24 December 2021

Merry Christmas to everyone


Keep safe.

News from DIT



Since we released the Reference Design in late November, we’ve had more than 45,000 visits to the T2D website and over 300 responses to our online survey. We want to hear from you, so we’re extending the feedback period to mid-January 2022 to give people a chance to have their say.
So far, we’ve heard the following are important to the community:

  • Road access and traffic management, especially from local streets to and around South Road
  • Compulsory acquisition of properties and timings
  • Design of the motorway, including its footprint and alignment
  • The timing and possible effects of construction
  • The impact of the project on the local environment, heritage sites and community facilities
  • Urban design, greening and landscaping, and opportunities for community involvement.

To provide feedback and complete the online survey, please select the button below:




If you have any questions about works in your area and/or would like to speak to a member of our project team, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 1300 951 145 or T2D@sa.gov.au  You can also visit the ‘current works’ page on the T2D website for any updates on local works in your area https://dit.sa.gov.au/nsc/torrens_to_darlington/works/current_works










12 December 2021

Full Council meeting: Dec 13th 2021

 The last meeting for 2021. You may find the following of interest?

  • Petition regarding Unley Library hours: clearly a large number of people are concerned at the acceptance by Council at is November meeting to reduce opening hours. After some  discussion between Cr Palmer, Cr Dodd and myself Jordan took the responsibility for preparing the motion
  • Proposed Active Participation Framework: Council will trial a new consultation model  regarding parking.
  • Performance Report of CEO's Key Performance Indicators: These are comprehensive and worth a read. 
  • Rescission motion on library opening hours?
  • Goodwood Community Centre Management Model: CONFIDENTIAL
  • Waste Management Services prudential and Probity Review: CONFIDENTIAL

05 December 2021

Time to rethink significant tree legislation


It seems that the large  trees left in Unley are diminishing. Usually  as they are in the wrong place and too close to an existing dwelling, in the way of development or deemed to be unsafe. I had an interesting conversation with a resident last week as her neighbour has asked her to remove a large tree in her front yard as it allegedly damaging the neighbour's property. The tree is a regulated tree. A  recent court case between the City of Unley and a resident and his arborist. had an interesting result. Council lost both the court case and an appeal against the decision. The resident was being sued by Council as he had engaged an arborist to remove overhanging branches of his neighbours trees. All while the neighbour was away. The trees were essentially cut at approx. 6m from the ground. This decision now sits as precedent for all other trees. This means that it is time to rethink the legislation so that this decision is clarified and,, hopefully overridden. If I was rewriting the legislation I'd like to see:

  • smaller trunk sizes protected
  • no removal if  a tree is less than 10m  from a dwelling
  • less species specifity
  • no removal due to development (developers must work around existing trees).

What additional assistance does the Mayor get?

 Questions on Notice over the last couple of meetings have started to raise real concerns in my mind about what support is needed for a Mayor to do their job well and what is excessive. Our Mayor receives a little under $80,000 per annum plus the use of a car, which he has declined. All Councillors are able to ask for and obtain legal advice as required. Additionally we are all supplied with a computer with remote access (when required). We do not get a phone or the cost of internet connection..

These include:

  • Secretarial support at approx. half time
  • Recruitment of this service (5 times in the last 3 years) costing other staff time, advertising costs, training
  • CEO's time: this being up to 2 days per week and estimated to be at a cost of $120,000.
We still need to know how much per hour the secretarial support is costing to get a full picture. In may estimation the total cost could be as much as $200,000 per annum. This seems like a lot to me?

24 November 2021

Full Council meeting: November 22nd, 2021

 You might find the following of interest: 

  • Community Grants: these grants are awarded on application to various community groups to assist them with their service to the community. $32,000 is to be awarded: grants  to Clarence Park Ward include money to Goodwood Saints Football for clinics to upskill those who live with a disability and money to SASMEE Park to install a ramp to enable easier access for seniors.
  • Conservation Grants: these have been recommended for a number of properties. Earlier this year Council reviewed it's policy to improve the visibility of these grants and their use not only to conserve buildings but also trees. Grants totalling nearly $38,000 were recommended.
  • Sesquicentenary Update: The celebration of this event has been broken into many small events rather than one large event. The final event will be the Picnic at the Memorial gardens on Dec 5th.
  • Trader Association Quarter 1 reports: These reports outline the spending of the separately levied rate.
  • Request for a movement study of Glen Osmond Rd: The Parkside Councillors are increasingly concerned about  the changed movement patterns as the major intersections are upgraded
  • Proposed purchase of an artwork: In my opinion the artwork selected does not tell enough of the Unley story.
  • Enforcement of the public health act: CONFIDENTIAL
Questions on Notice were raised about:
  • Assistance and Support provided to the Mayor (see separate blog)
  • Bike Racks on King William Rd
  • Cleaning of public toilets

24 October 2021

Full Council meeting : Oct 25th 2021

 You might find the following of interest?

