12 September 2014

Goodwood Vibe

I met with a group of interested people yesterday evening in making a difference to the  Goodwood Rd shopping vibrancy embracing Greenhhill Rd to Cross Rd. The group was mostly traders at this stage but residents will be made welcome at future meetings. The meeting was organised by the mayor and met at the Goodwood Institute. It was great to hear from the owners of the Goodwood Institute what there hopes are for it's use in the future after their tenant, Urban Myth, withdrew this week.  Improved connectivity seemed to be the theme. There is no doubt that this shopping strip is looking better than it has in a long time and is once again becoming a desirable destination due to the efforts of the traders association and individual traders; the line up to get into the Eggless restaurant late in the evening is unbelievable. It must be good! It will be interesting to be part of the ongoing activities of this group.

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