29 January 2022

Full Council meeting: January 31st, 2022

 You might find the following of interest: 

  • Culross Ave Consultation summary:  residents in Culross Ave have ongoing concerns about a perceived change in car movements and parking with the additional homes that have been completed on Fullarton Rd. A survey undertaken, now that the new homes are occupied doe not support road closures. 
  • Draft North Unley Park Masterplan: an revamp of this park is long overdue. The draft plan, following extensive consultation, is refreshing and demonstrates a clear community vision.
  • Mike Turtur Bikeway Overpass: after consulting with the community the Council would like to make further recommendations to this much needed project. These include widening the opening under the existing bridge, establishing a connection to Richards Tce, making the platform and access to it DDA compliant and ensuring the open spaces are usable.
  • Financial Incentives for Trees on Private Property: This discusses a proposal  to give rebates to properties that have and maintain a 30% canopy cover on their properties. I'm yet to be convinced that this will achieve its purpose.
  • Draft Disability Access and Improvement Plan: worth a read.
  • Support for Businesses During COVID-19 (Omricon): I have asked Council to consider any further initiatives that may assist struggling businesses.
  • Waste Management Services Contract: CONFIDENTIAL