30 August 2015

More Council bashing

I thought when I starting reading David Penberthy's piece in the Advertiser this week that it was going to be something I agreed with. Look after the littles stuff like roads, rates and rubbish and the rest is likely to go well.  But he actually used his time to have a broader hit at Council. Why don't people bother to vote? He asserted that he didn't vote, even though he is married to a federal politician, and that others shouldn't bother as well.
 It is such an opportunity lost. Sadly, he seems to have little understanding of Council and can't understand why anybody would want to get to know their Councillor. I ask then why so many people, follow this blog and those of my fellow Councillors? The fact is that people do want to know who we are and what we stand for. They 'd rather know what is happening, even if they don't agree with it than be left in the dark.

CEO for 5 more years

Council  has offered, and Peter Tsokas has accepted, the renewal of his contact  as CEO (that still had a year to run) for a further 5 year period. This stability for Council should bring enhanced benefits for Council. Already  his leadership has delivered more than a million dollars in savings from recurrent funding allowing Council to develop and implement new initiatives. I look forward to continuing to work with him for at least the next 3 of those 5 years.

27 August 2015

Garage sale Trail is on again

The Garage sale trail is back this year, if you want to have a garage day sale at the same time as your neighbours to attract more people than usual
then this might be for you?

Full Council Meeting :August 25th2015

This promised to be a long and arduous Agenda but was done and dusted in 3 hours. The Mayor made it his mission to be home early and kept to his promise. This stifled debate that should have occurred on a number of issues. Items debated were:
Brown Hill Creek Consultation Report; this was a summary only of the recent consultation. The results, in my opinion, were pretty inconclusive. Council will debate the final report next month. A single motion will be put to all five Councils, however, we can change that to suit ourselves and almost certainly will. PASSED
Resilient East Integrated Vulnerability Assessment; a report on climate change affects in Unley and nearby suburbs. PASSED
Forestville Local Area Traffic Management; A trial will commence to ascertain if a left hand turn ban between 8am and 9am form Leah St into both Norman Tce and Everard Ave will ease the traffic from First Ave. If this is unsuccessful or not supported by residents the most likely consequence will be the removal of Speed humps in Leah St and the reinstatement of the speed humps in Everard Ave. PASSED
Black Spot Funding; This has been obtained for the Fisher and Duthy St corner o improve the location of the traffic lights. PASSED
Battle of Pozieres Centenary; The Mayor wishes to take a small group of Community members to France and Belgium next year to attend various commemoration events from World war 2. Given Councils relationship with Pozieres and the fact that so many Unley residents lost their lives in there this seemed a worthwhile thing to do. However, the debate turned sour quite quickly and the report lacked the detail that Council needed. I moved a motion to defer while more information was obtained by staff. This was supported and will be debated next month. DEFERRED
Goodwood Community Centre Future Management Model; CONFIDENTIAL
Damage to Flooded Gum; CONFIDENTIAL
Strategic Land Acquisition; CONFIDENTIAL

22 August 2015

Parking fines in Unley

Many of you will have read the story in today's paper about  a person who has complained about not having a parking fine waived. His story is extraordinary in that he has taken it to the press before he posted the letter telling Council of his circumstances.  Unley has has always been prepared to waive fines if the car was parked in the wrong place or for too long if the circumstances of the driver were seen to be an emergency or helping with one. And probably for other good reasons as well but not relevant to this story. I'm quite sure the fine will be waived in the near future and this would have been the case without it being page 3 news!

Pay for garbage

There was a story on this matter in yesterday's paper and a bit of a retraction in today's. Sounds like a great idea and would certainly encourage residents to think about putting their waste into the correct bin. It might even help people to choose what they buy more carefully (considering the wrapping) and for sellers and/or deliverers  of large items to  take the wrapping with them. It should reduce Council rates  if a way of doing this can be created without  additional logistics support. I guess this is the catch, just how would Council do this? More importantly, how would you stop your neighbours, and anyone else for putting their stuff in your bin? If you have to lock it the how would it be unlocked? Maybe it is not such a good idea?

19 August 2015

Graffiti removal volunteers

The Year 12 Concordia College Graffiti Removal team  repainted the Forestville Overpass wall so that is now graffiti free.  Yesterday afternoon the students undertook the removal as part of their community service requirement for their studies.

The students were very enthusiastic and completed the task in a little over an hour – fantastic effort.

I have attached some photos of the students hard at work!

It was a great combined effort by Council, Concordia College and DPTI to get the job completed. Now to see how long it lasts graffiti free....

