24 July 2016

Full Council meeting: July 25th 2016

Topics to be debated this week include;

  • Parkside-On Street Parking;This report calls for increased parking bays to be created on Greenhill Rd (east of George St) and for an investigation into Smart Parking technology. The purpose of the latter is to allow potential parkers to know where the spare car parks are, however, they will also be able to be used for issuing parking fines.
  • Walking and Cycling Plan Review: it seems that Community feedback was well received and identified a number of areas that need further review.
  • Update-Pay for Use Parking Trial: this picks up on resident concerns that have been expressed to me but says that overall people are happy with what is being trialed. Ongoing concerns remain around the poles that can be used to hold the 4 hour parking signs, many of which are unused and unnecessary. Concerns also exist from residents who need to use the parking area for longer than 4 hours but are currently not entitled to a permit. 
  • Appointment of Development Assessment Panel; this report calls for the extension of tenure for existing members until the DAP is disbanded and replaced by what the state government would prefer as a model (only one Council member on the panel).
  • Traffic Concerns in Mills St: Don and I have worked on motion that would allow for consultation with residents regarding the potential need to replace the existing traffic calming measures.
  • Brown Hill Creek: Auditor Generals Examination (CONFIDENTIAL)

18 July 2016

Byron Rd: What next?

Those of you who live on Byron Rd were asked for feedback regarding the replacement of (replacing with Watts Profile speed humps) or enhancement (addition cushions on the existing slow points) of  the speed limitation devices currently installed in the street. This matter, as many of you know, has been a point of contention among residents for quite some time. The alternate option was to make no changes to the existing arrangements. Just over half of you took the time to have your say. Unfortunately, there was no decisive  vote for any one of the above options. However, the additional feedback from residents has made it quite clear that additional work needed to be done near the Princess Margaret Playground to further slow traffic in this area. Staff has recommended that some road narrowing occur  and the bitumen to be treated to look as though it is paved. Hopefully, this will enhance safety for the families who use the playground. Residents who responded to the consultation will be informed of the outcome directly by staff.

17 July 2016

Cats and Dogs

Recent amendments to legislation have made the following changes to dog and cat ownership;

  • Microchipping for all cats and dogs
  • Desexing of all new generations of dogs and cats
  • All breeders to be registered
  • Council to have greater powers in administration
  • Changes to accreditation for assistance dogs
The detailed regulations that will sit behind this are still being developed so no changes are likely to happen before 2017.

Development Strategy and Policy Committee Agenda: July 17th at 7pm

This meeting will be held tomorrow. On the Agenda is the draft for the Unley Central Precinct DPA. This is the document that shows how, after consultation, the staff and Councillors think the area (that close to the corner of Arthur St and Unley Rd should look. This will still need to be consulted, as a document rather than  a concept, and will no doubt be further refined. The Plan allows for up to 11 storey development near the shopping Centre.

05 July 2016

PLEC Project upadate

The Goodwood Road Streetscape Upgrade project will deliver a range of improvements
for the Goodwood precinct between the tram line and Victoria Street, including a new
streetscape look, underground power lines, new street lights and a road reseal.
The first part of the project, undergrounding of power lines (PLEC), is well underway.
These works are being carried out by SA Power Networks and their contractor
SEM Civil.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) are available on Council’s website.
Visit unley.sa.gov.au/GWR-PLEC
For more information or to join the project mailing list call 8372 5111 or email