28 May 2017

Finished projects:looking good

New lights at Unley Oval

Lonsdale Tce 

Full Council Meeting : May 22nd 2017

The following may be of interest:

  • Parking Permits; Cr Schnell asked staff to provide a report into the removal of residential parking permit costs across the city. Other alternatives were debated: Council accepted a  review of the current residential parking permits and costs
  • Council funding for the lights at Millswood Lawns Croquet was passed.
  • 41 Oxford Tce is now looking a little unloved as Kirrinari school has closed. Both sites are owned by Council. Cr Salaman sked staff to investigate the use of this site for parking. PASSED
  • Leah St Traffic Volumes and Heavy Vehicles: The report outlined that Leah St carries the amount of traffic that could be expected on a collector road. However, the use of the streets by heavy vehicles, if diminished, would shift the problem onto other streets. Council will continue to work with DPTI to manage traffic diversions to limit the use of Leah St. The problem for residents is not likely to be solved in the short term.
  • Nairne Tce will be upgraded. The new streetscape will include a wider footpath and new trees.
  • Council will continue to support the Unley Gourmet Gala
  • The Community Grant money was approved for most applicants. This included money for the Forestville Hockey Club (purchase of equipment), Clarence Park Community Centre (bike repair station) and Goodwood Saints Football Club (new equipment)

25 May 2017

What are your favourite things about Goodwood?

 What makes it so special? Is it the people, the places, the things to do, family, friends, the history? The City of Unley is looking for you and your communities to submit images and stories for two innovative arts projects Post It and Discover Historic Goodwood.

Your images may be displayed on panels integrated in to new banner poles which are being installed on the side streets as part of the Goodwood Road Streetscape Upgrade project.
And your stories could be included in a new local walking tour app which will take people on a journey which includes local heritage buildings, stories, music, images and text.

You may have lived in the area once, be a long term resident, went to the greatest party ever in Goodwood, or visited your celebrity grandmother!
For details on how to submit your valuable local knowledge go to unley.sa.gov.au/arts or phone 8372 5111. Submissions close Thursday 15 June.

17 May 2017


Unley Museum has won the Museums and Galleries National Award (MAGNA) for Best Permanent Exhibition for the second year in a row.

The annual awards, run by Museum Australia, recognise achievements within the museum and arts sector throughout the country. Unley Museum was chosen to receive the award for its interactive exhibition Terrible Tales of Unley from a strong shortlist of national competitors.

Unley Museum Curator Karen Paris said the Unley Museum team was thrilled to be acknowledged for the exhibition that explores City of Unley’s dark secrets, mysteries and strange occurrences.

“These awards are highly competitive with judging panels made up of nationally recognised leaders in the sector so we are absolutely thrilled to have walked away with this award,” Ms Paris said.

“For a small city, Unley has still had plenty of intriguing tales hidden in its archives. The exhibition looks at everything from floods, murder mysteries, accidents and robberies and has proved very popular with visitors of all ages.”

One part of the exhibition explores the unsolved murder of a boot factory worker in 1926 and encourages museum visitors to try to solve the crime based on evidence and a detective’s report.

Unley Museum, which is housed in Unley’s former fire station building, won the same award last year for its exhibition Unley: 200 Years of Change. The exhibition traced two centuries of change from the original inhabitants, the Kaurna People, to Unley today.

The MAGNA awards were established in 2011 by Museums Australia to celebrate and reward excellence in museum practice across the cultural heritage sector, highlighting the success of Australia’s museums, galleries and cultural organisations from small volunteer-run associations to the largest state and national institutions.

To see the Terrible Tales of Unley exhibition, visit Unley Museum at 80 Edmund Avenue Monday to Wednesday from 10am-4pm. Entry is free.

For more information about Unley Museum and the Terrible Tales exhibition, please visit unley.sa.gov.au.

Clarence Park Update

Butterflies near the kindy.

The following might be of interest:
  • People are raising concerns about increased light usage at Goodwood Oval. Goodwood Saints have not submitted a Development Application at this time
  • There are lots of small dead trees in the streets around Goodwood Oval. Seems that they may have been over fertilized. They will be replaced over the winter
  • Improved landscaping is being installed in Ellesmere Tce at the request of residents
  • Markings at the corner of Canterbury Tce and East Ave show how the inetersection will be altered to improve safety. Contrary to what some people have raised concerns about the left in, left out feature will remain
  • Small amounts of asbestos have been found in Millswood Park (next to Millswood Bowls). It has be cordoned off until the extent of the contamination can be discovered and the asbestos removed safely
  • These beautiful butterflies are opposite the kindy in Clernce Park. This craft could have lots of uses and be used to brighten up other places.
  • Dead tree in Allenby Ave

Victoria St/Goodwood Rd Intersection

It is disapponting to see that the markings on the corner that showed where the intended protuberance would be is yet to be removed. Council made the decision to not narrow the roadway in late April. This came as a result of significant resident pressure. It is sad that Council doesn't always get it right the first time but we always forget the great multitude of things that are well planned and come together really well and remember those that don't. Goodwood Rd is starting to come together as the works near completion and it is starting to look so much better than I can ever remember it; going back to 1980 when we purchased our first home

in Goodwood!

07 May 2017

Should preselected mayors stand down?

There seems to be a rash of mayors and councillors who have recently sought and achieved preselection for the next state election in March 2018. Local government is being used by some as a stepping stone to preselection. The other method seems to be working for an existing politician, as an office or personal assistant, or through the union movement. I groan whenever I see the 'working for an existing politician' as a stepping zone. These people often have little demonstrated experience in grass roots politics. My fear with the Local Government method is that in may end up bringing real politics into local government and in South Australia, up until this time, it has largely been avoided. If you look at the current politicians who owe their place to the union movement I don't need to say more! This comes to our current mayor, Lachlan Clyne, he intends to stand down on October and to resign in Jan 2018. This is a risky move; he might lose the election for Badcoe and then not be mayor either! Nevertheless, he should be commended for this as it is a step above what others in a similar position are proposing to do.

06 May 2017

Beautiful verges

It wasn't all bad. This delightful verge in Tashkent allowed me to wonder why we don't have completitions each year in UCC for :

  • best new verge
  • most productive verge
  • best floral display on a verge?

Infrastucture: too much initiative?

Electricity poles. Note the playground in the background.
I have spent the last 3 weeks in Uzbekistan. It would be fair to say that I didn't go to see or judge the innovation and initiative shown by the people in keeping things working. I thought I would share these with you. However, it is good to see that buildings can last for thousands of years in a place such as this. The photos are mosstly from Bukhara; the sprinklers were spotted in Tashkent.

Soft drinks bottles being used as spinkler heads.

Light post

The base of the same post!!