30 September 2018

Door Knocking

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I've been knocking on doors now for at least a month and look lie I might get to every house before your ballots arrive. If I don't my, sincere apologies. I have two weeks off work so will be out  from 3pm to 6pm everyday. So what have I found out so far:

  • That it is great to be out chatting to people and listening to what they have to say
  • The newsletter that Don and I put out about three times a year is appreciated and most residents  read it
  • That my bog is well read by many 
  • There are a plethora of minor issues that I have needed to send on to council staff to action
  • Two trees are dying in Aroha Tce
  • That most people are grateful  for the work that we do and are happy in the way that it is done
  • That there are a few (very  few) people that take the opportunity to be rude, without being constructive
  • That speed and parking remain people's greatest concern. Some of this will be addressed when the feedback form the Clarence Park Local Area Traffic Management Plan is analysed and debated
  • Its a pleasure to talk education issues with those who are interested. There are significant concerns about the zoning of Millswood and some of Clarence Park remaining in the Pasadena zone . See map here.

Major achievments expanded

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In my election material, the first of which was letterboxed today and will be completed by Sunday afternoon has a list of achievements in which I was integral to getting things done. For those who are interested the detail is as follows;

  • All footpaths paved; In 2006 I put a motion to Council asking for additional funds to be allocated to paving footpaths. Council agreed and the footpaths are now complete. This was some 15 years ahead of schedule.
  • Pedestrian activated crossing on Goodwood Rd: this was completed in 2011 after 20 years of effort to improve safety and traffic flow.
  • Re-opening of Millswood Station: I worked with John Gasper and  a small group to lobby state government to re-open the station. In 2015 this became a reality.
  • Saving Orphanage Park from redevelopment: Tabor College, in 1996 proposed to buy the then state owned land to build a new university on the Goodwood Rd fronted oval. Jane Brooks and I appealed the decision to allow development and spent many sessions in the ERD Court before the government was persuaded to sell the heritage buildings to tabor College. later Council purchased the land.
  • Local Area Traffic Management Plan and Implementation in Black Forest; My co-councillor and I saw this as a priority when he was first elected. Changes made were the pedestrian crossings on East Ave, additional yellow lines and the reversal of the stop sign on the corner or East Ave and Aroha Tce
  • No smoking at Council events, playgrounds and outdoor cafes: when first elected members smoked inside the Council Chambers. From there with my insistence and various motions smoking was banned in and around all council buildings and then later again in playgrounds and  cafes. This now includes the Gourmet Gala and the Adelaide Show
  • Heritage protection for Millswood: I encouraged the then CEO to prioritise
  • New  playground facilities in Dora Guild and Princess Margaret Playgrounds: These were publicly consulted to get the best outcome for the community. New toilets were built in both Dora Guild and Page Park
  • Zero tolerance to illegal dumping: An innovative program was developed when I worked with Les Birch. While some illegal dumping still happens its prevalence has diminished.
  • Funding for the new Goodwood Oval grandstand: My co-councillor and I worked with Council and lobbied state government  for our spade ready project to be funded. The now labor member for Badcoe, Jayne Stimson, secured two and a half million dollars for this project 
  • Murals in prominent places: It was my instigation that had a mural program added to the Council arts policy
  • Zoning protection for Black Forest, Clarence Park and Millswood; After lobbying and door knocking residents are after forced government rezoning proposal over 85% of residents responded and zoning remained unchanged. 
  • Fiscal responsibility: Keeping rate lows is important and I have consistently voted to keep rates at CPI plus growth. In the last 10 years Unley rates have increased 52% compared to many other councils where they have increased 74%.

Crochet Crew

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Do you love to crochet, or have you always wanted to learn? If so, then join a friendly group once a month to learn and share crochet skills, hints and tips. Be inspired to try new techniques and meet others who also share an interest in the craft.
Free, bookings essential, phone 8372 5100 or book online.
Tea, coffee and biscuits provided.

27 September 2018

Clarence Park Community Centre AGM

I am proudly associated with this Centre after being welcomed to the Board in 1995 when first elected to Council. I chaired the broad for many years form  about 2000 until 2006. I attended their AGM yesterday and wanted to share some statistics with you:

  • 57 users of Playgroup each week
  • 70,500 visitors last financial year
  • 33,602 hours of childcare provided last year
  • Recycled 5,843 kg of e-waste
  • 1,025 puzzle piece repaired or replaced by The Shed
  • 2,696 users in the Strength for Life program.
The centre is well run and a great place to spend some time at.

No room in Local Government for politics

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Following the article in The Advertiser this week and by the ABC there seems to be plenty of discussion. It seems that future politicians use local government to cut their teeth and retired politicians because they still want to be active in this forum. Either way this group is likely to have strong political allegiances. However, contrary to what you might see interstate, there is little or no party politics in South Australian  councils. It is good to know that each item a policy passes or fails on its merit and not on what the party room decided before the meeting. This would make a mockery of genuine debate where, even, though well informed, decisions are made by individuals based on what they see and hear in the debate. However, insisting that party membership is declared and public on nomination is also a good idea and should be pursued. The link to the ABC article is (here)

Full Council meeting: Sept 24th, 2018

Even then it looked like it needed a makeover.

