16 June 2018

Call for women to nominate for Council

  ​Please share with others who may be interested.​
(Fliers attached).
​ALGWA SA is liaising with the Local Government Association in promoting its 2 free sessions:
​Make a Difference – Nominate for Council
Saturday 28 July 2018
9.30am – 12.30pm Local Government House, 148 Frome St, Adelaide.
Enrol online at: http://training.lga.sa.gov.au/index.cfm/enrolment/
Date: Tuesday 31 July 2018
6.00pm – 9.00pm Local Government House, 148 Frome St, Adelaide.
Enrol online at: http://training.lga.sa.gov.au/index.cfm/enrolment/

​Another approach for women candidates is 
Become Election Ready with our Outspoken Women Bootcamp ( flier attached below)
Date: Saturday 18 August Time:
9am - 5pm Location: Adelaide CBD, tbc
Cost: $775+gst 
Contact: Louise Pascale Mb: 042 420 8787 Email:hello@outspokenwomen.com

Unley will need 6 new Councillors

and may get even more. If you have ever thought of giving it a go there may never be a better time than in this year's election. The current Council of 13 has already been reduced to 11 by the resignations of Clyne and Koumi. While the rest of us are managing pretty  well many are not seeking re-election and at least 2 are running for mayor. Unley has announced that their first session for hopeful candidates will be held in the Council Chambers on Tuesday July 10th at 6:30pm. You will get an opportunity to learn about Unley Council and the expectations and responsibilities of being on Council. This role suits people of all ages, employed or retired regardless of gender or race. You get about $16,000 per year including free childcare if you need it. You need to work hard for this but most of the work can be done when you have time and not at a particular time. All up 15 plus hours per week or more depending on time and energy. Why not give it a go!

11 June 2018

Saving Money in Local Government

I loved the letter to the editor this morning about payment of CEO's in Local Government. Why don't we pay them what they have saved us? Unley current CEO, Peter Tsokas, has saved ratepayers over $400,000 per year by cutting costs to run council in every year he has been CEO. This has saved  over $3 million. Bet he'd be happy with this payrise? Be careful what you wish for!

Mayoral candidates face off

 Both Cr Bob Schnell and Cr Michael Hewitson have now announced  that they will run for Mayor of Unley in the 2018 elections. While Bob put a small add in the Eastern Courier announcing his candidature Michael has letter boxed a large colour pamphlet. While I read this with interest it brings to mind Don Palmer's recent blog about leadership (http://www.donpalmer.org/are-your-leaders-showing-leadership/ ). To this end I hope that my efforts as a Councillor are seen as those of a leader, someone who can work with others and sees ideas (both mine and others) through to fruition.

New public art

This time another year
Artist Bridget Currie will install two contemporary sculptural artworks in Henry Codd Reserve. The 2m white mild steel sculptures will have Giant Sea Squill and South Australia Vanilla Lily bulbs
within their space, which will give the sculptures a different perspective with the changing
seasons. Bridget is one of Adelaide’s foremost contemporary artists represented by Greenaway
Gallery and has exhibited around the world. These sculptures will be among the first
contemporary conceptual artworks we have commissioned in the public realm.

Goodwood Oval Beehives
Two domes representing bee hives and made of mild steel will be installed at Goodwood Oval 
close to the playground and subtly placed in the mulch beneath the trees but clearly visible from
the main oval. The two domes will be 1.4m and 1m high. The large dome will have 3 metal bees
welded to it and the smaller dome with have 2 metal bees. Ellen has worked with us before as
the artist who created the designs for Welcome Mat, the 6 street intersection artworks for
Goodwood Road.
This artwork is a celebration of the Unley Swimming Centre and is certain to create a strong
sense of nostalgia and fun. Created by Project2Project, this will be a large-scale 2 dimensional
artwork using historical and contemporary images on the rear wall of the Swimming Centre’s
change rooms facing Forestville Reserve. The final piece is produced on long term outdoor
conformable High-tac SAV (self-adhesive vinyl). This product is made for large-scale outdoor
applications for use on rough textures and is usually used for long-term signage. This style has
some further opportunities at other locations possibly. Project2Project have worked on many
public realm projects including the new Royal Adelaide Hospital and interstate.

