30 October 2014

Australia Day Ward nominations

2015 Australia Day Awards

This is your chance to nominate local citizens, students and groups who have made an outstanding contribution to the Community for 2014.

Australia Day Awards 2015

Nominations are invited from persons residing or working within the City of Unley community for the following 2015 Australia Day Awards:
  • Citizen of the Year
  • Young Citizen of the Year
  • Community Event of the Year
Persons who have made a noteworthy contribution during the current year and/or given outstanding service to the local community over a number of years shall be eligible.

Selection criteria

  1. Citizen of the Year Award nominees must be an Australian Citizen.

26 October 2014

Motion on Graffiti

Following is the motion I will put on Monday in attempt to get a commitment from the Minister too actually manage the graffiti along line at Goodwood Junction and along the Greenways shared use path. It is obvious to me that the promises made during the construction of these facilities regarding graffiti have not been met.  There are also significant concerns regarding the noise, and smell (diesel fumes) of idling trains near Arundel Ave that also need to be addressed.

Council write to Minister Mulligan, making him aware of the community’s
concern at:
• the level of graffiti along the railway corridor in Unley.
• the need for immediate repairs to the existing screen at Arundel
• the need to properly maintain the weeds and vegetation within the rail
• the need to repair the walkway that links Arundel Ave/ Millswood Crs to
the railway pedestrian bridge.
The letter should seek a commitment from the Minister to address these
issues and seek an explanation of the maintenance process DPTI has in
place to ensure the reoccurrence of graffiti is addressed speedily.

Full Council meeting October 27th 2014

The last Council meeting of this Council. Time to thank Denise Tipper and Michael Saies for their contribution. They will be missed as both had their passion about different aspects of governance that we relied on to keep us all on our toes. To be debated this week:
Annual Report 2013-14:This is produced to comply with legislative requirements and must be presented to the parliament. High lighted achievements include:This is well worth reading PASSED
Financial Results Compared to Budget 2013-14: PASSED
Easter Health Authority Delegations: this organisation is contracted to perform the functions of a licensing authority of the Supported Residential Facilities Act. There were no changes deemed necessary after a review.PASSED
Arthur Street-Results of Heavy Vehicle Access Trial:The trial has shown a significant reduction in the number of both small and large trucks using Arthur St. Hopefully, this will improve the amenity  for residents and the safety of the King William Rd intersection.PASSED
Sturt Football Club Sale of Picket Sponsorships Proposal: Sturt have asked for permission to sell sponsorship for each of approx 3,600 pickets. They will also encourage the Bowls and Cricket to sell pickets if they wish with revenue to be shared. Council would gain no benefit from this. The good news is that Sturt have committed to putting in their  one third of the money for the pickets and to pay two thirds if grant money is not available PASSED
Key performance Indicators: These indicators will enable Council to gain base line data that it can then compare effectiveness of different strategies against.WITHDRAWN
Revocation of Community Land Status-Myrtle Bank:PASSED
Motion on Notice from Cr Boisvert regarding Graffiti:I have asked that Council write to the Minister to let Council know what the current strategy is for the removal of Graffiti in the Good Junction area and how this can be stepped up to be effective. PASSED See next blog
Motion on Notice from Cr Schnell regarding Traffic in Weller St: Cr Schnell would like immediate action to reduce the speed of traffic in Weller St following a serious accident. REFUSED not because it wasn't supported but because the plans to commence a Local Area Traffic Management Plan ais likely to deliver better results in the same time frame.
Palmerston Place Encroachment ( Confidential)
The Agenda can be read here;

Show your party colours

This morning's Sunday Mail has a story with the above heading. I know that Emmie, from the Eastern Courier, has been writing a story for this weeks paper. I was a little taken aback that such a high percentage of total candidates were members of the Labor Party, but was not surprised to find that some candidates were members of political parties and some were not. While there will be attempts to change legislation in the near future to ensure that all candidates include party membership on every leaflet that they publish I really fail to understand what the necessity is for this. It seems to me the longer we keep party politics out of local government in South Australia the better the decision making will be of those who hold office. It is not a matter of what part people belong to but is it relevant and who cares? You should be voting for the person that has either proved their worth to you as the incumbent or someone who is fresh and holds ideals that you believe in. Fresh doesn't mean young, but it does mean new ideas and new ways of working. If the Labor party are wanting this change they must believe that it will be to their advantage. What I am sick of is over regulation for candidates at local government elections that are not standards that they set for themselves during their own election periods. Real change in local government elections would be compulsory voting.