16 August 2015

Local Government Association; Value for Money

This week Marion Council decided to suspend their membership of the LGA. This is something that Unley councillors have discussed informally on a number of occasions. What value does membership add considering what it costs to be a member? I have few complaints but my greatest is that they continue to run training and development for councillors at times that only those who don't work can attend. While, they constantly spruik that there should be more young people and women on councils they   ignore this group again and again in what they offer.

Brown Hill creek consultation report

This report has been prepared by the Stormwater Management Authority. It summarises the recent consultation process and the results of the survey. It makes no recommendations for future action although I could find a few statements that I thought had a bias toward one option or the other. Unley Council will review this report at its next meeting on August 24th and then debate  and  decide a recommended option on the 28th September. However, the full report is freely available now on the West Torrens Council website. You can find it at:   http://www.westtorrens.sa.gov.au/Council/Meetings/Agendas_Minutes
You will  then need to click on the Agenda for the 18th August

See what you think, I would love to see lots of comments on this one.

14 August 2015

Maybe dancing?

Flamenco Dance Workshop
Learn to dance
Flamenco Dance Workshop
Discover flamenco's history and emergence as an international art form. In this two hour workshop you will learn how to baile (dance), jaleo (use traditional vocalisations and rhythmic sounds), palmas (handclapping) andpitos (finger snapping). For ages 20+ years.

Unley Town Hall
Oxford Terrace, Unley
Cost $5 upon entry, bookings essential, phone 8372 5100 or book online

Tax Help is on its way

Starting Saturday 22 August, the Unley Libraries will be offering Tax Help. If your income is around $50 000 or less, you may be eligible for this free assistance in completing your tax return. We will have several  one hour sessions available on Saturdays and Sundays for individuals (if you are a couple, you will need to book two sessions). All attendees will need to bring all the information required to complete a tax return including a MyGov login. If you do not have a MyGov login and are unsure how to obtain one, you may be able to book in a Tech Help session at the library to set one up. For further information, including eligibility criteria, please contact the Unley Libraries on 8372 5100.

Heal your gut

Heal your gut
Author Talk with Lee Holmes
Heal you Gut by Lee Holmes
Heal your Gut features over fifty sweet and savoury recipes designed to restore inner gut health. Join Lee as she discusses her techniques for balancing gut bacteria with food to achieve optimum and enduring health. Bring your questions for a chance to get expert recommendations.

book online - Heal your Gut
Unley Town Hall
Oxford Terrace, Unley
Entry by gold coin donation, bookings essential, phone8372 5100 or book online. Light refreshments provided. Books available for sale on the night.

11 August 2015

Active Ageing Strategy

Following an extensive community engagement and research program, our new Active Ageing Strategy has been developed. Our Active Ageing Strategy is focused on ensuring our city supports positive and active ageing and enables our residents to 'age in place'
We would now like your feedback on the proposed Strategy to ensure we have understood and responded to the needs and aspirations of our community.
For more information and to provide your feedback, please visit our online forumEngagement will commence the afternoon of Monday 10 August and run until close of business, Monday 31 August 2015.
We look forward to hearing from you.

SALA Gala in the Garden

10 August 2015

Unley Oval Grandstand Upgrades: have your say!

Community engagement on the Future Grandstand Upgrades at Unley Oval has commenced today and will close on Friday 13 November.

Hard copy information is displayed at the oval, and in the civic centre foyer, libraries and community centres.  Feedback forms are also available at these sites.

The online ‘Your Say Unley’ portal will be the primary source of information (including FAQs) and for receiving feedback, however hard copy forms may also be posted or handed in at the civic centre.

09 August 2015

Arthritis workshop

 The 20th and 27th August at the Unley Community Centre, 18 Arthur St, Unley.
This is a two week workshop offered by Arthritis SA. Topics covered
include finding ways to reduce pain, using medication in the best way and thinking positively. Bookings at 83725128 are essential.

08 August 2015

Council get down to business

 A summit this week called by Martin Haese, Mayor of Adelaide, for all Council CEOs has agreed to  try to help increase jobs locally. With unemployment at 7.9% a boost would certainly be welcome. Suggestions included free wi-fi in shopping centres, streamlining planning consents and increased funding for tourism. Bringing forward infrastructure projects was also suggested. Unfortunately for this, most Council budgets are now set for the next 12  months. If Unley were to do this the large projects that are spade ready would still need to be  assisted in funding by state and federal governments. With the plans for the potential redevelopment of Unley Oval ready to go out for consultation and the Brown Hill Creek consultation results to be presented to Council this month they could start with these. I'm happy for the state government to put in as much as they like so we can get started. I'd start with a dam.

