26 September 2014

Council Chamber now also gallery space!

Not content with the Hughes Gallery…not content with our Libraries…not content with the Unley Inner Art Gallery…we now have another space for hanging and displaying art.

With the vision of the Elected Members and the CEO at lifting our Council Chambers, we have installed a professional hanging system and put in our first exhibition: The ERA We Live In.

‘The ERA We Live In’ exhibition was a joint 2013 SALA Festival show of 21 local artists sourced from the seven ERA Councils – Burnside, City Tea Tree Gully, Norwood Payneham St Peters, Unley, Prospect, Walkerville and Campbelltown.

The exhibition has travelled the other six ERA Councils over 12 months.

The Council Chambers is hosting a selection of these artworks.

Curated by Annabelle Collett, this collaborative exhibition celebrates the skills and diversity of local visual artists who have a connection to the seven ERA communities. The artists selected do not necessarily live in one of the ERA Councils, but demonstrate a strong connection to them. This connection includes (but is not limited to) cultural, historical, professional, religious and social links.

Artists have responded to the theme ‘The ERA we live in’ through a variety of art forms:glass, painting, drawing, textiles, clay, photography and mixed media.  We asked:

How would you craft a representation of the era you live in?

We are thrilled that the theme has evoked a variety of responses from the artists that include special places, people and moments in time - past, present, future and imagined.

For more information or to purchase artworks please contact Matthew Ivesmives@unley.sa.gov.au or 83725134. The exhibition will be in place till around February next year.

Come and have a look!

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