Learning about Bitcoin

What is all the buzz around Bitcoin? This presentation will uncover some of the facts behind the Bitcoin phenomenon. What is it, why and how do people use it, and how you can learn more.

Presented by special guest, technology consultant Richard Pascoe. Richard is a regular on FIVEaa and ABC Adelaide radio. 
THURSDAY 14 JUNE, 4.30 - 6PM
Gold coin donation on entry, bookings essential, phone 8372 5100 or book online.

Goodwood Oval lights

At the extraordinary DAP meeting on the 29th May the tension between the residents and the Goodwood Saints Football club was almost audible. This is a long saga starting with resident support for the lights and usage of the lights. However, an application to extend the use of the lights, again has met with little resident support. An earlier application to extend the hours was initially approved by the Dap and then overturned in the ERD Court as, at that time, they thought any extension of hours was unreasonable. The current application extends the hours for more than that but on the night everyone seemed to have a different number. The oval surface is under significant stress due to overuse and Council have been encouraging clubs to find other ovals for practice, if possible. However, overuse is not a planning matter and needs to be dealt with when the lease is reviewed by Council.  The application was approved by the DAP after listening to both sides of the argument. However, it is likely that residents will appeal this decision.

03 June 2018

Full Council meeting: May 28th 2018

Items that may be of interest are:
  • Annual Review of Delegations: This lists what staff can make decisions about and Council itself must approve.
  • Community Grants Program: Grants have been awarded to the Forestville Hockey Club ($4,000), Goodwood Saints Football Club ($4,000) in Clarence park Ward.
  • Customer Complaints policy: from time to time customers feel that they have not been listened to or respected in their interaction with Council. This sets the guidelines for the complaints that follow and try to resolve the issue.
  • Animal management plan 2016-2020: The most change is happening with dog registrations. You will be issues a tag with your renewal notice rather than when you pay. The payment will no longer be managed by Council
  • 2018 Unley Gourmet Gala..: The report gives a glowing report card, however, some councillors have taken the view, based on feedback that they have received, that is is time for the event to cease. Your views are welcome and we must make a final funding decision on this late in June.
  • Increase Use of Sport and Recreation Facilities:  A detailed and easy to read report looks at the use of each park in Unley. It notes that Goodwood Oval is overused and under stress.
  • Motion on Notice for Cr Hewitson- Elected Member Items of Interest and Concern: the outcome from this is that we will discuss the matter in a workshop this week. Unfortunately, some members of council have tried to use the Elected Member report section in the Agenda to publish material that could be seen to give them an electoral advantage in an election year. By reintroducing the Items of Interest section we will have to listen to an hour of mostly waffle before we get to debate the real material and be tired by the time we get to the more complex and often confidential issues.

King William Rd: what next?

The first round of consultation has now concluded for King William Rd. More than 250 people have shared their views on what it will atkes to restore the vibrancy and once again make it a great destination.

The majority of feedback received to date highlights the community’s desire for a more beautiful, active and accessible main street with more greening, spaces for people, and safer points to cross King William Road balanced with the need for on-street parking. In response, the design team has prepared three demonstrations of how these elements could be included in the street to varying degrees, and we’re asking the community to tell us which one they believe would be the best structure for King William Road.

In addition, e three approaches to the road surface have been dveloped, from fully paving the roadway, parking spaces and footpaths, to a bitumen roadway with pavers limited to parking spaces and the footpaths. Each option is a different look for King William Road, and carries different construction timelines and levels of disruption for visitors, traders and motorists. Council is  keen to understand what the community considers is the best solution while maintaining the charm and character of King William Road.

From next Monday, this new material will be on display in the shop front, as well as accessible online. The community’s preferences will be recorded to help inform the eventual design outcome.

The design concepts will be on display for three weeks from Monday, 4 June, at Design King William, located at Shop 4, 183-185 King William Road, Hyde Park, and https://www.designkingwilliam.com/.

Feedback can also be provided via the City of Unley’s Community Engagement website https://yoursay.unley.sa.gov.au/design-king-william

02 June 2018

Changes to Local Government; wish list!!

