29 September 2019

Mini-ninja Park open

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The new playground at Heywood Park is now ready for use. Take the kids there this weekend and let them test out their skills. This is not for little kids but for older ones. It looks amazing.

Just how much destruction has occurred?

Image may contain: outdoorI recently asked this question of staff at the request of the Council Assessment Panel

1. What is the number of contributory dwellings in the Historic Conservation Zone that have been approved for demolition by: (a) the Council Assessment Panel; and (b) under staff delegation? In the last five years:
(a) Three contributory dwellings in the Historic Conservation Zone have been approved for demolition by the Council Assessment Panel.
(b) Four contributory dwellings in the Historic Conservation Zone have been approved for demolition under staff delegation.

2. What is the number of character dwellings within the Streetscape (Built Form) Zone that have been approved for demolition by: (a) the Council Assessment Panel; and (b) under staff delegation? In the last five years:
(a) 32 dwellings in the Streetscape Zone have been approved for demolition by the Council Assessment Panel.
(b) 55 dwellings in the Streetscape Zone have been approved for demolition under staff delegation.

Note: Council does not keep records whether the dwellings demolished within the Streetscape Zone were character dwellings

3. What is the number of significant trees that have been approved for removal by: (a) the Council Assessment Panel; and (b) under staff delegation? In the last five years:
(a) 13 significant trees have been approved for removal by the Council Assessment Panel.
(b) 56 significant trees have been approved for removal under staff delegation.

Heritage Protection: address to Council

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Warren Jones, the chairperson of FOCUS and the Heritage Protection Alliance, will make an address to Council's briefing this Monday, 30th October, at 6:30 pm. If you are concerned about the recent proposed changes  and how they will impact your neighbourhood  it will be very informative. This will be in the Council Chambers and members of the public are welcome to attend.

Collection of the NRM levy

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On your Council rates you will have also had to pay the Natural Resources Management levy. While this levy goes to a good cause Council is never fully reimbursed for this by the NRM.  Council also must pay the full sum even if ratepayers refuse to pay it. It also makes your rates look higher than they actually are and in recent years the levy has increased way beyond inflation.  Councils have now won their first battle through the Local Government Association to forgo collecting the $43 million in taxes. The change to legislation was introduced into the Legislative Council withe support of Labor, The Greens and SA-BEST.

Survey Aims to Improve Council’s Waste and Recycling Service

Between Monday 21 October and Friday 1 November, waste, recycling and green organics bin materials from 100 randomly selected households across the council area will be collected, weighed and assessed. This is not an individual household assessment of any single waste or recycling bin; the samples from each stream end up together and auditors make their assessments based on the total daily collections. No bins will be removed.
Access to accurate waste data will enable Council to provide feedback to the community on their recycling efforts and plan future waste reduction strategies.

27 September 2019

Playground demolished

Image result for forest avenue reserve
Equipment has been removed
The playground at the Forest Avenue Reserve has been demolished. This reserve is the property of Black Forest Primary School and not Council. Council mows  the turf and marks out the playing fields. According to BFPS the equipment was deemed to be unsafe. They are hoping to get some financial support from Council to rebuild the equipment. You might have noticed that the cricket nets have also been removed. These are to be replaced but with an improved orientation.

22 September 2019

Full Council 23rd September 2019

Image result for Pocket parks UnleyYou may find the following items of interest?

  • Local Area Traffic Management Plan (Clarence Park): This is the final report suggesting changes to traffic management that has been widely consulted.
  • Proposal for a Wheel/Skate Park: This report follows up on a request from Burnside Council to investigate a regional skate Park. This is recommended for refusal.
  • Unley Oval Lights; Additional hours of use: After consultation with residents the proposal is to have the lights on early on winter mornings to encourage greater community use of the facility. Council would reimburse Sturt for the estimated cost.
  • Pocket Parks-Pilot Program: The corner of Clifton and Duthy St is proposed for a makeover where it is already closed. I have some fundamental concerns with taking up the 'pocket park' concept again especially where amenity is already provided by an n existing road closure.
  • Torrens Ave, Fullarton- Removal of 2-hour Zones: Residents have requested that parking controls be removed and council support this request
  • Queen St, Unley-Proposed One Way Traffic Movement: Residents asked that Council consider making Queen St a one way street. However, Councils data collection suggests that this is unworkable.
  • Rescission on Land Management Agreement for Goodwood Institute: This would remove the protection that would keep the facility a live theatre venue. I was part of the original decision and am not sure about this one.
  • Sesquicentennary Working Party Report: A working party has been meeting and discussing the City of Unley's 150th birthday in 2021.
  • Council Assessment Panel Annual Report: Council has seen a significant increase in the number of items that come before the CAP.
  • Highgate Park (Julia Farr) Site Use: Council is seeking permission to develop a Master Plan for the soon to be vacated site
  • Dogs Off Leash Times at Page Park: I have asked that we go back to the Community to gain supporter not for increasing the hours of off leash use of Page Park in winter. I have had many requests from residents to do this.
  • Answers to Question On Notice: see separate blogs.

16 September 2019

125th Celebrations

A Special Presentation by Denise George

Join our Master of Ceremonies, Councillor Jane Russo, as we celebrate the 125th anniversary of Women’s Suffrage, with Denise George, author of Mary Lee.

In 1894, South Australian women won the rights to vote and be elected members of parliament, thanks in no small part to Mary Lee’s contribution to history. Denise will discuss the compelling story of how this ‘turbulent anarchist’ took on the establishment and won.

Cost $5, to be paid on entry. Bookings essential, phone 8372 5100 or book online.

14 September 2019

Are amalgamations back on the agenda?

New legislation allows for suburbs to be redistributed without the Council's consent. This seems a little strange but I recall a few weeks ago that the paper was discussing some consultation that would allow Holdfast Bay to annex a suburb from Marion. Now it is an individual politician asking residents if they would like to change councils. As a Councillor in Unley I would hate to think that David Pisoni (Unley) or Jayne Stinson (Badcoe) might be sending letters to our residents without first seeking the opinion of Council. While amalgamations will always be on the agenda this is not about that, it seeing if residents can get a better offer elsewhere.

Attempts to gag councillors

First it was Adelaide City Council and now it is Norwood, Payneham and St Peters' Council that is
asking Councillors to 'avoid expressing personal opinions in relation to Council decisions and Council business'. Each time we vote on a Council decision each individual examines their own thoughts and ideas and votes either for or against as they see fit. Each individual then needs to justify that position when asked by residents or the media. While it is good practice to acknowledge that the vote didn't go the way you had wished that does not change your opinion. It is my understanding that councillors are able to express their person view at any time as long as they are not speaking on behalf of council.

04 September 2019

Real estate values and King William Rd

Image result for king william road upgradeIt was refreshing to read in the real estate section of Saturday's paper some comments about a property in  Northgate St. The quote goes like this; " with the upgrade of KWR we can see people showing a strong interest now in this area because they know property prices will go up". Thank you Cynthia for your faith in what Council is trying to achieve. I'm sure this flow on will also happen for landlords and will make properties  easier to lease.