23 October 2014

Ignite Unley is back

 Starting Friday 7th November this season will start on King William Rd (corner of Opey Ave) with Moonrise Kingdom. The area will be ready at 5pm and the movie will start as soon as it gets dark. Other locations, including Page Park are shown on the flier. This is a giant leap for staff to organise  an event like this so far west  so most of it, write the dates in your diary and enjoy the time with your kids. We have worked hard to get more events in Clarence Park ward.

Food scraps are good to go in the bin

What a great idea! These posters will soon be appearing on bus shelters in the City of Unley. Getting food scraps out of the blue bin and into the green bin has the potential to save money that you pay in rates. Unley is charged per tonne to dump your  garbage, put it in the green bin and the cost to you is reduced.

21 October 2014

Goodwood Arthouse Market

Councils shunned

A development application has been lodged for this in Kent Town!
Interesting article in yesterdays's paper with the above as part of the heading.While the article reiterates the state governments regulations that have taken all planning consent away from Adelaide City Council for buildings over $10 million and for other Councils over $3 million the conclusions drawn from this are quite wrong. Council's, like Unley, have the capacity to both assess and approve buildings over the prescribed amount if allowed to do so. The difference is that Unley would use their Development Plan, approved by the government, as their guideline and the Development Assessment Commission would more than likely not. But the Councils are not being shunned, the developers have no choice as to who will assess their applications. The only ones in this being shunned are the residents who will have little or no say into what will be built around them.

20 October 2014

Mural progressing

The murals on the tram overpass are progressing. I understand that some damage has already been done by vandals, hopefully, this can be painted over immediately.
Leads me to thinking what could be achieved at the Goodwood Rd underpass with some planning and paint! I believe that the centenary of this structure is next year. Steph Key is still hopeful that work could be completed by then.

Millswood Station Launch

Yesterday was the official launch for the reopening of Millswood Station. Just over 100 people attended the event. The Minister arrived early and had an opportunity to talk with the planning lobbying group and to talk to people as they arrived. The station also seemed to be well patronised with people getting on and off trains during the event, both the Minister and Steph Key arrived by train.

Stephen Mullighan with Les Birch

17 October 2014

Ballots to be posted next week.

Ballote for the upcoming local government election will be posted from Monday 20th to eligible voters. Remember, there will be no ballot for eithe Councillors or Mayor in Goodwood South/Clarence Park ward as Doña dn I were elected unopposed as was the mayor. However, for those of you who read this blog that don't live in the ward it is getting close to decision time. You should have received your election copy of the Unley Life that includes information supplied by each candidate ( maximum of 150 words). If you go to the LGA webste you can get additional information on those Councillors who have supplied it. http://www.lga.sa.gov.au/lgcandidates/councils?c=4202&view=elections . 
I'm sure yor letter boxes will have been stuffed with fliers and suggestions about how you 
should vote. Take your time, encourage your friends and neighbours to vase and let's hope we 
get a great new Council.

16 October 2014

Time for a garage sale?

If it is then why not hold it on October 25th when lots of other people will be doing this as well.
It is held on October 25th of each year.

Here is a link to what it is all about………..   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7NhYw2NWERg&list=UUKVF93CDpuPS7aaJkaO8CUQ

15 October 2014

Update on artworks

Given strong community feed back to the 'Regrowth' sculpture it will no longer be installed at the Canterbury Tce site. It will now be located to another site. Staff are still waiting for feedback about the blue man that was set to be installed in Cowper Rd. From my feedback I'd be surprised if this was not also canned.  Staff will investigate other suitable sites and one of these may be the Clarence Park platform, just not sure if it meets the grant criteria.

Mayors failed to deliver promises

EASTERN mayors have been re-elected unopposed, despite failing to deliver some of their election promises in the past four years.

 The above statement appeared in this week's Eastern Courier. Not so according to our staff!
The Boffa St parking machine now in place; it has  resulted in a more rapid turnover of cars and thus allows more shoppers to park and encourages commuters to go elsewhere. As well a further 25 car parks have been achieved at the Living Choice site in Fisher St.  But did the Mayor deliver this or the Council?

Celebrating Westbourne Park PS centenary.