 Now that the Council is in caretaker mode no decisions can be made that involves spending large amounts of money. The following may be of interest;

  • Deputation from Steph Key, former Member for Ashford (now Badcoe) regarding the outcomes of the consultation about beautifying the Goodwood underpass. There were quite a few submissions with everyone wanting something to be done. The overall picture that people wanted was a green environment if it could be created. This will come back to Council in the new year for further direction. 
  • Tree canopy cover assessment:This asked for Council to pursue opportunities to increase the canopy cover in both the public and private realm. Much of the issue is tied up with state government legislation and this may need to change in the first instance. The other is to ensure that for every tree lost that two are planted to replace it. At my instigation Council are now recording and following up all Development Applications that involved the removal of a significant tree to ensure that the agreed replacement trees have been planted and are healthy. PASSED
  • Under grounding of power lines; given the successful under grounding of the power lines on Goodwood Rd, Council will pursue and prioritise other streets including Highgate Village (Fullarton Rd), King William Rd (north) and Glen Osmond Rd. PASSED

24 September 2018

Should police checks be mandatory for Councillors?

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I read a short article on this the other day. It recommended that all elected members would have to have a police check before they could start work as an elected member. I pondered on if this were necessary or warranted. It would be fair to say I probably wouldn't want to have to work with a mass murderer or allow fiscal responsibility to someone found guilty of fraud. Nevertheless, surely if this was warranted it should be available before being able to nominate? In my work these checks are done before we reregister every 3 years, so if I'm still employed I must have met the threshold. That being said we've managed quite nicely without and rarely get to see small children or handle the money directly.

23 September 2018

Do you hate your dolomite verge?

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Greening Verges are back for 2018! Unley residents and organisations are now eligible to apply for a Greening Verges Incentive to assist in greening their verge (nature strip).
For a limited number of successful applicants, Council will remove existing dolomite and replace with 100mm depth of soil at no cost, leaving the verges ready for planting.

Applications are available online or hardcopies at the Council Civic Centre. Applications close on Monday 15 October, but don't delay as spots will be allocated on a ‘first qualified in, first served’ basis. 
Please note that applicants must agree to source and pay costs associated with plants, planting the verge and ongoing maintenance.

Council encourages residents to take ownership of their verge areas as this enhances our streetscapes and the kerb appeal of residences throughout the City.
In addition to extra greenery, landscaping a verge contributes in many positive ways by:
  • providing a healthier environment for street trees
  • softening the effect of hard surfaces such as roads and footpaths
  • improving air quality
  • working at natural air conditioners through moisture in leaves
  • reducing stormwater run-off, and
  • providing habitat for small creatures like bees and butterflies.
Need Some Verge Garden Inspiration?
Our display verges at Edmund Avenue showcase a variety of plants and treatments that you could use to transform your verge into an attractive garden feature.
Take a stroll down Edmund Avenue, Unley and be inspired by contemporary, cottage, natural and formal layout examples, including different path ideas. All meet the guidelines of safe plant choices and low plant heights to ensure good sight lines for road users. A matching planting guide with suggested plant species is also available.

Unley: Full list of cadidates for election: 2018

Corporation of the City of Unley
Mayor 1 Vacancy Contested
Councillor for Clarence Park Ward 2 Vacancies Contested
Councillor for Unley Ward 2 Vacancies Contested
GREEN, Daniel
BONHAM, Jennifer
Councillor for Parkside Ward 2 Vacancies Contested
BRINKLEY , Michael
Councillor for Fullarton (Elected unopposed)
HUGHES, Peter Elected
DODD, Jordan Elected
Councillor for Goodwood Ward 2 Vacancies Contested
TRAN, Adeline Wei Wei
MALCOLM, Anthony
TIPPER, Denise
Councillor for Unley Park Ward 2  (Elected unopposed)
RABBITT, Michael Elected
BRONIECKI, Monica Elected

18 September 2018

Nominations are closed..

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..and the ballot positions determined. At the close of nomination Clarence Park Ward had 4 nominations. The ballot draw was held at 4pm this afternoon. The ballot order will be Palmer Don, Anspach Tamsin, Wallace Angus and Boisvert Jennie. I while being drawn number one is always nice this is probably second best. Will just have to ensure that my How to Vote card is clear for voters to follow. While I knew Tamsin was running I was surprised at Angus' late nomination.   At this time its just a lot of leaflet drops and door knocking.

17 September 2018

Fortnightly garbage collection?

We take for granted that our bins will be emptied regularly, with the recycling and green waste collected bi-weekly and the garbage bin emptied weekly. Today's paper suggested that it may be time to give up the weekly garbage collection. In the past this idea has been rubbished by many and overridden by government even when it may have looked to be a good idea. The issues with smell, hygiene and public safety could easily be overcome if education of residents had them being just a little more careful of what goes where. As an example almost anything that gets smelly in a week or two could be placed in the green bin (which would need to be collected weekly) and the stuff that couln't be could spend a week in the freezer. Over to you. What do you think?