  • 2021-22 Financial Performance Report:
  • Prudential Management Report-Unley Oval Stage 2: it is recommended that Sage 2 of the Unley Oval proceed to tender.
  • Adoption of the Annual Report: This reports tells you where Council gets it revenue and where it spends the money
  • Appointment of an Elected Member to to the Centennial Park Owners Executive Committee: 
  • Appointment of Deputy Mayor: Cr Russo and Cr Palmer have nominated for this  position. There is also an allowance for members to put their names forward on the night.
  • Tree Prosecution-Costs payable:CONFIDENTIAL
  • CEO's Key Performance Indicators: CONFIDENTIAL

16 October 2021

All I need is a can of paint?

Published in the Eastern Herald last week. 

All I need is a can of paint?

This is a plea from a resident this morning.

Where did this start? Many years ago Unley developed a graffiti management program. This recruited a number of volunteers, provided each person with cans  of paint in popular fence colours and let them go. It worked well, response times were quick and graffiti was reduced. At the time the best advice that we had was that to be effective in reducing graffiti it had to be painted out quickly. People who graffiti like to see their work and show it off to others. they don’t like wasting their paint and choose to go elsewhere. Council also  began  funding  mural art on key large walls which were often targeted.

Somehow this program lapsed and, following a recent Council motion, staff have been reviewing the program. The new proposal is somewhat perplexing: volunteers have been consulted on a range of rules that they would need to comply with. These rules propose only painting areas of graffiti that are less than the size of an A4 page, not on private property, below shoulder height, etc:  leaving volunteers with almost nothing they could effectively do.   The restrictions in the name of Risk Management could render the new program as good as useless. I understand that Onkaparinga Council has a couple of vans and trailers that go out each day to remove graffiti, the van is staffed with volunteers and paint in every colour. While I hope that there isn’t this much need in Unley, as it’s a fraction of the size, it might be a good place to get some learnings from.

This, of course still doesn’t manage graffiti within the rail corridors or on DIT owned infrastructure which can be much worse than the stuff on local fences and road signs. They paint it out once a year whether it needs it or not! The two people I had coffee with this morning just need a can or two of paint, preferably bronze olive, as this is still the most popular fence colour, to get the job done as often as they can.

Greening Adelaide Forum


Have you heard of the new environmental organisation Green Adelaide?  

Come along to find out more, share your ideas and shape our community with the Minister for Environment and Water, the Chair of Green Adelaide, and me.

Last year the State Government established Green Adelaide, giving a clear mandate to boldly transform our capital city’s environment. To that end Green Adelaide has set out to create a greener, wilder, cooler, more climate-resilient city.  

Green Adelaide has a range of important responsibilities including caring for our coastline; bringing to life our urban rivers and wetlands; partnering with councils to green our streets and parks; increasing the presence of native wildlife in the city; and driving a more compressive approach to water and biodiversity sensitive urban design.  

The work of Green Adelaide is exciting, innovative and has the potential to be world leading. Its success will secure Adelaide as one of the most liveable cities in the world and fulfil our goal to become the world’s second National Park City. 

Everyone needs to be involved in the vision and implementation of what Green Adelaide is all about. Whether it’s in our backyards, on our balconies, on the nature strip in front of our homes, or in a nearby park, greening Adelaide can be a fulfilling and fun experience.  

So we hope you make it to my Greening Adelaide Forum.

Greening Adelaide Forum:
Tuesday 19 October
6 - 7.30pm
Clarence Gardens Bowling Club, Winona Avenue, Clarence Gardens.  

We’d love to see you there. 

Please RSVP via elder@parliament.sa.gov.au or by calling 8374 1939. 

Yours sincerely, 

Carolyn Power MP - Member for Elder

Kaurna cultural art workshops - weaving


Kaurna cultural art workshops - weaving

Next date: Wednesday, 27 October 2021 | 12:30 PM to 02:30 PM

Meet  Aunty Elaine, a Kaurna woman, who will be hosting cultural weaving and Aboriginal art workshops here at Clarence Park Community Centre.  