This is my by-line for what The Advertiser called Revolution coming to a council near you.  After all,  the reporter interviewed a few retiring Mayors and asked them what changes they would like to see. Unfortunately, it takes more that this for real change. The wish list included:
  • Shortening the election cycle from 4 years to 3years
  • Compulsory voting
  • 12 year maximum terms for councillors and 8years for Mayor
  • Requiring all candidates to declare if they were a member of a political party
  • Allowing candidates to have an electronic copy of the voters roll
  • Councillors have to declare where they live
The following is what I think:
  • Thus would mean that election years would not always clash with state government elections. Given that we had 2 year terms, then 3 year term and now 4 years, I'd leave well enough alone
  • A must if we want electors to take us seriously
  • Worth a discussion. I've done 2 year and now a 12 year stint. I don't feel ready to give it up but would be happy to see this implemented.
  • Good idea but we need to remain independent from political parties, they have no place in local government in SA
  •  So much easier to find people
  • This is already the case when nominating. However, PO boxes are allowed on electoral material. I'm not sure all and sundry knowing the candidates addresses is necessary. If they are not on the electoral roll or supplementary roll then they can't nominate now.

26 May 2018

So what do Councillors do?

What is a Councillor's Workload like?
The above website gives  a pretty good description of what Councillors spend their time on.  South Australian Councillors receive only an allowance ($16,000 per year) and it is not a full time job. Given that at least half the current Councillors are not running for re-election or will be seeking the position of Mayor it is time for anybody who thinks it time to have go to do so this year. Parkside Ward will have no incumbet Councillors running and all others, except Clarence Park, will have at least one new member. Council is finalising its schedule of introductory sessions for would be Councillors.

Learn Traditional Weaving; Reconciliation week

With the Southern Elders Weaving Group

Be part of National Reconciliation Week and learn traditional techniques of weaving with the opportunity to create baskets and other woven objects using rafia. Weaving workshops are also a great way to chat and learn about Aboriginal culture with Aunties who are very skilled in sharing their craft. 
TUESDAY 29 MAY, 10.30AM - 1.30PM
Free pop-in event with no bookings required.

Kaufland Development proposal

This is causing some consternation in the Community. This time not because it is too tall but rather that it  has not used the capacity allowed in the Unley Development Plan to actually put high rise where residents are prepared to accept that they can be built. The proposal fails on a number of parameters. These being:

  • No residential component
  • Cars will be visiable from the street when parked
  • Not well landscaped
  • Too close to Maple Ave
  • Will need to remove street trees
  • Inadequate waste disposal
  • Traffic implications
The consultation period has now closed for the very few peeople that have been allowed to voice their opinion.

20 May 2018

Rate Capping: it's time to work with State government

Now that the Liberals were elected with mandate of ratecapping in South Australia it is time to start working with them to get the best outcomes within a proposed framework. Rates for 2018/19 are unaffected as they hope to have legislation passed before rte deliberations start of 2019/20. Hopefully, working with them and being encouraged to participate in defing the detail of the legislation will be important.

New murals are something to talk about

Davenprt Tce, Wayville

Ridge Park: a reconcilliation piece
Under construction: Capri Theatre
A new one will be completed on the Basketball at orphanage Park in the near future, it too sound exciting.

18 May 2018

How to get your council's attention?

YouTube video, How to Get Council's Attention,

This video will be on interest to anyone who wants to raise and issue with Council but doesn't really know where to start. It was sent to me by a Victorian councillor as refers to councillors as politicians. Luckily we are party politics free on Council in South Australia although it is fair to say that there is plenty of politicking.

Not true, rarely in this Council

Under the heading of  Rate Capping a shot is taken at everyone's integrity. The words from one eleceted memeber were as follows in last week's Eastern Courier:

Every elected member had their wish list, and to win support, they supported everyone else's wish. We added up the cost and set the rate to pay for it.

I've been on Council now for nearly 14 years and I have seen deals done from time to time but they have mostly been around the positions that are avaialble on election: some come with additional remuneration and others just with power. But when it comes to what is in and out of the budget from my observation merit seems to be the determining feature as to why something is included or not.  This was cheap shot at everyone and  demeans the role of Councillors and our professionality in doing the job. Always, while I have been on Council, we   mindful of the CPI when establishing rates and we  have stayed as close to it as possible while still delivering an improving city.