Langdon Ave

There have been recent complaints from residents about the ease of access into East Ave. There is a concern that parking in front of Carnivale is reducing the line of site as cars exit Langdon Ave to turn either north or south. Most have to move into the bike lane to get a clear line of site and this is hindering the cyclists free passage as well. Staff had a look at the corner and believe it to be safe. What do you think?
On a nicer note the little bit of land to the north at the bend, that has looked terrible for years will soon be landscaped by Council.

07 August 2015

Big recognition for Tiny

Following Council endorsement in April this year, the Goodwood Saints Football Club will formally open The Colin “Tiny” Nelson OAM Stand, at Goodwood Oval on Saturday 8 August, 2015.
The naming recognises the important contributions of Colin ‘Tiny’ Nelson OAM to the club and the community.
Mr Nelson joined the Goodwood Football Club (now the Goodwood Saints Football Club) in 1948 and in 1949 was elected to the management committee, and was also appointed manager of the clubs A Grade team at just 14 years of age.  Since then he has continued to hold a volunteer position on the Club’s management committee and has worked tirelessly for the club, particularly assisting them through difficult periods.
Since retiring in 1995, Mr Nelson has worked as the volunteer manager of the club, a position that occupies around 30 hours per week during the football season and 20 hours per week during the off-season.  In 1997, the City of Unley awarded him the ‘Service to Community Award’ for 50 years’ service to the Goodwood Saints Football Club. In 2004 the Australian Football League officially recognized Colin’s services to football and he was awarded the ‘Order of Australia’ medal.
Mr Nelson has made a significant contribution to the City of Unley over a considerable amount of time, particularly through fostering young people’s participation in sport and sports administration.  His long commitment to volunteering and the community is extraordinary and the naming of the grandstand is anappropriate recognition of his services.
The wording ‘The Colin “Tiny” Nelson OAM Stand’ has been fixed to the Goodwood Oval’s grandstand roofThe grandstand is owned by the City of Unley and leased to the Goodwood Saints Football Club and the Goodwood Cricket Club.

05 August 2015

Unley's new website

Please check out the new format of the Council website at the above link.
 Hopefully, you will find it easier to use and easier to find whatever it was you were looking for.
Give it a try and let me know or leave a comment to share with others on the blog.

02 August 2015

Dog Registrations due now

Dog Registrations due now. Renew your dog's registration by 31 August.

All dogs over 3 months must be registered.
Whether you're registering your dog for the first time or renewing their registration - it is an important process for your dog and your community.
Protect your dog one of the best ways that you can and make sure their facilities are cared for by registering your dog with the council. Avoid a late fee of $10.00 by registering on or before Friday 31 August by:
Dog in Park
What do dog registration fees pay for?
  • Registration disc;
  • Effective enforcement of dog control legislation, controlling and reducing dog problems in our community
  • After hours call out service
  • Fully maintained dog parks
  • Conducting events, eg micro chipping days
  • Council promoted Dog Obedience Training
  • Information booklets and expert advice available from Council officers
  • Effective communications to dog owners and the wider community
  • Resources to support the Dog & Cat Management Act and develop dog management programs
  • Education programs for the community and schools
  • Notification and education of legislation changes
For more information, please visit our Dog Registration page 

01 August 2015

Train use

It's good to see that the Seaford train is being used well and that passenger numbers have risen 14% in the last 12 months, There seems to be two things that  still need to be done; the first to see if  the trains could run on time and the second could the last  bit of tidying up at Goodwood Junction be completed. I'm yet to see a graffiti management plan and I'm yet to see the lane joining Millswood Cres to Millswood Station getting any attention despite repeated requests.
Getting back to the first issue it was refreshing to see, in a recent visit to China  that the buses and trains run on time, every time. If the train is scheduled to leave at 2:30 the at 2:30 it is leaving the station! The frequency in the subway systems is amazing, every few minutes a train, usually full of people (but room for more), arrives and leaves. But my mother, who is 90, tells me that Adelaide could run trams every 5 minutes in the 1940's, what changed?

Election Material

Interesting comment this week from Kay Mousley, The SA Electoral Commissioner , regarding conduct of candidates during election campaigns. Currently it is an offence to produce election material that is false or misleading. In recent years the state government has watered down legislation so that penalties for this type of offence have changed from requiring a bi-election to  a fine with a slap on the wrist and a comment that you might have been a naughty boy/girl but you can keep the job if you pay a paltry fine. I was gobsmacked to read about the increase in these allegations and offences in recent election campaigns.
The best way to deal with this is to allow the behavior!! I think not. Time to think again Kay, this solution just isn't good enough.