28 February 2013

G-Rag Newsletter #3

Newsletter Number 3 from the Goodwood Residents Action Group is now on their website. It's definitely worth a read  to see what's happening and get involved if you wish.


27 February 2013

Community Grant Funding Opportunities

Want some extra money to do something special with your group. Then why not apply for a small grant from Council to do this.
Applications are invited from individuals, community groups and organisations for projects and events that will contribute to the cultural life and community spirit of the City. Closing date for the March 2013 funding round is 2 April 2013.
Click here for the guidelines and an application form.

Community Centres Future Directions

This is a must for all those who use the Centre or would like to but there's something stopping you that we need to know.
Help us plan for your future needs.
The City of Unley supports four Community Centres in the Unley area. Each Centre is unique in the types of services provided.
Council is keen to hear the views and opinions of the community and invites you to attend a community workshop to:
  • Find out about the wide range of services and activities available at our centres.
  • Help us plan the future direction for these valuable community resources.
The questions we will be asking are:
  • What makes your Community Centre special and unique?
  • What current services and programs do you value and enjoy?
  • What are your needs and aspirations for the future?
Unley Community Centre, Arthur Street, UnleyWorkshop #1:  Tuesday, 5 March, 9.45am - 10.45am
Workshop #2:  Wednesday, 6 March, 6.30pm - 8.30pm
Fullarton Park Centre
Workshop #1:  Monday, 18 March, 10am - 12 noonGoodwood Community Centre
Workshop #2:  Monday, 18 March, 6.30pm - 8.30pm
Goodwood Community Centre
Workshop #1:  Tuesday, 12 March, 6.30pm - 8.30pm
Workshop #2:  Wedneday, 13 March, 10am - 12 noon
Clarence Park Community CentreFullarton Park Centre
Workshop #1:  Wednesday, 6 March, 1pm - 3pm
Workshop #2:  Wednesday, 13 March, 6.30pm - 8.30pm

Light refreshments will be provided.
To register your interest in attending any of the above workshops
or inquire about assistance with transport to the workshop,
please RSVP by contacting Pam Hocking on 8372 5108 or
email phocking@unley.sa.gov.au.

Stormwater Management Plan Signed Off

Hard to believe but true, after at least 8 years of bickering the agreement reached by Councils late last year was yesterday signed off by the Stormwater Management Authority. That is 80% of the plan can now start being further consulted and implemented. This included 50% funding by the state government  for the Ridge Park MAR. Still to be debated will be a dam in Mitcham or no-dam in Mitcham (the 20% that could not be agreed on ). The implications for Unley streets are quite different depending on the outcome of this.I expect the debate on this will escalate considerably.

Nature's Playground

 I recently published pictures of this log in the Black Forest PS Reserve. What a joy it was to have a resident send these photos of her daughter enjoying it!

26 February 2013

Heritage Listing of Unley Properties

One of the heritage sites

The above link will take you to the Eastern Courier's take on Unley heritage listing. All of the 154 heritage listed houses have interim protection. If you wish to comment  please go to;
 for full details. Submissions must reach Council y 3rd April. A public hearing will be held on the 15th April if you wish to be heard.

Full Council; 25th Feb 2013

Before the meeting Councilors were addressed by Rod Hook and Luigi Rossi about Wayville Station. Some gems that came from this discussion were first of all a refusal to answer my questions on sound mitigation
(although I have been promised an answer in writing) and a statement that said the Seaford train will be running by DECEMBER and the Belair train  by July.

