21 October 2014

Councils shunned

A development application has been lodged for this in Kent Town!
Interesting article in yesterdays's paper with the above as part of the heading.While the article reiterates the state governments regulations that have taken all planning consent away from Adelaide City Council for buildings over $10 million and for other Councils over $3 million the conclusions drawn from this are quite wrong. Council's, like Unley, have the capacity to both assess and approve buildings over the prescribed amount if allowed to do so. The difference is that Unley would use their Development Plan, approved by the government, as their guideline and the Development Assessment Commission would more than likely not. But the Councils are not being shunned, the developers have no choice as to who will assess their applications. The only ones in this being shunned are the residents who will have little or no say into what will be built around them.

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