30 September 2014

What's on at the Unley museum?

Opening Wed 1 October @ 2pm 
Three Well Known Australians

An exhibition of a 1982 painting by Martin Shaw and hundreds of guesses
to the identity of the “well known” Aussies. Compare yours to those made
in Adelaide 10 or 20 years ago.

FREE Exhibition

1 October – 16 December
Opening Wed 1 October @ 2pm 

Unley Museum

Not for me but maybe for you?

StreetGeek and the City of Unley bring the party to video gaming.

StreetGeek is heading up to the Goodwood Community Centre for its all-in signature event,
StreetGeek X on 4 and 5 October.
A non-profit organisation, StreetGeek strive to hold LAN (Local Area Network) Parties that emphasize a social atmosphere, providing a welcoming and friendly community for all ages.
StreetGeek X will run for 34 hours from 10am Saturday 4 October to 8pm Sunday 5 October, providing an excellent opportunity to make new friends, or catch up with old ones, reduce stress and keep minds active. StreetGeek X will also play host to a variety of tournaments.
With a dedicated team of 18 volunteers, StreetGeek can see the positive impact the LAN parties have on the lives of people that attend.

Clarence Park Community Centre AGM

This afternoon I attended the AGM for CPCC. This year the Board decided it was time to serve  high tea as refreshments. The tables were set and crockery hired to make a delightful setting. Congratulations to Emma Hosking who was elected as Chirperson: thank you to Sarah Motem for the last eight years  on the board  and also volunteering in a number of other capacities. Her talents will be missed.

29 September 2014

Do the recycling thieves annoy you?

Well they do annoy some people and so I asked a question that was answered in the most recent Council meeting agenda. The Eastern Couriers article makes interesting reading. The comments posted on line seem to go about 50:50 and has raised a lot of comment. Many people miss the point in this: that is if you want to donate your bottles/cans to whoever comes by then leave them in a box beside the bin. If you want them to go to Unley Council then put them in the bin. If you want to donate them to a worthwhile charity of your choice then collect them and drop them of at the scouts or guides or someone else that is doing good work. From my experience it is not the needy going through the bin.

Meet the Candidate

Friends of the City of Unley Society (FOCUS) would like interested residents to listen to candidates who have nominated for the current election Write the 16th October at 7:30pm in your diary. The event will be held at the Citizens Centre on Arthur St. Each candidate has been sent a list of questions that they have been asked to respond to and have a maximum of 5 minutes to speak. Hopefully, all candidates will take the time to be there and pick up a few additional votes. While the mayor and both Don and I have been elected unopposed we have also been invited to speak if we wish. There are some good contests shaping up in all the other wards. So if you don't live in Clarence Park Ward and you want to hear what your candidates have to say it will be an interesting meeting. If you do live in Clarence Park Ward and you haven't yet had the opportunity to meet either Don or I then make a time to meet for coffee at Carnivale on  a weekend and time that suits you!

891 this morning!

 If you were listening to radio  891 this morning you would have heard an interesting conversation with Matthew Abraham, Ros Islip  (Chairperon of Friends of the City of Unley Society)and Cr. Mike Hudson. At least one resident (and may be hundreds) were sent a letter assuming the identity of FOCUS and making some mockery or the recent picket fence (Unley Oval ) debate. It was really quite difficult to tell from the content if the author was for or against the decision. They even suggested that there would be an event at which Matthew Abraham was MC , and hence his interest. The matter has been passed onto the Electoral Commission and the police. I was personally named in the flier but, as I have already been elected, is unlikely to damage my reputation. Others named may not be quite to lucky.The Eastern Couriers take on the story can be found here;


28 September 2014

Access Guide now available


The link above will take you to the City of Unley Acess Guide. This guide provides information that will assist you to navigate the City of Unley with ease. The map identifies car parking and toilets suitable for the disabled, tram, train and bus routes, plus the community bus route. A great little guide that can be printed from the link and is available in hard copy.

27 September 2014

CEO gets an ice bucket

In the interest of raising money for motor neurone disease Peter Tsokas  took a dunking. I was too chicken to volunteer. 