The following were  on the Agenda;

  • Elector Representation Review;This  finalised Council's position before this is again put out for you to comment; the final changes recommended were minor and did not include Kings Park as part of Goodwood South,  however, it was recommended to change the name of Goodwood South to Clarence Park.PASSED
  • Wayville Station; This report asked Councillors to agree to the submission written by Staff  for the Development Assessment Commission regarding the proposed Wayville Station. It did not ask us to endorse the state government spending money at this location only how we would like to see the DPTI proposal fine tuned to be acceptable if it is erected. However, we spent over an hour debating the latter and very little time on the real business. PASSED
  • Grey Box Trees in Winifred Ave, Black Forest; I have written an earlier blog on this . My colleagues supported the residents of  Black Forest's desire to retain remnant grey box trees that were here at white settlement and after which the suburb was named. Kate Hubermayer addressed Council on this on behalf of residents.Her wining argument was the collection of seed from these trees to ensure that the species is not lost. PASSED
  • Lease of Unley Oval to the Sturt Cricket Club;This report suggested that the current lease fee rises by CPI only; as with all leases there will be a time for comment by the public before the lease is signed.PASSED
  • Lease to Goodwood Saints (Goodwood Oval + clubrooms); This report suggested a rental increase of CPI only. It should be noted that the assessed market rent is $50,000 and the proposed rent $3536. This is a substantial discount and recognised the community benefit of the club especially in encouraging active participation by young people.PASSED
  • Lease to the Forestville Hockey Club (Goodwood Oval); This report suggested a CPI increase only; their market rent is assessed as $10,000 and the will pay $3189.PASSED
  • Community Grants Assessment Review; After some questions by Councilors the rules for these grants have been reviewed. Changes should ensure that Unley organisations or groups that involve Unley people will be a priority as will groups with a large volunteer component and a demonstrated financial need. The issue of long term grants to any individual group will be better dealt as a sponsorship. This will be reported to a later meeting.Further investigation will now take place after the original motion was amended.PASSED
  • LGA Notice of Motion; This is an attempt to get some inner ring Council representation on  the Adelaide Parklands Authority Board.PASSED
  • Tobacco Products Regulation Act 1997; This report discussed the effectiveness of the new smoking regulations that ban smoking in or near playgrounds, bus stops and currently some sporting events and all Council facilities and many functions (both the Adelaide Show and the Gourmet Gala were smoke free). Council would like to extend this ban to leased properties (via leases) and to more events and to continue to offer incentives for smoke free outdoor dining.PASSED
  • A late motion by Bob Schnell called for the reduction of speed on Leah St to 25kph during the Goodwood Junction works. This was supported as the additional truck  and bus movements have dramatically increased the noised coming from the street at this time.
  • Questions on Notice regarding

Page Park-dismantling of the fitness equipment in an adhoc basis.
Mobile Apps-
Line Marking and Street Sweeping- these questions relate to assessing the recent trial regarding street sweeping and the service standards for line marking.
Changes to Line Marking at corner of Mitchell and King William- the changes to east-west traffic at this location are the cause of much frustration and civil disobedience;  requests have been made to DPTI to revert to the former lie making.

East Waste Contract (Confidential)

23 February 2013

Black Forest LATM

The Local Area Traffic Management plan is now ready to start. The contract to complete the work has been won by Tonkins. Council have collected data on the volume and speed of traffic in all streets and crash data for the area (all of Black Forest). A survey will be letter dropped in the near future asking for your opinions and ideas. During the repose time  a public meeting will be held at a nearby location (to be finalised) where people will be asked to share their concerns and ideas for improvement. persons interested will be able to nominate to be part of a steering committee that Tonkins can work (present options for consideration) with in coming up with a final plan. This should be finalised by mid May. More importantly Don and I have requested $100,00 be put into the budget for the implementation of the most pressing works in 2013/14.

22 February 2013

CAG Meeeting 20th Feb 2013

The following discussions should be of interest ;

