23 February 2016

Clarence Park Ward Update: Feb 2016

The ward briefing was this week, long overdue but better than nothing.
Items that were discussed include;

  • Implementation of the Black Forest Local Area Traffic Plan; there still has some outstanding work including decisions and action regarding Byron Rd. These should be funded in the next budget review and community engagement start in March. Also there has been a call for additional yellow lines in Gray St, near the corner of Aroha Tce.
  • Intersection of East Ave and Canterbury Tce; a reworked plan is likely to be signed off by DPTI, but we will need to put in  a budget bis for 2016/17 before any work will be done.
  • Other budget bids must be submitted for additional landscaping in both Lonsdale Tce and Langdon Ave
  •  Millswood Station walkway; ARTC will commence work to improve the safety soon.
  • Wilson Ave:residents are waiting for feedback from Council staff on a number of issues including the easement at the end of the street. This is the cause of much anguish and localised flooding.
  • The painting out of signage in Lyons Pde is now in the hands of the police. The markings will be replaced as soon as practicable.
  • Once again we called for the replanting of trees that have the potential to become significant in Arundel Ave (as promised).

Full Council: Feb 22nd 2016

This month's Agenda seems to be more nuts and bolts than strategic, nevertheless, it should be interesting. Items of interest on the Agenda include;

  • Endorsement of the minutes of all the major committees. While some items were well discussed at these meetings they seem to have been well resolved. The most interesting discussion was around height limits in the Unley Central area following consultation with the community. It is fair to say that there is not an appetite by residents to accept building heights over 11 storeys and a preference for much lower heights even in this area. Following the writing of a plan for this area the community will again be consulted.
  • Business Parking Permits:this generated a lot of debate but in the end was passed relatively unchanged. It seems the 4 hour parking restrictions in Goodwood (that came in at the same time as the paid parking trial) have caused some inconvenience to businesses on Goodwood Rd as employees have had difficulty finding a suitable parking space. As this is a short trial most Councillors supported it.
  • Flag Management Policy: this was a rewrite of the existing policy.
  • Quarterly Performance Review: seems all is going well although some delayed projects make the bottom line look better than it might have.
  • Sightline obstruction by banners, billboards, A-frames:Thais was passed but the issue is far wider than this particular location
  • Details of the Annual Business Plan relating to the recent Messenger story:the details have now been published, something that many people were looking forward to.
  • Revocation of Community Land: CONFIDENTIAL 

14 February 2016

Back to Goodwood Gala Day

Saturday 27 February, 10am - 4pm
Goodwood Library
101 Goodwood Road, Goodwood

On Saturday February 27 we are joining Goodwood Community Services Inc, Bendigo Bank, and Goodwood Central Services and Traders Association to celebrate community life in Goodwood with a family fun-packed day of games and workshops for everyone.

Goodwood Library will be open extended hours from 10am - 4pm to bring you a day of festivities including the following events happening inside the library. To find out about other great things happening on the day view this Weekend Notes Article.

Active Unley Update

Council’s Active Unley program was launched in November 2015, and so far  have had over 30 local businesses, and sport and recreation groups come on board to provide free activities to the community, using a small contribution from Council as part of the ‘Healthy Communities Program’ commitment in the 2015/16 budget.

Council have also developed a passport program to encourage residents to get involved, and by participating in a minimum of 4 activities, you can win a ‘FitBit’.  Activities are uploaded onto the website every 2 months.

11 February 2016

All Connections to Unley Art Prize is a....

 new and exciting opportunity for South Australian artists, young people and children to create, exhibit and be rewarded for artworks drawing on their personal connection to the City of Unley.

* Four weeks to go! *

Free entry is now open to artworks in two dimensional mediums, including painting, photography, drawing, printmaking, collage and new media. $ 7 000 total art prizes.

Of particular interest might be:
Open (artists at all career stages, including hobbyists, emerging artists, mid and long term career artists), $5,000, non-acquisitive
Youth ages 14-18, $1,000 plus mentorship or short course (value $500), non-acquisitive
Children under 13, $500 worth of art making materials, non-acquisitive

Entries close Tuesday 15 March, 2016. And make sure you check out the extended exhibition life for the winning artworks! For more info www.unley.sa.gov.au/unleyartprize

08 February 2016

New Planning Legislation

As the new sitting of parliament continues to debate and amend the planning minister's legislation relating to planning reform in South Australia, one of the contentious issues is the role of Councillors on Development Assessment Panels. As many of you are aware Unley's DAP consists of 4 independent panelists, of whom one is the chairperson, and 3 elected members. John Rau continues to contest that the Councillors consistently vote against good ideas, ideas that when, complete, may provide more jobs. I have been on Unley's DAP for  over 12 months now and certainly for Unley this is not the case. In fact the DAP has approved some progressive and challenging buildings in this time.
I don't believe that his words reflect reality in current DAP practice. Nevertheless, it seems inevitable that Council  and Councillors will get increasingly less opportunity to have their say.  You, as residents, will get fewer opportunities to object to building proposals and you may not even get the chance to know what is proposed until the building starts to be built. Not good enough in my opinion!

07 February 2016

What about a free swim?

Not this time, but you can get in for a dollar or two. Unley will again be allowing pool entry on Friday evenings for a reduced cost. The gold coin donation will go directly to a charity: this time Alzheimer's SA. If you missed it this week (because I was tardy in letting you know) it might be warmer next Friday to enjoy a swim.

Coffee anyone?

Unley's own and almost award winning new event is on again this month at the Memorial Gardens, Unley. The Double Shot event, a must for coffee lovers, will be held on Sunday the 28nd February. Attendees can enjoy coffee tastings, barista demonstrations, workshops and more. Now this one you might find me!

AFL to be played at Unley

On the 21st Feb Adelaide will play the West Coast Eagles at Unley Oval in the NAB cup. This is a first for Unley. The grounds are being prepared for what should be a great day at Unley Oval, that is if you like football ofcourse!