There is a video of the ice bucket challenge on Council’s Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/unleycouncil

26 September 2014

Unley Life available in digital form

This month the City of Unley’s community magazine Unley Life, will be made available to download free on a range of mobile devices.
Unley Life magazine will be the second publication the City of Unley provides digitally. Council launched the Find Your Everything FYE eMag in May this yearAlready two editions of the retail style publication have been published with over 500 subscribers.
City of Unley Manager of Marketing and Customer ServiceAnnabel Shinkfield, says the move was driven by a desire to provide an exciting communication option to residents that builds on the City’s reputation as a forward-thinking, innovative community leader.
“Informative and relevant, Unley Life magazine is a valuable guide for new and long-time residents, as well as businesses and visitors to the area. Each issue is packed with information about what’s happening across the City, and includes information about Council’s plans, programs and activities.
“The latest addition to our digital suite will deliver what our customers want – more relevant and richer digital content, available on a range of mobile devices includingiPads, tablets and smart phones ” Ms Shinkfield says.
The eMagazine can now provide more information to its readers through video, social media, web links and additional editorial.  

This new communication channel embraces a wider audience and capitalises on the trend toward consumption of information on mobile devices. It is a cost-effective way of showcasing content and provides interactive communication. Ms Shinkfield says.

Both Unley Life and FYE digital magazines are available to download for free foriPads and iPhones from the Apple store and for Android devices from Google Play.

Council Chamber now also gallery space!

Not content with the Hughes Gallery…not content with our Libraries…not content with the Unley Inner Art Gallery…we now have another space for hanging and displaying art.

With the vision of the Elected Members and the CEO at lifting our Council Chambers, we have installed a professional hanging system and put in our first exhibition: The ERA We Live In.

‘The ERA We Live In’ exhibition was a joint 2013 SALA Festival show of 21 local artists sourced from the seven ERA Councils – Burnside, City Tea Tree Gully, Norwood Payneham St Peters, Unley, Prospect, Walkerville and Campbelltown.

The exhibition has travelled the other six ERA Councils over 12 months.

The Council Chambers is hosting a selection of these artworks.

Curated by Annabelle Collett, this collaborative exhibition celebrates the skills and diversity of local visual artists who have a connection to the seven ERA communities. The artists selected do not necessarily live in one of the ERA Councils, but demonstrate a strong connection to them. This connection includes (but is not limited to) cultural, historical, professional, religious and social links.

Artists have responded to the theme ‘The ERA we live in’ through a variety of art forms:glass, painting, drawing, textiles, clay, photography and mixed media.  We asked:

How would you craft a representation of the era you live in?

23 September 2014

Supplementary Roll

You may remember some time ago that I was encouraging those eligible to be on the Supplementary Roll to ensure that they retained their right to vote at Council elections. Citizens are automatically included on the ordinary role. However, landlords, business operators and tenants are also entitled to vote. These people  had to register before August 8th. What a disappointment to see in Clarence Park that only 8 people had chosen to do so (down from 35  in 2010), in Unley Ward the numbers have dropped from about 250 to 70. This makes the voter turnout look better come election day but disenfranchises a large number of people.
On a good note not requiring an election in Clarence Park for either Mayor or Councillors will save the Council at least $25,000!!

Give us our privacy back

22 September 2014

Moving Right Along –

A free community information session
Obligations and opportunities for older drivers
 Are you an older driver?
 Are you interested in knowing what this means to you?
 Or are you worried about someone else’s driving?
The Unley Community Centre is pleased to partner with COTA SA to
offer this free session. Topics covered include: older drivers, safer
vehicles, fitness to drive and assessments, as well as travel options
and retiring from driving.
Date: Thursday 25th September 2014
Time: 1.30-3.30pm
Venue: Unley Community Centre
Refreshments will be provided
Bookings are required. Please book through the Unley Community Centre
by phoning 8372 5128.

21 September 2014

Full Council Meeting September 22nd 2014

This meeting is to be held at Goodwood Community Centre.