  • The landscaping plan for the rail corridor (Greenhill Rd to East Ave) and Forestville Reserve will be available in early March (DPTI are working with Council on these with DPTI taking the lead for the former and Council the latter). Street meetings in each locality will occur after the concept has been developed, this will be followed by a Community meeting on 24th March (venue not yet decided). After that the matter will go to Council for approval and then residents will be informed of the final outcome.
  • Council will take the lead in designing and preparing landscaping opportunities, etc from east Ave to Emerson Xing. 
  • Urban design structures concepts will not be available until the end of march
  • Chromer Pde bike path will be included as an option but it  is unfunded (additional funds would need to be found)
  • DPTI will add some paneling and foam to the inner side of the visual screen in Devon St, it will be sealed and a little closer to the ground. However, the gates will be open rendering this useless.
  • No additional screening will be provided in Lyons Pde or Victoria st even though they are experiencing similar noise levels to Devon St.
  • DPTI will not accept responsibility for  sound proofing of homes; residents have now escalated this and have askd to meet with Luigi Rossi in person.
  • Right turns into Lyons Pde for vehicles travelling west will be banned to prevent cars being caught on the rail line.This may also apply to Maple Ave
  • DPTI have increased noise monitoring 
  • DPTI claim that even when you can see or taste the dust in the air it is not dangerous to human health. They do not require their staff to wear masks as they do not need to ! People said this about asbestos and cigarette smoke not that long ago.
  • The arsenic in the dust is well below a level that might be harmful to human health and has resulted from weed spraying.

21 February 2013

Decide, Defend, Defer, Delay

I have now attended two Community Advisory Group meetings. After the first I thought this forum might work after last night I am very disappointed at the actions of staff. Too often the decision was to bring back more information at the next meeting: this was about landscaping, rail location, noise, dust, pedestrian crossings, the Greenways project and electrification.
Just last week a flier went from DPTI  to residents near Arundel Ave informing them of drainage works in the corridor, they commented that they didn't anticipate having to remove the significant trees but if they did they would let residents know. Now we're being asked to approve the removal of 3 of then and pruning of roots and canopy of others. Why not be honest in the first place, have the trees  declined in health in the last week?  Now they need to defend a decision when, if they had been upfront, asked residents what species of  replacement tree they wanted and where they wanted them , offered to replace the screen with new materials and added additional nesting boxes for both birds and possums the decision might have been acceptable in the first place. I will write  a full report tomorrow on the CAG meeting with a little more impartiality if I can manage it.

Adelaide Now on Devon St's Noise

The link above explains well the plight of the residents in Devon St. Many of the comments are supportive and many reiterate the necessity for the rerouting of the freight train through Truro.  Please add your comments in support of these residents both on this site and on the Adelaide Now site.

20 February 2013

Everybody needs good neighbours

The following article appeared in this week's Eastern Courier. If you would like to volunteer in a progamme such as this the please let Council know. They are always looking for helpers.

Eastern Courier Messenger, Adelaide  by  EMMA ALTSCHWAGER 20 Feb 2013

MORE volunteers are needed to help support socially isolated residents throughout the east.

Burnside, Unley and Norwood, Payneham & St Peters councils run home and community care (HACC) services to help elderly and disabled residents with everyday chores and keep them connected to the community.

About 3500 eastern residents use the three councils’ services, which are run by staff and volunteers.

Burnside Council community and development services manager Louise Miller-Frost said HACC services were vital to older residents whose capacity to remain living independently was at risk. "We provide practical and social support services such as home help, personal care and shopping," Ms Miller-Frost said.

"Social activities are just as important to the health and wellbeing of our older residents ... and help them to remain connected to their community." She said the council needed more volunteers for its community transport and lunch programs..

An Unley Council spokeswoman said volunteers were always needed to fill gaps when existing volunteers travelled or left the programs because of work, study or family commitments.

A NP&SP Council spokeswoman said such services and programs helped older frail and younger disabled residents and their carers to stay in their homes and be connected to the community.

"This is particularly relevant for isolated residents who do not have the family support or network of friends to assist them," she said.

She said the council needed more drivers and assistants for its community bus and volunteers for its Stepping Out program, which partners people with an isolated resident for regular catch-ups.

The councils’ calls come as Messenger Community News launches it Know Your Neighbour campaign to promote neighbourliness and reduce social isolation.

19 February 2013

Experts unite to give Unley a vision splendid.

