19 July 2019

Unley's Heritage protection

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It was reported in the Advertiser this week that 2005 was the last year that Unley did anything much about heritage listing. It was that year that an in depth study was done of all of Unley's properties to ascertain the merit of listing those that met the state government criteria. At my request and initiative this matter was eventually brought to Council in 2009 and  all but a few of the properties identified were listed as Local Heritage sites in 2013. Subsequent to that Historic Conservation Zones were identified and 1760 contributory items were identified. It is these items that risk being overlooked in the new star government planning regulations.
Unley provides just $50,000 each year to assist residents with the maintenance of these properties. To better enable owners of these properties to keep them in good shape, and not fall into disrepair that inevitably then results in demolition applications, far more money is required to be put into this budget line.

Full Council meeting July 22nd 2019

Image result for Le Cornu site signYou might find the following of interest:   

  • Offer of a Gift: Le Cornu Site Signage: Council have been offered the large sign on Anzac Hwy that is in itself quite iconic. Nevertheless, the sign would cost many thousands of dollars to remove and store until Council found an alternate site for display.
  • Discretionary Rate Rebate Applications: Organisations are able to apply for rate relief each year due to the nature of the service they provide to the community. This is additional to those sites that get a 100% rebate , these being religious organisations and schools run by them. Organisations applying for relief include St John Ambulance, The Bible Society, various Childcare Centres and the RSL
  • Undergrounding of Power Lines: Council have considered King William Rd (north of Arthur St), Fullarton Rd (Glen Osmond to Cross Rd), Goodwood Rd (north of the railway line) and our side of Glen Osmond Rd. Given that Council borrowings are approaching debt capacity  (as described in the report)any site chosen will need to be budgeted for in the Long Term Financial Plan
  • 5 Year Cultural Plan: This will build on the Public Arts Strategy with a slightly broader focus
  • Request to Fly the Rainbow Flag: Feast have asked  council to fly the rainbow flag in November at the same time as the Feast Festival
  • Application to become a Tree City of the World: If Unley's application is successful we will  join a new global network of communities recognised as leaders in the sustainable management of trees
  • Establishment of a Strategic Property Committee: This committee existed during the last Council term and identified buildings suitable for both disposal and acquisition. The new committee structure is outlined
  • Centennial Park Cemetery Authority Budget: CONFIDENTIAL
There are also some questions on the Code of Conduct Complaint from myself and Mayor Hewitson. It seems the entire saga cost nearly $4,000 because Cr Hughes refused to allow the matter to be mediated. This reinforces my view that a conversation would have been far more beneficial! What is just as disturbing is that the enquiry lacked context and much additional information because it was not provided to the legal team.

18 July 2019

Millswood Station scuttlebutt

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Many of you would have seen the footage on the ABC last week of a Shadow Minister  at Millswood Station. He was there to spruik his idea that the current governments privatisation of service notion would somehow result in a loss of service to some stations. I guess he chose Millswood as this is the most recently re-opened station. I called David Pisoni's office to ascertain where the truth lay and was reassured that there was no intention on behalf of the state government to see a loss or reduction of service at any station. Nevertheless, this matter has frightened and concerned many residents.

12 July 2019

Update on Brown Hill Creek flood mitigation

Related imageI asked the following questions at last month's Council meeting. You might be surprised at how much of the works has already been completed or is approved to be undertaken. The most disturbing information is that the widening and deepening of identified sections of the creek between Victoria St and Cross Rd will not be completed until 2035/36. By this time property acquisition costs will have escalated considerably and until this work is done flooding is still a significant risk in Unley's section of the Creek!

