30 December 2015

Crystal clear at the Unley Swimming Centre


COUNCIL  are happy to report that they have had NO reported cases of Cryptosporidium at the Unley Swimming Centre.
 They are proactive in their approach to ensuring the  pools stay clean all season, so that you can come down and enjoy a swim whenever you like.

Let’s keep it that way!  Here’s a few tips for helping to keep your Swimming Centre clean:

·         People who have had diarrhoea should not use swimming pools or spa pools for 14 days after symptoms have stopped

·         Children who are not toilet trained should wear tight fitting waterproof pants or swimming nappies in swimming pools, and be changed regularly in the onsite change room.

·         Swimmers should shower before using a pool, and wash their hands after using the toilet or changing nappies.

23 December 2015

Merry Xmas

To all you wonderful residents, Merry Xmas, Jennie

Parklets in King William

MY HOUSE & HOME/BODE HAIRDRESSER/MEDI PEDI – 151-153 King William Road; and
FLOWERS 152 – 152 King William Road have been selected as the favoured applicants for the next parklet sites. If you want to have your say on these locations just click the link below.
Public notification has commenced with posters on the street, in the shop fronts and info on the web . Also on the web is information on providing feedback with a representation form for comments/issues/concerns to be formally submitted. In accord with the Parklet Program, the period for feedback closes 5 PM on the 8th January 2016.
Further information can be found here:

The parklets in Opey Ave and Boffa St will be removed and application made by the stores (Cotto and Nutrition Republic) for permanent curb build outs if they wish to retain the amenity.

Ward Update: Dec 2015

You may find these updates of interest:

  • Black Forest LATM outcomes: You may remember that further consultation was delayed as DPTI was deciding what might happen to South Rd in this location? Despite spending millions elsewhere on South Rd it seems that the section adjacent Black Forest is not a priority. This may well be a good thing!! Nevertheless, we will put in a budget bid for the work to be done on Byron Rd after consultation and if residents can agree on a solution to the existing traffic issues.
  • Canterbury Tce & East Ave: there are still significant concerns expressed by residents about the safety of this intersection for cyclists. Some further design has been completed on this, this will also need to be considered in the budget deliberations.
  • Planting initiatives have been identified in Lonsdale Tce and Langdon Ave
  • Better wayfinding signs have been installed on East Ave, near the railway crossing.
  • Dead plants in Aroha Tce, Arundel Ave that should have been replaced before the contractor handed these strips back to Council was not done and Council will now pick up the tab to do this in 2016.
  • Council will clear the drain  at the northern end of Wilson Ave and, hopefully, find a better long term solution to potential flooding issues. As well the footpath will be repaired where it has been damaged by trees and some pruning of those trees will be undertaken early  2016.

17 December 2015

Undergrounding of Powerlines: Goodwood Rd

No more of this for Goodwood Central!
 SEM, on behalf of SA Power Networks, will start on preliminary work on 11 January 2016 just south of the tram line. The work will be done  between  7pm to 6am 5 days a week, with Saturdays as required to cause the least disruption to traffic. SAPN engaged SEM for the civil works, i.e. trenching and conduits laying. A separate contractor will subsequently pull through cables and eventually remove the stobie poles. Undergrounding power lines is scheduled to be completed by August/September 2016.

Council is  making good progress in the design for the streetscape upgrade  that will follow the completion of the works.

15 December 2015

20 Women win seats in Local Government

I found the recent newspaper attention to the local government elections in Saudi Arabia interesting. This is the first election that women have been allowed to run in and over 900 women nominated. They won just 20 of  over 2,000 seats, just 1%. It is a giant leap for this country and for women's representation.