An interesting article appeared in the SA Business Journal in today's paper. As I have blogged earlier  Council initiative in creating new section 41 committees with independent members on each committee is now being closely watched by others to see if and how it will work. Chairpersons have now been trained and the rules of engagement agreed upon.  The first meeting will be next Tuesday, that being the Community and Culture committee. Elected members who are not on the committee will be able to participate by asking to make a deputation on any item on the agenda that they wish, but will not be able to enter the debate. Independent members will always be in the minority so while able to give valuable advice they will not be able to outvote elected members. (This is unlike the Development Assessment Panel where the rules have been set to ensure that independents can outvote elected members). Tim Horton is quoted as saying "I am convinced that this is the magic moment when strategy,capability and ambition align...Our inner metros are transforming as we speak and it's great to be part of the effort to bring more shoulders together to convert dreaming to reality'.


Please take the time to look at the G-RAG (Goodwood Residents Action group) blog regularly. There is plenty to read about the problems associated with the Goodwood Junction, rail revitalization (electrification) and Greenways project. The soon to be actioned Wayville Station I'm sure will have its problems as well.If you want contact directly from them then take the time to become a member and attend their meetings.

18 February 2013

G-RAG Minutes 14th Feb

Sorry  I can't fix the formatting errors.
7.00 – 8.30 P.M
Chair: Rhonda Sharp
Minute taker: Mollie Birch
1. Introductions
Chairperson welcomed everyone including Steph Key and Bob Schnell, noting that there was a
good spread of people with many new faces.
2. Brief report of what has been done by the coordinating group since last meeting.
Vegetation and landscaping was the major issue at last meeting (website has the minutes). Our
campaign on this issue was the focus of the second G-RAG newsletter.
Simeon has made a major improvement to the www.grag.org website. It now no longer requires a
Facebook account.The second newsletter is now on the website. Thanks to Ashford Electoral Office staff and Steph Key for sending out our first newsletter and invitation to join G-RAG. As decided at the last meeting Kathy has sent a letter to the Mayor of Unley on behalf of G-RAG urging the City of Unley to become involved in the planning of landscaping an amenity development around the rail corridor. No formal response as yet. Copies sent to John Devine and several councilors. However Ray reported there had been a letter from Unley C.E.O. in response to Steph Key’s earlier letter on behalf of Cromer Pde residents. Peter Tsokas stated that Unley was starting the process of working with DPTI on landscaping (see website for correspondence). As decided at the last meeting Sal has sent a letter on behalf of G-RAG to John Devine (Unley’s Manager of Infrastructure) urging him to attend CAG. No formal response yet.