1. What projects for the entire Brown Hill Creek catchment have been completed so far?
Ridge Park Detention Dam – City of Unley. BHC Diversion Culvert by DPTI – City of Unley. Upper BHC – Hawthorn Reserve – City of Mitcham. Mount Osmond interchange dam modification. Currently in year 3 (2018/19) of a 20-year program to implement the flood mitigation works.
2. What projects for the entire Brown Hill Creek catchment are in the planning stage?
South Parklands – Victoria Park City of Adelaide (Public consultation of proposed works to close 5 July 2019. Construction to commence 19/20FY and be completed 2020/21). Page 411 of Council Agenda 24 June 2019 South Parklands – Park 20 City of Adelaide (Public consultation of proposed works to close 5 July 2019. Construction to commence 2020/21 and be completed 2021/22). Glenside – City of Burnside (Construction to commence as part of the Cedar Woods development at Glenside). Upper BHC Area 1 Wilberforce Walk (Anzac Highway to Third Avenue only) – City of Unley Construction to commence 2019/20 following land acquisition.
3. What projects have been identified but are yet to be planned or completed in Unley?
Brown Hill Creek – Creek upgrade areas (widening) Upper BHC Area 1 (Third Avenue – Forestville Reserve) Area 2 (Victoria Street – Mitchell Street & Orphanage Park culvert option) Area 3 (Douglas Street – Malcolm Street) Area 4 (Malcolm Street – Cross Road) Bridge/culvert upgrades – Second Avenue, Forestville First Avenue, Forestville Regent Street, Millswood Orphanage Park (internal road bridge) concept design through Orphanage Park yet to be confirmed Charles Street, Forestville Ethel Street, Forestville Northgate Street, Unley Park Goodwood Road Culvert Keswick Creek Le Hunte Street Diversion – All three sections (Program 2025/26 – 2031/32). Glen Osmond Creek Fern Avenue, Fullarton Bridge upgrade. Torrens Avenue, Fullarton Bridge upgrade. Minor upgrades along Glen Osmond Creek between Braeside Avenue and Burnham Avenue.
4. For each project completed so far how much has the risk of flooding in Unley reduced?
It is not possible to quantify the exact extent of reduction in flood risk, however, in the proximity of each project and immediately downstream there is a significant reduction in flood potential. The projects completed and soon to be completed in the next few years have/will greatly reduce the risk of flooding along Glen Osmond Creek, Parklands Creek and, to some extent, Keswick Creek. The minor projects that have been completed along Brown Hill Creek have had little impact on flood reduction accept in the local area of the works.
5. At what point will the risk have been reduced to an acceptable level?
The  widely  accepted  stormwater  industry  standard  for  flood  protection  is  100yr  ARI  (Average Recurrence Interval) or 1% AEP (Annual Exceedance Probability).  This standard  is what has been assumed in the BHKC SMP.  The project is scheduled to be completed  over 20 years and therefore the modelled 100yr ARI flood protection will not occur until  all  projects are  completed.  Within  the  City  of Unley –  the  Creek widening and  bridge  replacement  between  Victoria  Street  and  Cross  Road  (Area  2  ‐  Area  4  including  Orphanage  Park)  and  Glen  Osmond  Creek  minor  upgrades  are  the  last  projects  scheduled  and  are  proposed  to  be  completed  in  year  20,  2035/36.

11 July 2019

Trucks on King William

It interesting how some people can always put a positive spin on things and others just can't. It was interesting that Nutrition Republic, on KWR are making such a positive spin and inviting parents with young children to enjoy watching the trucks while enjoying a coffee and something good to eat. When KWR was last paved my older son loved being taken to the road, which was only red dirt and mud for a very long time, to watch the trucks and other activity.

08 July 2019

Unley Citizen of the year nominations

Have you thought about which member of our local community is most deserving of this award and honour? Nominations close on July 29th. There are categories for;

  • Citizen of the Year
  • Young Person of the Year
  • Best Event of the Year
Nomination forms can be found at https://www.australianoftheyear.org.au/nominate/

King Wiliam Rd: Businesses are open

King William Road will be closed to traffic for the next 4 weeks as Council takes a major step forward in getting the roadway paved. Businesses have now been asked to park their cars in the car park on Arthur St (Plymouth Brethren site). Council has introduced some goodwill initiatives to continue to support business. It was also good to see a couple of new shops preparing to trade in the near future. The initiatives include:

·   Door mats to be provided to each trader to place in front of their businesses. 
·   Fridge magnates to be provided to each trader which has the hotline number and Design King William Road website details. 
·   Fact sheets/brochure being provided to traders. 
·   Off-street parking being provided to traders and their employees within the Brethren Church Site – 
·   Window cleaning for traders along King William Road between Park/Mitchell Street intersection and Arthur Street. 
·   KWR businesses open signs to be placed at various locations advising that its business as usual along the strip. 
·   Rate Relief a report was considered by Council on at its June meeting seeking no penalties for postponement of payment of rates and was endorsed.
·   VMS Signage Advertising f The signs will advertise that businesses are open on King William Road.
·   Print Media Advertising 
·   Radio Advertising in partnership with the Traders Association.
·   Australian Traffic Network Advertising t

Dedicated Enquiry Contacts

Poor development?

This third storey extension was seen in Stone Town, Zanzibar last week. Development control seems limited but initiative certainly isn't.