Full Council Meeting:December 14th 2015

The last meeting for the year. It seems to me that things have slowed down a bit in 2015, maybe it is having projects ready for funding that remain unfunded and I wonder if the time and effort was wasted.   Nevertheless, there is much to be thankful for and much achieved. On this month's Agenda items of interest are;

  • Animal Management Plan 2016-20: PASSED
  • Food Safety Audits: these are now compulsory for aged care facilities and childcare centres. PASSED
  • Active Aging Strategy: PASSED
  • Commercial Fitness and Training Policy: updated and PASSED
  • Traffic Management and Speed Restrictions for Royal Show: as costs are increasing Council is considering asking the Sow Society to help cover the cost: DEFERRED
  • Rugby/Porter St Bikeway Concept Street Design: Council will apply for grants and use recurrent funding to spend about $200,000 upgrading several intersections along this route. PASSED
  • Appointment of Deputy Mayor fro 2016: Michael Rabbitt was elected to this position. PASSED
  • Closure of the Foot Track to Millswood Station: I proposed a motion that might have had some chance in seeing it reopened or at least appropriately consulted: This motion failed  as Councillor's believed that ARTC would not move from their current position. Disappointingly my co-councillor while saying that he supported the motion actually voted against it. LOST
  • Unley Central: CONFIDENTIAL

09 December 2015

25 titles at once

Borrow a kindle_  
Borrow a Kindle and borrow 25 bestsellers at once 
Unley Libraries offers a total of thirteen Kindle eReaders for loan. Kindles 1 - 5 have 25 bestseller adult titles installed on them, Kindles 6 - 8 have 25 Young Adult titles installed, and Kindles 9 - 13 have yet another 27 bestselling adult titles available to read. For further information please contact the Libraries or reserve your Kindle on our online catalogue.

What about starting your own book club?

Have you ever thought of starting your own book club?
The Unley Library have over 100 book club sets (multiple copies of popular titles) which book clubs can borrow to take the trouble out of tracking down copies of the same book to read.
If you have a book club and would like to borrow from our collection, or if you would like to start a group in 2016, please contact Amelia on 8372 5486 or pobox1@unley.sa.gov.au

06 December 2015

Unley Inner Art Gallery

A new exhibition comes to our Unley Inner Art Gallery. Participants in programs out of Parkinson’s SA share their artwork with us as they have done at the Hughes Gallery for some years.

We are trialling some new areas as well. So, visit the ground floor by Records, view from a planner’s perspective on the Ground Floor, meet the artwork in and around your meeting on the First Floor, take a walk along the corridor by Customer Service and end up in the Council Chambers for a plethora of art in different styles and content. A little something for Christmas perhaps?

Here is some information about and from the group:


The artworks on display in the Inner Art Gallery showcase the work of members of the Parkinson’s SA Brushlines Art Group and Photography Group. All members have a diagnosis of Parkinson’s and find pleasure in the pursuit of their art.

“ I love it! It’s my favourite day of the week. I feel I use my mind – learning new techniques with the different artists. I use my body and it feeds my soul with the companionship. I go away feeling inspired and motivated.”

We are grateful for the assistance of the City of Unley in funding the Expanding Horizons Art Programme which engages artists to work with the Brushlines Art Group and instruct them on various techniques

Update Millswood Walkway

I have now received my letter from ARTC. They have agreed that the area next to the bridge (over Goodwood Rd) is unsafe and they will raise the height of the fence and block off access to the walkway so it is more difficult for people to access (not resident's prepared option). My conversation with staff centred around just how little the additional walking distance was compared to the inconvenience and the temptation for people to consider crossing Goodwood Rd at grade level. I am still perplexed that they consider the shared path that connects Chelmsford Ave to Victoria St safe (because DPTI did it) but a distance from the track that is 3 times further is unsafe (because ARTC  would need to do it).
While I had their attention I broached the subject of graffiti in that general location: guess what? That is DPTI's  problem! And guess what DPTI always claims it can't do the work because of ARTC over regulation.

Goodwood Oval Reference Grouo

Want to know what is happening at Goodwood Oval?
Why not check out the Goodwood Oval Reference Group website from time to time. For the minutes of the most recent meeting just click on the link.