vinyl). This product is made for large-scale outdoor
applications for use on rough textures and is usually used for long-term signage. This style has
some further opportunities at other locations possibly. Project2Project have worked on many
public realm projects including the new Royal Adelaide Hospital and interstate.

Learning about Bitcoin

What is all the buzz around Bitcoin? This presentation will uncover some of the facts behind the Bitcoin phenomenon. What is it, why and how do people use it, and how you can learn more.

Presented by special guest, technology consultant Richard Pascoe. Richard is a regular on FIVEaa and ABC Adelaide radio. 
THURSDAY 14 JUNE, 4.30 - 6PM
Gold coin donation on entry, bookings essential, phone 8372 5100 or book online.

Goodwood Oval lights

At the extraordinary DAP meeting on the 29th May the tension between the residents and the Goodwood Saints Football club was almost audible. This is a long saga starting with resident support for the lights and usage of the lights. However, an application to extend the use of the lights, again has met with little resident support. An earlier application to extend the hours was initially approved by the Dap and then overturned in the ERD Court as, at that time, they thought any extension of hours was unreasonable. The current application extends the hours for more than that but on the night everyone seemed to have a different number. The oval surface is under significant stress due to overuse and Council have been encouraging clubs to find other ovals for practice, if possible. However, overuse is not a planning matter and needs to be dealt with when the lease is reviewed by Council.  The application was approved by the DAP after listening to both sides of the argument. However, it is likely that residents will appeal this decision.

03 June 2018

Full Council meeting: May 28th 2018

Items that may be of interest are:
  • Annual Review of Delegations: This lists what staff can make decisions about and Council itself must approve.
  • Community Grants Program: Grants have been awarded to the Forestville Hockey Club ($4,000), Goodwood Saints Football Club ($4,000) in Clarence park Ward.
  • Customer Complaints policy: from time to time customers feel that they have not been listened to or respected in their interaction with Council. This sets the guidelines for the complaints that follow and try to resolve the issue.
  • Animal management plan 2016-2020: The most change is happening with dog registrations. You will be issues a tag with your renewal notice rather than when you pay. The payment will no longer be managed by Council
  • 2018 Unley Gourmet Gala..: The report gives a glowing report card, however, some councillors have taken the view, based on feedback that they have received, that is is time for the event to cease. Your views are welcome and we must make a final funding decision on this late in June.
  • Increase Use of Sport and Recreation Facilities:  A detailed and easy to read report looks at the use of each park in Unley. It notes that Goodwood Oval is overused and under stress.
  • Motion on Notice for Cr Hewitson- Elected Member Items of Interest and Concern: the outcome from this is that we will discuss the matter in a workshop this week. Unfortunately, some members of council have tried to use the Elected Member report section in the Agenda to publish material that could be seen to give them an electoral advantage in an election year. By reintroducing the Items of Interest section we will have to listen to an hour of mostly waffle before we get to debate the real material and be tired by the time we get to the more complex and often confidential issues.

King William Rd: what next?

The first round of consultation has now concluded for King William Rd. More than 250 people have shared their views on what it will atkes to restore the vibrancy and once again make it a great destination.

The majority of feedback received to date highlights the community’s desire for a more beautiful, active and accessible main street with more greening, spaces for people, and safer points to cross King William Road balanced with the need for on-street parking. In response, the design team has prepared three demonstrations of how these elements could be included in the street to varying degrees, and we’re asking the community to tell us which one they believe would be the best structure for King William Road.

In addition, e three approaches to the road surface have been dveloped, from fully paving the roadway, parking spaces and footpaths, to a bitumen roadway with pavers limited to parking spaces and the footpaths. Each option is a different look for King William Road, and carries different construction timelines and levels of disruption for visitors, traders and motorists. Council is  keen to understand what the community considers is the best solution while maintaining the charm and character of King William Road.

From next Monday, this new material will be on display in the shop front, as well as accessible online. The community’s preferences will be recorded to help inform the eventual design outcome.

The design concepts will be on display for three weeks from Monday, 4 June, at Design King William, located at Shop 4, 183-185 King William Road, Hyde Park, and https://www.designkingwilliam.com/.

Feedback can also be provided via the City of Unley’s Community Engagement website https://yoursay.unley.sa.gov.au/design-king-william

02 June 2018

Changes to Local Government; wish list!!

This is my by-line for what The Advertiser called Revolution coming to a council near you.  After all,  the reporter interviewed a few retiring Mayors and asked them what changes they would like to see. Unfortunately, it takes more that this for real change. The wish list included:
  • Shortening the election cycle from 4 years to 3years
  • Compulsory voting
  • 12 year maximum terms for councillors and 8years for Mayor
  • Requiring all candidates to declare if they were a member of a political party
  • Allowing candidates to have an electronic copy of the voters roll
  • Councillors have to declare where they live
The following is what I think:
  • Thus would mean that election years would not always clash with state government elections. Given that we had 2 year terms, then 3 year term and now 4 years, I'd leave well enough alone
  • A must if we want electors to take us seriously
  • Worth a discussion. I've done 2 year and now a 12 year stint. I don't feel ready to give it up but would be happy to see this implemented.
  • Good idea but we need to remain independent from political parties, they have no place in local government in SA
  •  So much easier to find people
  • This is already the case when nominating. However, PO boxes are allowed on electoral material. I'm not sure all and sundry knowing the candidates addresses is necessary. If they are not on the electoral roll or supplementary roll then they can't nominate now.