30 December 2016

Did you waste Xmas?

I recived this useful information in  a Xmas card from Steph Key, Memeber for Ashford: it was great to get a card and have something to pass on as well.
1. Don't waste food scraps: compost them or place in the green bin.
2. Less is more; give tickets or experiences rather than goods.
3. Bottles and cans in the recycling bin.
4. Keep  recycling stuff clean especially bottles and jars.
5. Hard plasic only in the recycling.
6. Lids off before recycling but still in the bin.
7. Only glass bottles and jars in the recycling: crockery in the blue bin.
8. Buy  rechargeable batteries. Batteries go to a separate location (the depot).
9. E-recycling locations at http://recyclingnearyou.com.au/ewaste scheme
10. What about the real Xmas tree? Recycle in the green bin (cut into small pieces). Artificial ones at end of life go in the blue bin.
11. Polystyrene is not recyclable: it goes in the blue bin.
12. Reuse wrap and ribbon. somepeople even reuse their cards!

23 December 2016

What's happening on the corner of Victoria St and Goodwood Rd?

Concerns have been raised about the changes to traffic as the contractors began their work on the above intersection. I have now inspected the site with Council staff and have drawn the following conclusions:

  • East-west connectivity is crucial in this location
  • The narrowing of the entry from Goodwood Rd has already  been completed and is wide enough to allow access into Victoria St
  • The bump out, to match the southern one, has been marked on the road but will not be constructed until after the work at Goodwood PS has been completed
  • While the width of the exit did not officially allow for cars to make a left and right manouvre at the same time it has been common practice for cars to do so
  • When cars sit in the middle waiting to turn right (a difficult and dangerous manouvre) they generally hold up a number of cars that could have turned left
So what is the solution?
It seems to me that banning right hand turns from Victoria St when the clearway operates on Goodwood Rd might be a solution that should be investigated.
It may well be faster, and definitely safer to turn left, then right into Gilbert St, right into Rushton St, right into Angus St and the left onto Goodwood Rd when wishing to head south.
Happy to have your feedback. I will ask staff to investigate this in the new year.

Goodwood Rd before? Then take a look now

Image result for goodwood rd goodwood
With the power lines. Their absence is impressive.

Merry Christmas

Thanks for following my blog. Enjoy the day with family and friends.
Hope this makes you feel a little cooler?

19 December 2016

Women's Sport leading the upgrade for Goodwood Oval

At the council meeting last week Don, with my support, was successful in getting staff to investigate funding sources for further design work needed to start on an upgrade of the Goodwood Oval faciliities. This is a first step to secure short term funding (for  a cosmetic improvement) and long term funding. The current facilities are awful. With the introduction of women's football and cricket at club level the need for an upgarde has now become urgent. In reality there is a need for 4 separate club spces each with their own showering and toilet facilities. Goodwood is hoping to capture a share of funding made available for women's football.

18 December 2016

Police and Community Engagement forum

 People have the opportunity to raise personal and direct access to their local SAPOl Managers at a forum to raise both personal amd community issues. Sturt Police  will be hosting an online forum on Wed 21st Sept, 2016 between 6:30pm and 7:30pm. This will be at www.facebook.cpm.au/sapolice news. Questions will be taken from the community during the forum and can also be sent earlier to michael.quinton@police.sa.gov.au. Further information is available at 82074820.

11 December 2016

Full Council Meeting: Dec12th 2016

The following items are on the Agenda for consideration:

  • Deputation from the Good Saints Football club and the Goodwood Cricket Club. Don and I met with them a couple of weeks auto look at the existing facilities. I have been to the facility many times but this time was given a look at the boys facilities. They are quite simply, awful. This marries with the motion that Cr Palmer has on the agenda to move funding for design. Work from Millswood Lawns to Goodwood Oval. Hopefully, this will get up and a successful budget bid next year some immedidiate works can commence.
  • Annual Business Plan-Projects requiring further endorsement: these include the work at Goodwood PS and Wood St and installation of battery storage and solar panels at Fullarton Pk Community Centre
  • Buying Local: this calls for a survey of local businesses
  • Audit Committee Members, UBED committee members and selection of chairperson
  • Appointment of Deputy Mayor
  • Council Appointments to the Centennial Park Board
  • Motion about Nairne Tce from Cr Smolucha
  • Centennial Park-Asset Management Plan CONFIDENTIAL