Even though Council has now entered caretaker mode the day to day business of Council proceeds unabated. The agenda items to be discussed are as follows;

  • Deputations from both sides of the Brown Hill Creek debate-one from Tom Hester from Save Our Streets and one from Ron Belchambers (No Dam).
  • Brown Hill Creek Stormwater Management Plan B Report; the recommendation is that this proceed to public consultation in the new year. I still have some fundamental problems with the report and Council will need to decide very early what weighting representations have from each sector of the public depending on how they are affected by the proposed solution. PASSED
  • Goodwood Rd  PLEC Stage 2; the funding of this project and the removal of powerlines should help to improve the visual appearance of the street. The debate is not about funding but the extent of the under-grounding. PASSED
  • Council seal on the Shared Use Path (Caterbury Tce to Emerson Xing); this will transfer the upkeep of the newly created pathways to Council. will just need to check that all the landscaping is thriving or replaced before Council takes over.PASSED I have some concerns about the back dating of these documents.
  • Expert Panel on Planning Reform; there are significant concerns about the so called reform that need to be included in Council's submission. We will be briefed before the meeting and I will write a blog on the topic this week. PASSEd with the addition of a response regarding Reform 10 (heritage)
  • Centennial Park Audit and Risk Management Committee Membership

Questions on Notice regarding;

  • the cost and effectiveness of Council elections (postal v polling booth)
  • Unley Oval Picket Fence
  • theft of recyclables from bins

20 September 2014

My promise to you.

The information below is what was going to be on the Local Government Association link during the election campaign. I thought I would publish it anyway as it summarises where I am at at this time.

I have now been on Council for 10 years (although not consecutively) and feel that there have been significant improvements in the ward during that time most of them due to my initiative and hard work on your behalf. My achievements in the last four years alone include;
  • better traffic management, especially in Black Forest where a Local Area Traffic Management Plan has be initiated, consulted and agreed to be residents
  • the reopening of Millswood Station (I am a committee member of the group that achieved this)
  • upgrading of Princess Margaret Playground and Page Park (toilets and fitness equipment)
  • footpath acceleration plan that now sees $1.5 million each year being spent on paving those footpaths that are still bitumen; there are now only 9 footpaths in Clarence Park that have not been paved
  • advocating with Department of Planning and Infrasructure on your behalf for reducing the impact of the Goodwood Junction rail upgrade on residential  amenity
  • No culverts in Millswood for flood mitigation; a final plan for flood proofing to be consulted with residents and creek owners
  • Better governance practices on within elected members and Council
  • Walk lights on Goodwood Rd
  • an improvement plan for Goodwood Oval and Millswood Lawns that is practical and achievable
  • landscaping upgrades in streets
  • the shelving of many of the recommendations regarding smaller site areas and less height restrictions (known as DPA2) in both Clarence Park and Black Forest. 
  • an effective Board at Clarence Park Community Centre
  • non-smoking in all playgrounds, many restaurants and most events in Unley (Royal Show, Gourmet Gala)
  • better and more frequent line marking especially of the yellow (parking restriction) lines
  • improved asset management through my role as Chair of the Infrastructure and Capital Improvements Committee
  • an improved waste management contract with some sustainable initiatives
  • as a member of the Rail Freight Diversion committee some movement in governments thinking regarding re-routing the freight train
  • an effective volunteer graffiti removal team (but they cannot remove graffiti on rail property)
There is, however, still much work to be done. I would like to continue to work on;
  • streetscape protection in Clarence Park and Black Forest (Millswood is already protected as a heritage zone). Either retention of current block sizes or larger block sizes. This might still allow for some development on South Rd and Anzac Hwy
  • completion of the footpath acceleration plan  (all footpaths completed this Council term )
  • celebrating the reopening of Millswood station
  • further savings in asset management while retaining an exceptional level of service
  • implementation of the Local Area Traffic Management Plan recommendations
  • implementation of some of the Goodwood Oval and Millswood Lawns recommendations, especially those where the clubs will be contributing and grants are available
  • continuing to improve landscapes in streets
  • the best solution for flood proofing Unley which according to my reading of even recent reports is building a dam in the upper reaches of Brown Hill Creek and clearing the creek bed
  • more water sensitive urban design initiatives
  • further implementation of electricity savings in street lighting
  • improved governance
  • fiscal responsibility
  • better east-west connectivity
  • continued heritage protection  for our heritage zones (these are under threat from recent government so called initiatives)
  • working with government to reduce bureaucracy, not increase it by adding a forth layer of governance in both planning and local government governance
  • continuing too work towards the rerouteing of freight trains
  • improved graffiti management on Transport infrastructure
  • improved consultation practices with residents, we can do this so much better than we do!
  • Consultation with residents regarding cat by-laws
  • Activating initiatives for children
To find out more spend sometime browsing my blog entries over the last four years. You should find them interesting and they will give you an insight into what I believe and what I stand for. During this time my hits per day have increased for 10 or 20 to well over 200 now.