During the workshops Elaine will provide a cultural experience by creating a safe and comfortable environment where people can come together to learn new skills while providing an opportunity for conversation about her culture, including Aboriginal diversity of language, art, cultural practices, food and beliefs.  

Weaving Workshop
Wednesday 27 October, 12.30 - 2.30pm

Aboriginal Art Workshop
Wednesday 10 November, 12.30 - 2.30pm

Clarence Park Community Centre, 72 - 74 East Avenue, Black Forest

Cost $5 per workshop, bookings essential, phone 8293 8166 or speak to our office staff.


  • Wednesday, 27 October 2021 | 12:30 PM - 02:30 PM


Clarence Park Community Centre, 72-74 East Avenue, Black Forest 5035  

13 October 2021

Tree canopy cover

You most recent rate notice would have included the canopy cover for your property. The chart below shows the average for each suburb in  Unley. How did you compare? Making these statistics available is just one step closer to achieving at least 30% cover across the city! 




Tree Canopy %

On Private Land only







Unley Park








Myrtle Bank




Kings Park




Hyde Park




Black Forest




Clarence Park




















Everard Park




















29 September 2021

Clarence Park Community Centre doing well

 I recently attended the AGM for the CPCC. While there were not a lot of people attending it was a great celebration of a year of hard work, especially during the COVIC-19 Pandemic. Members of the board and community members who use the services have a lot to be proud of. Take the time to have look at the courses and activities that the centre has on offer, there is something for everyone.

27 September 2021

Full Council meeting: September 27th 2021


You might find the following of interest:

  • Updated tree canopy report: recent data collected on tree canopy of trees greater in height that 3m has shown an increase of 1.36% since 2018. While this increase is small it is significant. Council are concerned, however, as this grown is mostly of established tees rather than new trees reaching 3 m.
  • Trader event sponsorship: Each of the 4 precincts has proposed an event this year to the value of $10,000. These should provide a variety of interesting events to keep residents connected with their local community.
  • Representation Review: After much consultation the feedback now supports the status quo: that is 6 wards each with two elected members.
  • Revised Charter for Centennial Park: the new charter sees the removal of both Mitcham and Unley Council elected members from the board.
  • Unley Central update :CONFIDENTIAL
  • Goodwood Community Centre lease: CONFIDENTIAL

12 September 2021

Time to Have Your Say

Council is currently consulting on a number of projects. These include the * North Unley Play Park * The Goodwood Community Cetre * Traffic management * Business management * Environmental Health management If your'e interested in any or all of these things then please go here to register your interest and ideas. https://yoursay.unley.sa.gov.au/

29 August 2021

Carbon Neutral by 2023

A report was brought to Council this week that outlined the cities carbon neutrality by 2030. After on failed motion and a failed amendment the Council agreed to become carbon neutral by 2023. This can be achieved by purchasing carbon credits. The report was detailed and outlines what the Council can do to reduce its own footprint and how carbon credits would be needed to ever achiev carbon neutrality. The fact is it is impossible to plant the number of trees needed and we have now here to plant them even by 2030. This will also involve working with residents to encourage each of them to reduce waste and live more simply as well as planting trees/evgetation in their own backyards.

Clarence Park Ward briefing update

 As you are aware we meet every three months for a update from staff regarding items/issue in the ward. This week we discussed:   


  • Millswood Croquet clubrooms: These are proceeding and have gone to tender. Approval for a slightly larger footprint is being applied for as a development amendment. The club will fund the extras.
  • Goodwood Oval: the replacement of the dog bowl near the new construction and the perceived increased noise from the sirens during games: At public request the dog bowl that was removed during construction of the grandstand will be replaced near the toilet are. Council will also determine if the more frequent sirens from the oval (as there are more games) are  too loud.
  • Redevelopment of Mills St: The drainage works are about to be commenced. The rebuilding of the street will start soon after the completion of the drainage works. This is a project that has been fought hard for and long awaited by residents.
  • Status of the Goodwood Oval hockey ground: Council will soon consult the community to see what they want in this area if and when the hockey depart.
  • Leasing of Page Park tennis courts: Headstart have been allowed to trial a youth program at the courts. This will mostly be in an after school timeslot.
  • Turf at Page Park: The new turf looks pretty tired. Staff are hoping to see a recovery with warmer weather and watering
  • Parking near the Clarence Park kindergarten: This remains a concern. Staff  believe that there is plenty of unrestricted parking available in Kelvin Ave for long term parking.
  • Leases at Goodwood Oval: These will be discussed by councillors at a briefing on Sept 20th.
  • Commuter parking in Aroha Tce and surrounding streets: This issue seems never to resolved as more people opt to park in these streets and commute to the city.
  • Stormwater management: Home Rd will be designed in 2021 and constructed in 2022, Wilson Ave will be done soon and Hammond St will be designed and constructed this financial year.