School Days Centenary Fair
Date: Sunday 26th October 2014
Time: 10 – 3pm
Location: Avenue Road Oval, Avenue Road, Cumberland Park, SA.
Free entry – all welcome.
Come along to the fair to enjoy rides, sideshows, face painting, fashion parades, musical performances, gourmet food stalls, chocolate wheel, silent auction, white elephant, competitions, meet Peppa Pig and more. Kids, enjoy the Centenary Trail which will include giveaways from many of the stalls.
For more information on the above events please visit our website at www.wpps100.com.au   

Visitors to our website can stay up to date with news of the centenary by subscribing to updates by using the Email Updates box at the bottom right corner on the Home Page or by ‘liking’ our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/westbourneparkps   

Meet the candidate

 A reminder that FOCUS is holding a forum tomorrow evening, October 16th, at the Unley Citizens Centre in Arthur St to give all 25 candidates standing for election to Unley City Council an opportunity to speak on a number of topics. This is an opportunity to meet  and chat with candidates as well. Hope to see you there? This will be particularly important for Unley residents not living in Clarence Park Ward as they have a fantastic field of talented people to choose from as their elected members. If you live in Clarence Park you're stuck with Don and  I for another 4 years! The meeting starts at 7.30pm.

13 October 2014

Main Street SA winners

What a great effort from the traders with the support of Council.

Last  Wednesday evening the City of Unley, Find Your Everything E-Magazine was awarded the Digital/Online Marketing Award and the King William Road Traders Association was awarded the Events with Expenses over $50,000 Award for Variety on King William Event at the Mainstreet SA Awards 2014.

It was a great night for the Unley region with a number of other Unley events being shortlisted as finalists including the Double Shot Coffee Fiesta, the Goodwood Groove and An Evening Under the Stars. It is great recognition for all the hard work we all put in to promoting Unley’s Mainstreets!

12 October 2014

Graffiti Management: time to get the Minister into action?

With the almost exponential increase in the amount of graffiti in the Goodwood Junction area, as well as all the way along the bikepath to Emerson crossing and  along the freight line it seems that all the promises made by previous Ministers, CEOs and at the Goodwood Reference Group have amounted to nothing. While a team was oout this morning removing graffiti from the new Millswood Station before Channel 7 did their story the rest simply looks terrible. This week I have asked Council CEO, Peter Tsokas, to draft a motion on notice for the Council to send a letter to the Minister, Stephen Mullighan, demanding immediate action to remove the existing graffiti and to manage the on going issue. Hopefully, we may see some action but it will still take a while.

First trains stop at Millswood

 I was up early this morning to catch the first train from Millswood into the City at 7.40am. You can see from the picture that I was not the only one there!
It was reassuring to see the poster up at various stations on the ride letting people know that the trains were now ready to be used at Millswood. the large signs on either side of the station on Goodwood Rd should also be raising awareness for commuters.
Don't forget next Sunday afternoon the launch of the new station is at 2:15 with the Minister arriving by train (or so I am told) to cut the official ribbon. There will be a free sausage sizzle and lots of like minded people to catch
 up with.
Thanks to John Gasper for not losing sight of the dream and gathering a team of local, hard working people to achieve this end. These people are Les Birch, John Greenshields, Elizabeth Lithgow, Angela Davidson and myself.

11 October 2014

Art works ready to install

Artworks on Canterbury Tce and at the end of Cowper Rd were negotiated with DPTI after the completion of the Greenways works to give something back to the community. The following artwoks are being run past residents for final approval. There is more landscaping proposed than in the sketch. I believe there is some disquiet from some residents in Canterbury Ave about the one ear- marked for the space near the Princess Margaret playground. If this disquiet is a roar then it is possible that the artwork will be installed at another suitable location. What do you think?
Canterbury Ave (proposed)

Cowper Rd (proposed)

Mural on Overpass has started

The image above is over the tram overpass taken from the swimming pool side. There was some concern among residents that some small trees were being trimmed. While this seems to be the case I guess it was necessary for the artist to get near to the cement structure. This work will take about 5 weeks.

09 October 2014

Variety on King William

This event is usually well patronised and a great event to promote the city. I've never been as it falls during my working hours. Why not book a table?