16 May 2018

Redevelopment is beginnig to happen

for this!

The followinng is a list of development allpcations that are lodged or will shortly be lodged that are too large (according to the state government) for Unley"DAP to make a decision on:

  • Kaufland have lodged a development application for 60% of the LeCornu site for their new $34M supermarket. The remaining 40% is likely to be resold. This will be notified as Cet 2 which meand limited consultation
  • 248-252 Unley Road (Cremorne south) encompasses 6 x 2 storey residential dwellings (western portion of site) and a 7 storey mixed use building (adjacent to Unley Road) containing 5 commercial tenancies, 63 residential apartments, ancillary car parking (ground and below ground levels) and landscaping.  
  • 66 Anzac Hwy:  6x 3 storey townhouses.


I am proud to have been part of this initiative from Council. Young people were given an opportunity to work together to train, to apply for start-up funding and to develop a business from scratch. The business need to have a focus on the better good. On innovation young lady started a business in selling seedlings to help reforestation in the Adelaide Hills. For every one of her plants sold she is planting another. Another couple are developing a science program in the after school time slot so that after school care might be something kids want to go to and be able to learn.

Full Council meeting 14th April, 2018

This was a short but important Agenda for Unley's future.
Items included:

  • LED lighting contract: Pending final budget approval Unley will invest $1.5 million into replacing all residential street lighting with LED globes. The savings of nearly $360,000 per annum have the potential to repay the loan in 4-5 years. After that the savings will allow for greater saving accross the organisation.
  • Quarterly Report from Centennial Park: It seems they are tracking  better with improved memorialisation sales.
  • Unley Central Precinct: CONFIDENTIAL

08 May 2018

King William Rd. Time for an update

Not only is this and update on what is happening on KWR but also an acknowledgement that KWR itself has become a little tired in its appearance. No major work has been done since it was paved 30 years ago on a spur of the moment decision to create employment. It remains my favourite place to have a coffee and catch up with family and friends. At the moment Council are asking businesses and residents how they envision the street might look and the amenities it could provide. The catalyst for this is the now failing paving that must be renewed or replaced in the near future. You can have your say at the new shopfront on KWR (next to Karan's) or on the Council website.

Drop in Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays 11am-2pm at Shop 4, 183-185 King William Road, Hyde Park. If those times don't suit, email designkw@unley.sa.gov.au to book a time that works for you


A unique exhibition of personal immigration stories is on display at the Unley Museum as part of the South Australian History Festival.

Cosmopolitan Unley is a visual exposition featuring stories from some of the city’s earliest pioneering families through to some of our most recent migrants.

The exhibition includes some of Adelaide’s well-known families, such as the Sym Choons of ‘Miss Gladys Sym Choon’ and the Landherrs who founded the Adelaide German Language School.

Unley Museum Curator Karen Paris says it is an honour for the museum to present the personal experiences of people who have migrated to Unley from all corners of the world. 

“Getting to know the people and their families, while bringing their stories to life so others can get know them, has been a wonderful part of this exhibition,” Ms Paris says.

“The exhibition highlights the diversity of our population, right back to the mid-1800s, when the first migrants voyaged from countries such as England, Germany and China, to settle in South Australia.”

The exhibition aims to bring people together and encourages them to share their own histories via the Cosmopolitan Unley Many Faces wall, where attendees can take a photo of themselves and add to the installation with their own story or a flag.

According to the 2016 Census, almost 25 per cent of the City of Unley population was born overseas, including 17 per cent from non-English speaking backgrounds. The number of people born in non-English speaking countries has increased by about 2,300 since 2001 with the greatest increases from those born in China and India.

