08 August 2015

Council get down to business

 A summit this week called by Martin Haese, Mayor of Adelaide, for all Council CEOs has agreed to  try to help increase jobs locally. With unemployment at 7.9% a boost would certainly be welcome. Suggestions included free wi-fi in shopping centres, streamlining planning consents and increased funding for tourism. Bringing forward infrastructure projects was also suggested. Unfortunately for this, most Council budgets are now set for the next 12  months. If Unley were to do this the large projects that are spade ready would still need to be  assisted in funding by state and federal governments. With the plans for the potential redevelopment of Unley Oval ready to go out for consultation and the Brown Hill Creek consultation results to be presented to Council this month they could start with these. I'm happy for the state government to put in as much as they like so we can get started. I'd start with a dam.

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