What a difference!

Lynton Ave

What a difference in some streets recently.
Millswood Station

Cambridge Tce

The new trees are flowering in Cambridge Tce

and Parker Tce and one can start imagining how much better the outlook will be from the homes as they continue to grow and thrive.
The landscaping in Cromer Pde is progressing; they have also received their letter from Council that their footpaths will be paved soon and that they will be 1.6 metres wide and not the standard 1.2 metre.
The paving in Lynton Ave is almost complete.
 Millswood Station looks ready  for service.
While door knocking in William St last weekend the residents were thrilled with their new footpaths  ( they have waited a long time for this).
Hammond Ave were delighted that their footpaths would be completed soon.

19 September 2014

Stopping All Stations

Tuesday 7 October, 11am - 3.30pm


Take the bus!

Book a journey on our free community bus to visit two different locations and enjoy a variety of fun activities and entertainment. All activities include a lunch and afternoon tea. Click on the timetable below to select your program, note the bus number and phone the participating Community Centre to book your seat.

Meet you there!

You may also choose to participate in only one of the activities or create your own schedule and use your own transport. Please note that activity bookings are still required for those not traveling on the bus.
 Stopping All Stations Timetable
 Click on the Timetable above to view bus details

Every Generation Concerts

Clarence Park and Fullarton Park Community Centres are also hosting special concerts to celebrate the Every Generation Festival.
Tuesday 14 October 2014Wednesday 15 October 2014

The BordererS in Concert        

Caring Choir Concert & sing-a-long

  • Clarence Park Community Centre
  • Doors open 12.30pm
  • $5 per person
  • Includes afternoon tea.
  • Fullarton Park Community Centre
  • 1pm - 3pm
  • Gold coin entry
  • Includes afternoon tea.

Bookings essential for all activities and concerts

Phone the relevant centre for individual activities or concerts. Phone the departing centre to book a seat on a Stopping All Stations bus. 
HACC Client Pickups (Bus 1 Only) Brooke Chinner 8372 5404
Unley Community Centre 8372 5128
Fullarton Park Community Centre 8372 5180
Goodwood Community Centre 8272 7148
Clarence Park Community Centre 8293 8166
City of Unley Library Service 8372 5100

17 September 2014

Millswood Station open from Oct 12th

It is my understanding that the trains will be stopping at Millswood as early as the 12th October. The opening celebration is now likely to be on the 19th October as the Minister (Stephen Millighan) and Steph Key can be present on that day. The organising committee will be distributing 1,000 time tables with a brief update in the near future; these will go to the same homes as have been letter boxed before. Further details will follow as they are finalised.

Living Well Plan finalised

Unley and Mitcham Councils have now finalised the  shared ‘Living Well’ Regional Health and Wellbeing Plan.  This Plan was endorsed by Unley Council at the meeting of 11th August.

Now this is confirmed, the final Living Well Plan is available on our website here:  http://bit.ly/1r1O2Va 
Staff  are now in the process of reporting back to the Chief Public Health Officer, Dr Stephen Christley, and forming the regional project team who will develop a implementation plan, agree on measures and set up formal partnerships as agreed.

The candidates for Council 2014

Following on from this mornings blog the other candidates are as follows
Across the wards, 25 candidates will contest 12 seats.

Clarence Park-Jennie Boisvert, Don Palmer

Fullarton Ward- Dario Centrella, Megan Fender, Peter Hughes, Peter Kurtze and Anthony Lapidge
Goodwood Ward-Benjamin Holland, Thomas Jones, Bob Schnell, Luke Smolucha
Parkside Ward-Ian Goodwin-Smith, Bruce Holland, Michael  Hudson, John Koumi, Benjamin Pudley
Unley Ward-Michael Hewitson, David Ng, Rufus Salaman, Teresa Wieczorek
Unley Park Ward-Elizabeth Bleby, Imelda Lynch, Jeffrey Pudwell, Michael Rabbitt, Rob Sangster

I believe that there should be some excellent talent among the candidates but it will be sad to see any existing Councillors lose their position. There are 5 female candidates of the 25 candidates, just 20%. However, the good news is that it is possible to a much higher representation of women than is current. Some of these people are a young as the mayor which might also change the mix a bit. I'm not backing any particular candidates and hope to be working with a great new Council team.

