17 October 2014

Ballots to be posted next week.

Ballote for the upcoming local government election will be posted from Monday 20th to eligible voters. Remember, there will be no ballot for eithe Councillors or Mayor in Goodwood South/Clarence Park ward as Doña dn I were elected unopposed as was the mayor. However, for those of you who read this blog that don't live in the ward it is getting close to decision time. You should have received your election copy of the Unley Life that includes information supplied by each candidate ( maximum of 150 words). If you go to the LGA webste you can get additional information on those Councillors who have supplied it. http://www.lga.sa.gov.au/lgcandidates/councils?c=4202&view=elections . 
I'm sure yor letter boxes will have been stuffed with fliers and suggestions about how you 
should vote. Take your time, encourage your friends and neighbours to vase and let's hope we 
get a great new Council.

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