January School Holiday Program

When: Tuesday, 10 January 2017 - 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Where: Unley Libraries at Unley Town Hall
Are you a hero or a villain? Find your team by joining us for some X-Box, WII or strategy games. For younger children we will have board games, puzzles and giant family favourites such as Connect Four and dominoes.
Drop in and stay for an hour or spend your afternoon fighting the battle between good and evil in the air conditioning!
For ages 7+
Tuesday, 10 January 2017, 1-4 pm Drop In session
Unley Town Hall
Oxford Terrace, Unley
When: Thursday, 12 January 2017 - 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM
Where: Unley Libraries at Unley Town Hall
Learn to draw some cool Mega Fauna creatures with guidance from cartoonist Paul. The workshop includes a take home booklet to continue practicing your illustration skills.
Thursday, 12 January 2017,10.30-12noon
Unley Town Hall
Oxford Terrace, Unley

Final Storytime and Babytime for 2016

Christmas Storytime and morning tea
When: Tuesday, 13 December 2016 - 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM
Where: Unley Town Hall

Join us for some festive stories and craft, followed by a morning tea for the last Storytime of the year!

Please bring a plate of food to share (no nuts).

Free, no bookings required.
Christmas Storytime and morning tea
When: Thursday, 15 December 2016 - 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM
Where: Goodwood Library Children's Area

Join us for some festive stories, songs and craft, followed by a morning tea for the last Storytime of the year!

Please bring a plate of food to share (no nuts). Read more

08 December 2016

Public meeting on Unley Central

Re[porting on the City Strategy and Development Commitee that was held earlier this week. The purpose of the meeting was to hear what people had to say about about the proposed changes to the Unley Central Development Plan. In context it should be remembered that almost all of Unley Rd is aleady zoned to allow for 5 storey (could meean 7or 8) development. Unfortunately many of the reponses focussed entirely on the area bounded by Unley/Rugby/ Oxford and Edmund (including the current Civic Centre, the heritage listed buildings and the Village Green.
It was very clear, at least to me,  that there is little support for any deveopment in this area. However, there seemed to be some support for more development on the western side of Unley Rd to, maybe 7 stories. There was some discussion regarding the setbacks from street frontages and a preference for zone changes along streets rather than backyards.
I gave an undertaking to residents that when the Development Plan comes back to this committee that I will seek to ensure that further consultation takes place before the plan is submitted to the minister.
It should be remembered that I was the only memebr of Council that did not suport the Civic Centre site as a catalyst site.

04 December 2016

City Strategy and Development Policy Committee : Meeting Tuesday Dec 6th, 2016

This is a newly convened committee but looks similar to the last one. Some different councilors and a new chairperson, Michael Rabbitt. As you may be aware Council has been consulting on potential changes to the zoning in the Unley central area. The section of Unley Rd between Thomas/Edmund Ave and Mary/ Frederick Ave. This area currently has no height limits but was not included in the initial Unley Rd DPA: the rest on Unley Rd is already zoned to 5 storeys with the first approved building coming in at 9 (the now failed Cremorne Plaza).
The meeting on Tuesday is to listen to the people who made submissions that would like to also be heard to add to their submission. Overall 294 public submissions were recieved, 9 from agencies and 1 from a Member of Parliament. While some are in favour of the overall concept the vast majority appear not to be. There is also much confusion about the staus of the area bounded by Rugby, Unley, edmund and Oxford. Many of the submissions talk only to this rather than the entire precinct. For me it is time to listen, to debate and discuss before making a final decision early next year.

03 December 2016

Transformed Canevale

How good does this look. My initiative, not just for this building, but  for the city.