Elected Unopposed

Both Don Palmer and I were elected  unopposed yesterday at the close of nominations. Lachlan Clyne was also elected unopposed as Mayor. So congratulations are due to both of them. I will continue to represent you to the best of my ability for the next 4 years. I don't have a comprehensive list of nominations for the other wards, but believe there were some young people and at least 4 women who have put in the names. Most wards have at least four candidates so while there will be no election in Clarence Park the rest of the city will be  abuzz with election fever!

16 September 2014

Are libraries still quiet?

An interesting letter to the editor in today's paper laments the passing of the quiet library. It calls on individuals to let their Councils know that this should not be happening. However, if Councils relied on being a borrowing service only as it once was the internet and google would largely have put them out of business. In fact some schools have closed their libraries completely and sold all the books! Libraries are becoming meeting areas for discussion groups and chats not just reading, borrowing and learning. They have gradually morphed into something quite different than they once were.  Seems to me the libraries that Unley has are big enough to provide both services. Over to you?

66 Mitcham and Unley residents to lose........

The following article appeared  in the Mitcham and Hills Messenger last week. It is interesting to note that the Brown Hill Creek report has this model as the preferred option. The preferred option was chosen because it believes that this is what Councils wanted to achieve. The Nov 2012 motion that was passed in Unley asks that The Stormwater Management Authority investigate a no dam option as the preferred option. However, most Councillors thought they were voting for just another report to see what the outcome might be. This has been a failing of the current Council: again and again we have called for more and more reports when we didn't like the one we had or thought, often at the last minute, of other alternatives. I have found this approach to be frustrating and expensive, as well things that generally take quite a while to achieve are seeming to take forever. This has been particularly obvious in the management of the Brown Hill Creek project that has taken nearly 10 years so far! But moving on to the article below the easements are to be acquired for an estimated $3.2 million only $2 million more than for the dam option. If you do the maths the number would seem to be very low.

UniSA and City of Unley form leading edge partnership

What a great initiative?
The University of South Australia and the City of Unley have signed a memorandum of understanding to pursue innovative new research and programs, information exchange, and key projects of benefit to the council, community and local businesses.

The partnership will focus on research and community engagement, following today’s MOU signing by UniSA Pro Vice Chancellor (Business and Law) Professor Marie Wilson and City of Unley Mayor Lachlan Clyne.

Included in the MOU are:
Post graduate and graduate student placements which link into joint research projects between UniSA and the City of Unley.
Research projects including positioning the City of Unley as an Age-Friendly City.
An internship program for undergraduate students focusing on aligning with age friendly research and health and wellbeing.
Joint exhibitions and events held in Unley to showcase students’ work in areas including art, architecture and design.
Competitions for interior design students to come up with innovative ideas to benefit the Unley community.

15 September 2014

Newsletter a winner

As many of you are aware I have been out door knocking and chatting to residents when I visit. The single most significant point of communication that people say they enjoy and appreciate is the regular newsletter that I have been putting out 3 or 4 times a year with my co-Councillors. This helps to give an insight into Council events that are timely and informative.

12 September 2014

Elections are getting closer

Have had time this week to put in my nomination to be re-elected as your ward Councillor. But this time for Clarence Park Ward which is the renamed Goodwood South. You'll note I have changed the header on my blog. I also need to update the pages. Having to write the 150 words for  the electoral commission is challenging as one is not allowed to make a comment about any decision of Council. This is the information that accompanies the ballots and will appear in the Unley Life magazine in October.  So far there are mostly the incumbent Councillors with their names up and only one woman, me. I will be asking for your support and vote again and will be distributing fliers over the coming weeks. I have already started door knocking and will be spending  Saturday and Sunday afternoon this week end out meeting people and renewing old friendships and acquaintances. Hopefully, I will have caught up with all of you before the end of October. If you are not at home when I call please call me to make a time to come back or to discuss any concerns you may have over the phone.