30 April 2018

Full Council Meeting: April 23rd 2018

I was an apology for this meeting but can report the following:
  • 2018/19 Draft Annual Business Plan: Council is considering a rate increase of 2.5%. This will include Capital Replacement of $7.62m and New Capital of $8.32m. Community Consultation will occur between April 26th and May 25th. You will find lots of information on the Council website. There will also be 5 public meetings in an effort to get comment out of more than the usual one or two people. The closest one will be at Clarence Park CC on 10th May (6:30-7:30pm). There will also be a meeting at Goodwood Library on May 10th (10:30-11:30am). Other locations are on the website. This was PASSED. The link to read the document hand have your say can be found here .
  • Goodwood Oval Grandstand Redevelopment-Results of Community Consultation: Overall 95 responses were received by Council, almost all of these from Unley residents. A summary of changes to the plan include: 
  1. Material colour and selection appropriate to the neighbourhood character, landscape plans and retention of as many trees as possible
  2. Grandstand footprint within the footprint of the existing building, if possible
  3. No gaming machines and  new use agreements with the clubs to increase the opportunity for Community use without further noise impact and sensitive Liquor Licensing
  4. No additional storage
  5. Access to public toilets    PASSED
This will now go to the Development Assessment Panel after an application for development has been lodged by Council
  • Draft On-street parking Policy: The Residential Parking Policy has been updated for Community Consultation. This includes changes to the current permit system. PASSED
  • Land Use-Oxford Tce: Council are considering changing the use of this land to that of a carpark. It was used by Kirinari School and has been open to the public as a play area for some time. PASSED
  • Tree Canopy Objectives: A motion proposed by Cr Hewitson was amended to a more simple motion with the same affect. Opportunities to plant more trees with a potential to become significant on both Council and private land are imperative. PASSED
  • Addressing the Campaign on Rate Capping: Cr Schnell asked Council to consider its association with the anti-rate capping campaign. LOST
  • Shared Use Concept Zone for Almond St: Another attempt to get this project of the ground was also LOST

A blast from the past

In my recent babysitting assignment I spent some time at Goodwood Community Services, where my daughter takes her daughter to both Playgroup and Goodygym. I found this photo in the hallway and took a second look. This must have been taken in early 1985.While I don't who know the lady on the left is the other person in the photo is of a much younger me with my oldest son, Gene! He is now 34.

They sure damage the footpaths?

In my recent travels (and hence few blogs) I found this extraordinary tree in a footpath. The tree was planted a long way from home, any idea where it was?

Look at the damage in the footpath
The lopped branches

20 April 2018

Rate rerelief to stimulate Unley Central.



The City of Unley will introduce rate rebate incentives to encourage mixed-use developments and greater economic activity in the heart of Unley, Unley Central.

In general the Unley Central precinct includes the section of Unley Road from the intersection of Mary and Marion streets to the intersection of Thomas Street and Edmund Avenue.

The Council has endorsed the introduction of an Economic Development Rates Incentive Policy, which will see two types of rebates offered – a developer rebate and a residential rebate.

City of Unley Acting Mayor Peter Hughes said the initiative was in line with Councils 2033 Community Plan that strived to position Unley as a destination for its enviable lifestyle, environment, business strength and civic leadership.

“This is an example of Council supporting the economic prosperity of the Unley Central precinct. As part of our vision, we want to promote a district that is thriving, growing and attracting new businesses and residents,” A/Mayor Hughes said.

Under the developer rebate incentive, a rebate on general Council rates will be provided to developers during the construction phase of an eligible development for a period of no more than three years.

13 April 2018

Library Reboot brochure is out now!

Our next Reboot brochure is out now! Covering a schedule from May-July, it is jam-packed full of new presentations and workshops, such as learning about the iCloud and Bitcoin, as well as some regular favourites, like learning to create photobooks and more about social media. There is something for everyone!

As always, spaces are strictly limited so please book your spot early to avoid disappointment. There are also limited spaces left in a couple of our remaining presentations for April so please check these out too if you would like to attend.

We look forward to seeing you soon.
What is Reboot?
Reboot is Unley Libraries digital literacy program. Reboot is designed to spark your learning, improve your confidence and help you get the most out of the latest
technology. Get ready to learn in a fun, relaxed and interactive way!

Which class is for me?
Our classes range from beginner to intermediate level, with a variety of different learning formats, so there is something for everyone. Take a look at the class details to see what’s right for you, or ask our friendly staff if you are unsure.