16 September 2018

Conservation Grant’s are open for application..

Related image

Conservation Grant’s are open for application from Monday 10th September 2018 and closing Friday 28th September.  These grants are for restoration of heritagre listed homes. It can include roofing, gutters, stonework, etc.

CSO’s, please refer to website for information or Michelle Penta or myself are happy to answer any queries that customers may still have.  Link to Policy below:

Boomerang Bags

Have you ever visited the library with your kids and they suddenly want to borrow 40 books and you've come prepared to borrow ten?
Then our Boomerang Bags are just for you.

We are so excited to have partnered with our local community and the Boomerang Bags initiative to bring you these gorgeous bags available to borrow in our library. They were made by local residents with the help of children from Unley Primary School. The bags are designed to help get your books home safely and you can simply drop the bag back in to the library on your next visit for someone else to use. 

Mural at the pool looking good enough to swim in!

10 September 2018

Put these events in your diary

Council Events
Zest Fest
This year our Zest Fest event will be combined with the launch of our next Unley Legends.  Held on Wednesday 17 October at 2pm at the Capri Cinema, we will feature the launch of Unley Legends Series Two followed by a free screening of the movie “Ladies in Black”.  As this will be a ticketed event, it is essential to RSVP to events@unley.sa.gov.au

Ignite Unley
Our much loved Ignite Unley cinema events will return for a fifth season, with three outdoor cinemas planned. The first cinema will be held on Friday 2 November at the Village Green screening the movie “Coco”.  We are working with the Mexican Association of SA to ensure this event creates a wonderful celebration of Mexican culture. 

Double Shot Coffee Fiesta
The much loved Double Shot Coffee Fiesta is set to return following the success of the 2017 event. The date is set for Sunday 4 November at the Unley Soldiers Memorial Gardens and we look forward to keeping you informed as plans progress.  We have once again been selected to host the Western Region State Barista Competitions which will attract the best baristas from SA & WA as they battle it out for their chance to compete in the national championships.  We have a refreshed new brand and there is huge anticipation building amongst the coffee loving community.

Unley Gourmet Gala
Planning for Council’s signature event is well underway and everything is on track for our best Gala yet! There are some exciting new features that I look forward to sharing with you over the coming months.   The Unley Gourmet Gala will be held on Thursday 17 January with the Stage 4 Start of the Santos Tour Down Under being held on Friday 18 January 2019.

Community Events

Fork on the Road – Saturday 6 October
Orphanage Park
A food, wine and beer event bringing together food trucks, entertainment, musicians and craft beer and wine.

Mercedes-Benz Unley Long Lunch – Friday 12 October
King William Rd
A showcase of fashion and King William Road Traders as part of the annual Adelaide Fashion Festival.

Halloween on KWR – Saturday 27 October
King William Rd
Family event for children to dress up and trick or treat along King William Road and enjoy the entertainment in Bloomsbury Street.

Goodwood Plant Market - Saturday 1 December              
Goodwood Community Centre
Gardeners market with sales of plants and gardening products

French Market – Friday 23 & Saturday 24 November
Soldiers Memorial Gardens
A French Market event showcasing local French exhibitors selling traditional French wine, cheese, pastries, jewellery and handicrafts. The event also includes live music and children's activities.

ETSY Made Local – Saturday 24 November
Oxford Terrace
A giftware market celebrating SA handmade, locally designed products and vintage wares. Products include art, crafts, fashion, furniture, homewares, vintage items and clothes.

Two Sisters Celebrate Summer Street Party - Friday 30 November           
Gilbert Street, Goodwood
Community street party with local food and wine celebrated.

09 September 2018

Full Council meeting: 10th September 2018

The following may be of interest;

  • Footpath Trading Policy: This policy builds on existing policy but allows for trading options against the building (presently disallowed but often ignored).
  • Clarence Park Community Centre partnership Agreement: The new agreement has been agreed to by the center and only has minor changes. Interesting to note that Council provides $157,000 per year of funding.
  • Filtered Tap Water: Cr Hewitson has asked again that filtered tap water be provided for staff and elected members within council owned facilities. This is an attempt to reduce the amount of bottled water consumed when made available at meetings. My only problem in this is that people may well choose a flavoured and sugared drink as an alternative that will still have a bottle needing to be disposed of and be much worse for the consumer's health.
  • Variation to the 3 hour parking zone in Meredyth and Graham Aves :  Cr Palmer has asked that the 3 hour parking in these sterrets not be implemented until after the 6 month trial and then only after consultation. While I have had few complaints there are some unhappy residents. More due to have to pay for residential parking that the controls themselves.

Parliamentary Inquiry into Heritage

The City of Unley has prepared a submission to be presented to the enquiry. Hopefully this will help to continue to protect heritage zones and character zones in the city. The protection of these zones is imperative to reserve the existing, much loved, streetscapes.
Councils concerns are:
  • Local heritage zones are crucial to retaining distinctive character
  • On merit assessment before any demolition
  • Future criterea for listing is clear and agreed to by council
Use the following link to find out more.