Goodwood Vibe

I met with a group of interested people yesterday evening in making a difference to the  Goodwood Rd shopping vibrancy embracing Greenhhill Rd to Cross Rd. The group was mostly traders at this stage but residents will be made welcome at future meetings. The meeting was organised by the mayor and met at the Goodwood Institute. It was great to hear from the owners of the Goodwood Institute what there hopes are for it's use in the future after their tenant, Urban Myth, withdrew this week.  Improved connectivity seemed to be the theme. There is no doubt that this shopping strip is looking better than it has in a long time and is once again becoming a desirable destination due to the efforts of the traders association and individual traders; the line up to get into the Eggless restaurant late in the evening is unbelievable. It must be good! It will be interesting to be part of the ongoing activities of this group.

Kindy Fun Day

10 September 2014

Brown Hill Creek final report


The most recent (and maybe final) report into the Plan B solution for Brown Hill creek can be read at the above link. Take the time to read this paper. I believe that it fails to tell the reader exactly what the best solution is rather than the cheapest solution that is probably effective. I have real concerns about which sections of the creek are identified as needing widening and deepening and which do not. I've walked the creek bed many times over the last 20 years and just don't see it the same way.
When it comes to public consultation it will be interesting to see just what weight is given to the arguments for and against from the creek owners themselves as compared to everyone else. I fear that the no dam solution will get tied up in legal cases and additional expense that will outweigh the estimated $5 million in savings very quickly. What do you think after reading it, do we need a dam or don't we?

Bizifyd comes to Unley

City of Unley is the first council in South Australia to trial the Bizifyd youth employment program, which will support both our local young people and our business community. Bizifyd provides young people aged 18-24 with business and enterprise skills that give them the opportunity to set up their own social media business and gain valuable work experience and skills.

Are you or do you know a young person interested in Social Media, Technology & Entrepreneurship?
Who are we looking for?
Young people aged between 18-24 years that live, work or study in the City of Unley and who are passionate about social media/technology and are interested in running their own business.
This FREE 12 week training program will help you build your business skills and vision. Participants will attend 6 weeks of practical training, followed by 6 weeks of authentic practice in the Social Enterprise. As a team, participants will be delivering real social media services to our small business clients.
Topics covered include:
Personal development
Legal risk management
Financial planning
Marketing and Selling
Social media applications and content development
Applications close: 19 September 2014.  The program starts: 30 September 2014
Download an application form here      For more information about the program, click here

Opportunity for local businesses to be involved
City of Unley is also seeking expressions of interest from City of Unley businesses to be part of the initiative. Businesses will receive social media services at an affordable rate while helping young people in their local community gain valuable employability and business skills.
Download a Business Service Package and Expression of Interest Form here
For any further information please contact:
Jessica Wright
Project Officer – HYPA
0478 402 493

09 September 2014

Double Shot Fiesta takes award.

Double Shot Coffee Fiesta has just been named Best New Event in South Australia at the Australian Event Awards.
The Australian Event Awards are considered the pinnacle awards program for the events industry in Australia. The program is guided by ongoing industry consultation to answer the need for cohesiveness across the entire Australian industry, to develop industry identity and to assist Australian operators in cross-development of opportunities between events and event disciplines.
The Best New Event category recognises the innovation associated with the staging of a new event and included the following judging criteria:
·         The degree of novelty or innovation demonstrated in the event concept
·         The degree to which the event accurately identified customer/stakeholder groups and met their needs
·         Overall quality of the event delivered

SOLO wins Waste Contract

New Contract Awarded to Manage City of Unley Waste andRecycling Collection

From Monday 22 September, City of Unley residents will notice SOLO Resource Recovery trucks servicing their kerbside bins after the South Australian company won the exclusive contract.

City of Unley CEO Peter Tsokas said that while it was business as usual from a resident and business point of view, there may be some minor changes to the normal waste collection routine.

“Residents should be aware that there might be a slight change to the regular pick up times so we are encouraging households to place bins on the kerbside no later than 6am,” Mr Tsokas said.

“We (City of Unley) appreciate the patience of our residents during this transition period.”

The day of collection will remain the same, as will the week of recycling and organics pick up.

Council is excited about the opportunity to work with Solo Resource Recovery who are well knownsuppliers that have been providing collection services to councils in Australia for over 80 years,” Mr Tsokas said.

For all bin repairs or maintenance, missed collections, theft, hard refuse bookings and other collection enquiries residents are asked to theWaste Hotline on 8159 5059.