Can I bring my own device, and what do I need on the day?
For most classes, you most certainly can. However, you must know all of your own usernames, accounts and passwords that have been set up on your device. This includes your Apple ID and password for Apple devices and your Google account for Android devices. If you do not have these details with you, you will not be able to actively participate. Please see individual requirements for special circumstances or anything extra. 

How do I book?
Bookings can be made in person or by calling the Libraries on 8372 5100. Free and gold coin donation classes can also be booked online at unley.sa.gov.au/reboot.

Weller St :proposed slow points

Council are seeking your views on a bicycle boulevard and traffic calming measures in Weller Street, Millswood/Goodwood. This will involve installation of slow points along the street, kerb extensions at intersections and changes to the Mitchell Street/Weller Street intersection. The goal of the improvements is to create a more cycling friendly environment as well as reduce traffic volumes and speeds on Weller Street. Concept plans are available here
The Concept Plans include the following elements:
  • Improved traffic control and pedestrian/cycling safety at the intersection of Weller Street and Mitchell Street: two design options have been provided for consideration
  • Traffic calming measures along Weller Street, including raised single lane slow points and kerb extensions: this also creates consistent traffic control along the length of the Wood Street and Weller Street corridor/bicycle route
  • Better indication of Weller Street as a low-traffic cycling route including line marking and bike logo ‘sharrows’.
  • It is necessary to restrict parking for 15m adjacent each slow point to allow a cyclist to ride along the kerb, which supports cyclist safety and efficiency of the bicycle route. This results in the loss of 25 parking spaces. The street can currently accommodate approximately 95 parked vehicles. Parking observations suggest that generally 15-25 vehicles are parked on-street on a typical day, indicating that overall parking availability will still be adequate.
The Concept Plans detail the type and locations of the proposed measures, as well as identifying where on-street car parking would be removed to accommodate the changes.
If you are happy or unhappy with this proposal then please go to the same website and Have Your Say. You need to do this before April 20th.

11 April 2018

Upgrading of the Goodwood Underpass might just happen?

Is it possible that this eyesore could be improved?
You may recall late last year that Steph Key, the then Member for Ashford, held a public consultation regarding beautifying the underpass. Even though Steph  has now retired it seems that this matter may be progressing. Elected members will meet with staff late in April. My conversation with Jane Stimson was less hopeful.

08 April 2018

Overshadowing of solar panels

New Orleans

An interesting dilemma was discussed in this morning's Sunday Mail:   should your solar panels be used to prevent/minimise development on your neighbour's property? I remember thus being discussed at a few Development Assessment Panels without a definitive outcome. There are clearly two sides to the argument, both of which are valid. I personally enjoy the savings benefit that our solar panels afford us (about $1000 per year). I would hate that somebody, at the stoke of a pen, could approve a development that would overshadow the panels and render our panels ineffective. The new all-encompassing state development plan should make the time to research this issue and develop a solution that is fair to all. Currently most development plans talk about sunlight to habitable rooms and a precedent for adequate is 2 hours per day.

02 April 2018

Council development plans could be scrapped

We all knew that the Labor government had massive changes to planning in store but had hoped that Liberal government might soften the blow. Apparently, this is not the case and the new government will push through with the planning code that the old government had been working on. The new code will become the state's single planning rule book for assessing all development applications. All planning applications will be lodged electronically to an ePlanning portal. In this new system residents are most likely be how they wish their area to be zoned and then not even receive notification when a development is proposed next door. To some extent this may work but only if the rules are the rules and that the Development Assessment Commission or Council Assessment Panel cannot add their own judgement to height or density as they see fit. Unfortunately, Unley's intricate and hard fought planning code may be dismantled against the wishes of residents.

01 April 2018

Call centre or resolution centre?

Many of you have found that when you telephone the Council and ask for information the call is often put through to the best person able to answer your enquiry. That person is often unavailable and you leave a message hoping that someone will call you back. It happens to most of us, every time we make an enquiry of an organisation: sometimes we even have the privilege of waiting for what seems like forever for the phone to be answered. In Unley the phone was nearly always answered before the third ring as this was the measure used to measure success at this point of contact. In future success will be measured if your question is able to be answered by the first customer service officer that you speak to (phone or front counter). Staff are undertaking extensive training so they can answer the questions without having to forward the call. Hopefully, this will lead to better satisfaction for both the officer and the customer.