The latest spring summer fashion trends from  our exclusive shopping strip will be showcased in a gorgeous fashion show on one of the longest runways in town for Variety on King William 2014. Guests will be seated alfresco style on the road and enjoy a sublime four course menu oozing spring flavours and created by some of the road’s favourite restaurants, all matched with fine South Australian Wines. 
Join the event here to be kept up to date  with all the latest information
COST : $140 pp, $1400 for a table of 10.
Corporate Packages available. Email variety@kingwilliamroad.com.au for details.
Book your tickets here. Don’t delay – they are selling quickly!
Thank you to our very generous sponsors >
City of Unley  >  Peugeot  >  Tomich Wines > Wicks Estate Wines > Totino Wines > Fox Gordon  

08 October 2014

3,000,000 planning problems!

Councils’ involvement in the planning system is seriously threatened by recent State Government changes to the Development Regulations.
The following was received as an email from Mark Parnell MLC for the Greens.

If you are interested in maintaining planning consent as a local matter rather than state government then read on.

Organic Gardening Course

Organic Gardening Course

News from Centennial Park

Centennial Park has released its plans to develop their grounds over the next 20 years. As this facility is jointly owned by Unley and Mitcham Council this should be of interest. The redevelopment will create an additional 15,000 new burial spaces as well as renewed dining and cafe opportunities. For the full story click here.

04 October 2014

Unleywood Film Competition

Maybe this is for you?

You're invited to create a short film, sketch, documentary of 2 minutes or less with the theme 'Visually Unley'.
Click on the image below to view details on YouTube
Unleywood YouTube
To enter simply upload your video to YouTube and submit the link with the completed entry form to unleywood@gmail.com
Shortlisted videos will be gathered onto the Unleywood Youtube Channel.
People's choice awards are up for grabs, in addition to the awards picked by our panel of guest judges.
Winners will be announced at the screening event on the 27 October 2014 at the Capri Theatre from 5:30pm!
Entries close 17 October 2014 at 4

Forestville Reserve – Stage 2 upgrades

The City of Unley is pleased to announce stage 2 of the upgrades at Forestville Reserve will commence soon.
These works will include:
- A shade structure for the new playground (currently underway)
- Restoration of lawn areas around the skate park
- Restoration of basketball half-court and a new netball court area
- Restoration of lighting and other landscaping around the pedestrian and cycle path
- New fitness equipment, including an upgrade of the existing equipment
- Enhancement of the new culvert opening, including planting
- Resurfacing of the skate park (to provide a smoother finish)

Revegetation and Plantings
The Melaleuca (Paper Bark) trees on the northern side of the overpass are marked for removal. The trees have been assessed by council’s arborist and DPTI personnel and have been seen to present in very poor form with declining health. It is proposed that the entire planting bed be rejuvenated within the main project scope following the removal of the trees.
This will include new plantings of low and medium height vegetation, as well as tree species of similar mature dimensions to those being removed.
The works are expected to commence in October 2014 and we anticipate the majority of works to be completed by March 2015, subject to site and weather conditions.
Some areas will be temporarily fenced during construction; however the majority of the reserve will remain open.

03 October 2014

Millswood station

From this to...
The date we never thought would happen is Sunday October 12th, on this day trains will again stop for passengers at Millswood Station. While the service will initially be less frequent than other stations, this is a real win for the local community. To celebrate this event the committee, who have worked hard  to achieve this, have organised a launch celebration from 2:00pm to 3:00pm on Sunday the 19th October. The station will be launched by the Minister, Stephen Mullighan, and Steph Key (Member for Ashford). There will be a sausage sizzle and drinks provided by a local organisation and , hopefully, a coffee van. All interested persons are
to this!!
invited to attend. If you live near the station you will receive a flier and timetable in your letter box this week end.

Tram overpass mural to start

Hopefully, this will be the last graffiti on the structure!
The Forestville/ Goodwood Tram Overpass murals will start next week ( weather dependent).

The artists will now prep the walls one by one, mural by mural starting at Forestville Reserve, round to Aroha Terrace, and then to Railway Terrace North and then South.

All equipment, installation and OHS issues are being handled by DPTI. A notice has been placed on the 2 noticeboards in Forestville Reserve. The residents received a letter about this project back in May.

The artists will be working every day, weather dependant during the week and perhaps some weekends. They will be carrying ID from DPTI in case they are approached by the public. It is anticipated that the project will take 4-6 weeks to complete.

Using the themes of the local physical environment, flora, fauna, community, motion and active travel, I know we all will enjoy seeing these walls evolve into bright and vibrant canvases after many years of continual graffiti in the area. Timed with the anticipated landscaping of the Forestville Reserve nearby, this area is now getting a serious make-over and will be transformed into one of the jewels of our open space.