For more information on waste and recycling visit unley.sa.gov.au.

Full Council meeting: 8th September 2014

The following was debated, this was the last meeting before Council enters the caretaker period pending the November election. The full agenda can be found at; http://www.unley.sa.gov.au/webdata/resources/minutesAgendas/Council%20Agenda%208%20September%202014.pdf

Preliminary End of Year Financial Report; at the end of June 2014 Council had a favourable budget result of $268,000: this has allowed for uncompleted projects to be completed in this financial year.PASSED
Elected Members Allowances and Benefits Policy; I have written a separate blog on this. PASSED that the report would be received only as the new Council will need to develop it's own policy in November.
Procurement-Electricity Retailer; this is for public lighting. Currently Council has a negotiated, fixed price contract managed by the LGA. However, by Council seeking opportunities to secure their own contract  efficiencies could be improved and costs reduced. Lighting currently costs about $600,000 each year with the largest amount being paid to Origin energy.PASSED
Brown Hill Creek Stormwater Project at Goodwood Junction; You may remember that sometime ago Council agreed to pay  a share (21% of the total cost) of the Devon St culvert bypass. This infrastructure was seen as essential to the construction of the rail project. Knowing what we know now it may well have been able to be avoided if it was not seen as essential to build the rail project at Goodwood Junction. Council was only to pay this amount when the state government agreed to pay its 50% share of the proposed flood mitigation projects in Brown Hill Creek.

08 September 2014

Getting Kids Moving

What a great initiative! Campbelltown Council are holding an 'amazing playground race' to encourage  children to discover their local parks. The idea is that parents and children will spend more time outside and discover parks and trails that they have not been to before. With the wonderful parks and recreation areas we have in Unley this should be worth a try.

Creek Plan report available tomorrow (9th Sept)

Seems that all things confidential are known to everyone. While I hold a copy of the creek report and as yet have not had time to read it, it seems that the Adelaidenow website (read here)  has already reported the outcomes and recommendations. As well the Brown Hill Socket  group have already come out fighting to save their land from potential acquisition. How is it that everyone knows when the report will be released tomorrow? This report will be debated at the Sept 22nd Council meeting, however, while a way forward for consultation will be discussed this consultation will not take place until after the new Councils have been elected.

05 September 2014

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04 September 2014

Make your local vote count

Have just had an opportunity to read yesterday's paper and loved the article by Dean Jaensch. How can it be that 72% of people eligible to vote at the 2010 Council elections failed to do so? Can we do better than this in 2014. I know voting is not compulsory but, in my opinion, it should be. This might get the vote up past 90%. Given that it is not compulsory what do we as candidates need to do to get everyone to vote?
I was shocked at the last election when one well meaning woman assured me that they  (her family) were not going to vote and that she had disposed of the ballots, all 4 of them! She had taken it upon herself to make a decision about not only what her husband would do but also her adult children.
I will be out door knocking and delivering pamphlets  sometime soon and hope that the work that I have done over the last 4 years is enough to get your vote. If not then please let me know what more I need to do.

03 September 2014

Goodwood Rd overpass (walkway)

Now that the repairs of this walkway have been completed the overall cost has been calculated to be $74,000. About half of what had been estimated. DPTI will still pick up half of the cost. After much debate DPTI have now agreed that they do own the structure ( I guess the revenue from advertising was seen as too good to miss). So was Council conned into paying $37,000 for something that was never our responsibility? Almost certainly yes!

IT Cost Review, is it necessary?

The following letter to the editor appeared in this week's Eastern Courier from my fellow Councillor, a matter he raised at the most recent Council meeting.  While I declined a second phone line some time ago and have never had a colour copier I do find the other items useful to do my wok as a Councilor. When I suggested several years ago that Councillos no longer required Council to pay for a separate phoneline my fellow Councillors did not support my view. The savings from issuing each Councillor with an iPad have quickly diminished as most still receive a paper agenda and deliveries still occur weekly to Councillors homes. I doubt that many savings in this matter would ever be realised and what savings there could be found wouldn't actually see too many footpaths paved. What do you think is far and reasonable?

Eastern Courier Messenger, Adelaide
IT MAY not be popular with some of my fellow Unley ouncillors, but I believe that we need to review the IT quipment provided to eleced members (and funded by he ratepayers).