Funding for Clarence Park Station Upgrades

Before our rally last Saturday both political parties had agree to fund an upgrade of Clarence Park Station worth at least $1.6 million.  These upgrades will include better safety devices, changes to the ramps and a better looking station. It was great to see bi-partisan support. For the Liberals this will come from the $99 million already committed, if re-elected, to upgrades and for Labor an election promise. There is also money in the Liberal party's promise for Goodwood Station.

Council meeting: August 23rd, 2021

You might find the following of interest?

There are too many hedges like this one.

  • Petition re 11 Addison Ave: Over 270 residents have asked that the Council purchase a portion of 11 Addison Ave to save the lemon scented gum and to allow for further plantings of trees with the potential to become significant.
  • Culross Ave Traffic Management Assessment: The residents in this street feel that their amenity has been compromised by intense development on or near Fullarton Rd. While the report argued that  a road closure was not necessary the Council decided to further investigate.
  •  Conservation Grant Policy Review: This policy will incorporate both significant and regulated trees (for pruning) and contributory houses in conservation zones.
  • Community Event Sponsorship:10 applications will be full or partially funded; these include money for the Goodwood Saints to run a family fun day at Goodwood Oval and money toward a spring festival at Goodwood Primary School.
  • Animal Management Plan: this was an update matched with intended goals.
  • Single Use Plastic Bags Update: This was also an update, Council will meet for a briefing next week to discuss ways forward.
  • Unley Oval Stage 2 Development: Council agreed for this to go ahead as it is now fully funded with additional monies from the Federal government and the Sturt Football Club.
  • Outdoor Dining Permit Fees: These will be scrapped for this financial year
  • Front Boundary Hedges: This report will be the start of developing a policy that is manageable and will reduce the incident of infringing hedges.
  • Property Acquisition: CONFIDENTIAL

14 August 2021

Rally for Clarence Park Station safety upgrades

 The 21st August at 1pm will be a good time to beat at Clarence Park Station to rally for much needed safety upgrades. We have a yes from all major  candidates at the next election and hopefully all will reiterate their promises for action. This will be a COVIC-19 safe event so please remember to wear a mask if attending. 

AUGUST 2021 newsletter this week.

 Yes it is a new newsletter even though it says April at the top. It seems that it doesn't matter how often you check things you can always miss the obvious. While I'm pretty good at making mistakes myself this one belongs to Don who accidently sent the printers a draft that was not the final one. It makes a good read anyway.

27 July 2021

Full Council meeting: July 26th 2021

 You might be interested in the following:

  • Dog Waste Bins: This report called for a cost/benefit analysis of changing to compostable bags PASSED
  • Waste Management Resource Recovery: This plan was to be endorsed. It is a comprehensive document that will vastly improve waste management in the city. PASSED
  • Clarence Park Community Centre Management and Partnering Agreement: This agreement is up for review. It seems both parties are relatively happy wit how it is currently working. I asked that further research be done into how to better fund The Shed. PASSED
  • Green Adelaide-Invitation to Support Programs: Green Adelaide replaced the Adelaide and Mt Lofty Ranges Natural Resources Management Board. With a shorter name and invigoration they seem to be working wonders already. PASSED
  • Artificial Turf and Nature Strips; Council decided to continue the ban on artificial turf on verges as it adds considerably to the heat-load in the city on hot days. It can be 10 degrees hotter than bitumen. PASSED
  • Elector Representation Review: once again we need to know that after 2 previous tries we would like to stick with what we have. I think that slightly smaller governance would be good. If you don't want this you'll have to let us know again. PASSED

25 July 2021

Le Cornu site: Have your Say

 Renewal SA are asking for your comments about what should be built on the former LeCornu site on Leader St, Wayville. If you have ideas about what you want to see or not want to see then now is the time to let them know. You can make your suggestions until Aug 23rrd at: https://renewalsa.sa.gov.au/wp-content/uploads/2021/07/Have-Your-Say_WEB.pdf. If you wish to be informed about what is happening next then you can enrol