23 February 2016

Full Council: Feb 22nd 2016

This month's Agenda seems to be more nuts and bolts than strategic, nevertheless, it should be interesting. Items of interest on the Agenda include;

  • Endorsement of the minutes of all the major committees. While some items were well discussed at these meetings they seem to have been well resolved. The most interesting discussion was around height limits in the Unley Central area following consultation with the community. It is fair to say that there is not an appetite by residents to accept building heights over 11 storeys and a preference for much lower heights even in this area. Following the writing of a plan for this area the community will again be consulted.
  • Business Parking Permits:this generated a lot of debate but in the end was passed relatively unchanged. It seems the 4 hour parking restrictions in Goodwood (that came in at the same time as the paid parking trial) have caused some inconvenience to businesses on Goodwood Rd as employees have had difficulty finding a suitable parking space. As this is a short trial most Councillors supported it.
  • Flag Management Policy: this was a rewrite of the existing policy.
  • Quarterly Performance Review: seems all is going well although some delayed projects make the bottom line look better than it might have.
  • Sightline obstruction by banners, billboards, A-frames:Thais was passed but the issue is far wider than this particular location
  • Details of the Annual Business Plan relating to the recent Messenger story:the details have now been published, something that many people were looking forward to.
  • Revocation of Community Land: CONFIDENTIAL 

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