31 March 2018



Unley are very proud to present the South Australian Jazz Archive Inc's major biennale exhibition here at the Unley Museum. 
Join us for the launch of A Centenary of Jazz
Sunday 22nd April, 2.30-4.30pm

A fun and entertaining FREE afternoon, with live jazz music on the lawns, wine and nibbles.

The exhibition will run until 6th May 2018.

30 March 2018

Shared Streets v Shared Zones

What's the fuss and what's the difference?
According to the experts, but in layman's terms,  one is a like a mall with cars (shared zone) the other like a street with pedestrians (shared street). The speed limit for  shared street is 25kph and for a shared zone is 10kph. In the mix as well is often bicycles that can travel in either diection, often even in a one way street. Nevertheless, we are likley to see more of these types of zones in the future.

29 March 2018

Full Council Meeting; March 26th 2018

The following items may be of interest;
  • Petition re the Goodwood Oval precinct: residents are particularly concerned at the recent appearance of a pod (read shipping container) that appeared near the southern entrance a few weeks ago. The greatest concern is, I believe, other than the appearance of the thing and the fact that no consultation occurred (even with your ward councillors) is that the new grandstand may be built without sufficient storage to meet the needs of the clubs and that pods/sheds may still be required after the new build.
  • Deputation Re Almond St: this was also an agenda item. While staff and the consultant were able to recommend a Shared Street to enhance the safety of pedestrians and cyclists in this street  the preferred option for residents is a Shared  Zone. After nearly an hour of debate the Shared Zone was not supported by Council.
  • Shared Street opportunities: following on from the request from Almond St Council asked staff to locate other suitable locations for Shared Streets. Staff came up with a significant list and then shortlisted 8 streets. Unfortunately, many of the streets suggested were dead ends and no through roads that already have significant amenity over those who live in through roads. From the list I would start with those streets that meet the criteria that have the poorest amenity. In my books this was Richards St in Forestville.
  • Pocket Parks: despite the disaster that was Kelvin Ave and the potential pocket park in that location Council voted again to develop this concept and identify suitable streets. In my opinion we should be spending our money on greening opportunities that are not dead end streets but on current underdeveloped Council land. 
  • Economic Development Rates Incentive Policy: Council voted to support offering rates relief to developers in the Unley Central Zone and to the purchasers of the resulting apartments, each for a period on 3 years. Hopefully, this will encourage development where it belongs and not in local neighbourhoods.
  • Cr Schnell asked a question regarding the banning by China of imports of recyclable material. This was not answered as clearly it will take some time to research an answer. Other Councils are already positioning to raise rate revenue as this increases Council costs.

21 March 2018

Time to take a closer look at Unley's facilities

I have taken 4 weeks leave to care for my little
granddaughter. I am going to use this opportunity to have a look at as  many of Unley's child friendly activities as I can. This week we have already been to Goodwood CC Playgroup and intend to try their Kindergym on Friday. I'm keen to check out Babytime at the library and to get to a few extra playgrounds. We are already regulars at the Everard Park playground.

LED Street lighting: is it time for Unley?

Unley has been discussing alternative street lighting decisions for a couple of years now. First of all we looked at solar and more recently, LED. While the upfront costs in this are high the yearly savings could be up to $300,000 per year. The savings being in the payment for the running of the lights. This would equate to a signigicant return on the investment. At this point at least 2 other ouncils are implementing the technology..

19 March 2018

Native Title claim settled

 The Attorney General and Cabinet approved the settlement last week and the Kaurna approved the settlement at a community meeting shortly after that.

The settlement means that there are  16 parcels of land in the original Kaurna claim area that will have  native title over them, however, none of these parcels fall within the City of Unley.  The settlement means that native title rights and interests over all land and waters within the Determination Area, other than the 16 parcels, have been extinguished. The 16 sites are all in City of Mitcham and Adelaide Hills Council.

As well  Aboriginal Heritage Act 1988 (AH Act) remains in place, and affords protection to Aboriginal sites irrespective of the native title status of the land.  

As the City of Unley has no land with Native Title it would be the case that any matters that arise under the AH Act could be dealt with on a case by case basis.