Mary reported on developments at Devon St. South and Victoria St. The focus has been on unacceptable
noise levels due to railway line work and the need of a suitable and effective noise barrier. She has sent
a letter to minister Tom Koutsantonis signed by a number of residents. Two DPTI representatives came
to her house to suggest chipboard boardings. These are known not to be effective, nor is metal fence
now being erected. The idea of using a wall of hay bales that had been effective elsewhere was raised. A
discussion occurred about the use of noise meters. During the discussion a freight train passed by with a
high level of squealing. It was agreed that the noise from many of the freight trains was not acceptable.
The technology used to put the culvert and creek underground is 1950s and fails modern environmental
Communication has begun with Cowper Road residents who are concerned about the impact of works
on residents along the bikeway.
Ray reported that there are now over 60 members of G-RAG
3. Brief report on Community Advisory Group meeting on 6th Feb.
Ten members of G-RAG attended the last meeting of CAG.
Jutta said that the Fairfax Pedestrian Crossing issue had fallen to the bottom of agenda at last CAG
meeting and not properly discussed, therefore should be top of agenda at next meeting. Suggested that
this be a future rule when formulating agendas.
Luke has researched incidents of suicides at these types of crossings – DPTI will give more details later.
What are the alternatives to loud sounding devices as these and gates and devices are also to be installed
at Victoria and Leader St. crossings?
The CAG meeting appeared to confirm that DPTI will provide finance for landscaping, bikeways etc by
Unley Council.
Mollie spoke about lack of community consultation re position of culvert and lack of plans for
development of land acquired by DPTI for the actual culvert position. Devon St. South was not
included in special plans for council development of affected area to come under general Urban
Planning for Unley. Trees should be returned to neighbourhood affected by works.
Arundle Ave. trees to be trimmed - need to compile list of where trees were for replacement and put on
website and give to C.A.G. and Michele with suggestions.
Residents encouraged to put comments re greening on www.grag.org and Simeon will develop a grid
reference for the website so council knows exactly the position referred to. Indigenous trees should be
planted in areas where most have been removed.
Steph said there were a new lot of ministers in place and Ian Hunter now responsible for Environment
Sustainability & Conservation – address letters or emails to him.
4. Strategy discussion
The Chair proposed that the meeting further develop the issues and strategies document tabled at the last
meeting (available with the minutes on the website).
Issues occurred during the construction stage and in the long term and strategies need to reflect this.
• noise at Fairfax and Victoria (East Avenue and Leader Street?) crossings with the safety devices
• noise abatement for people on the rail corridor
• issue where noise comes from and where it goes (noise specifics)
• health and noise (article on website)
• community safety and devices
• noise modeling carried out by DPTI has never been revealed
• Goodwood Upgrade document presented to DAC gave a current noise measure – equivalent
noise to library
• noise of trucks during operations
• Goods train noise can be variable but high pitched squealing not acceptable
• Tubular spiked fencing is planned all along the line has no noise abatement properties
• Temporary fence provided to Devon Street specifically requested on the grounds of noise has no
noise abatement properties (see above)
• Resistance by DPTI to provide noise abatement- argues it has no responsibility to do this. Who
• Residents are encouraged to ring the Environmental Agency re noise problems – E.P.A. 8204
2004 and/or email Minister Ian Hunter (cc these emails to Step Key)
• An app is available for iPhones that can be used and residents are encouraged to monitor the
noise and send it to the 1300 443 198 number with the time stamp and location. It costs $30 to
buy electronic sensor (example provided by Bob) – records max/min. and continual noise –
These measure are not official as a monitor but provide a good guide and backs resident
complaints up with some data.
• Ask for DPTI noise monitoring at next CAG meeting
• G-RAG to draw on its own noise experts
• Find examples of effective rail and road sound barriers that are provided interstate and in SA and
bring to G-RAG meetings; post on website
• Trucks do not need to use exhaust brakes if obeying suburban road limits - get CAG to fix this.
• To complain about noisy goods trains the requirement is to contact CEO responsible for running
that train and leave details. This is difficult. Raise alternatives with CAG. Steph suggested: (i)
insist a ‘phone line’ is set up to take residents complaints (ii) meet with C.E.O. of E.P.A.
• Be persistent - do not allow the person at other end to fob you off – they should be able to tell
you who you need to contact – they are usually sitting in front of a computer that has these
details of the train.
• Unley council – John Devine has a role in negotiating with DPTI re moving vegetation and
landscaping which can assist with noise. DPTI has indicated it will provide funding for Unley
Council. If further clarification is needed on this the councillors need to inform G-RAG
• Hay bales to be used as immediate temporary solution for Devon Street and others if necessary.
Need to raise this with CAG and ARTC which manages freight line.
• Unley ratepayers saved $1.8 million from linking the Culvert works to the rail line construction
and some of this needs to be used to compensate for the noise, reduced amenity, landscaping
and habitat lost in the Goodwood area.
• Ask at CAG for what is going to be in the final plans to be released in March re noise abatement
and monitoring
• The land purchased in Devon St. South by DPTI needs to be allocated to green space with a
noise reducing wall with art and landscaping, especially the section of the land that will be
handed back to the Unley Council.
• Make links with other groups organizing along the rail line (eg Blackwood group) and develop
combined strategies
• Media campaign needed including G-RAG members to raise issues on talk back radio (Matt and
Dave, Leon Byner), post cards, emails, phone hot lines

ACTIONS for the next meeting

  •  will contact Blackwood group

Ray will;

  • to put newspaper article re freight train noise being injurious to health on website
  •  to organize reps for the next CAG meeting 
  • plan the next Newsletter


  •  to make website easy for residents to make suggestions re landscaping
  • contact the academic who provided expert commentary on rail noise in the recent newspaper article
  • copy Sal’s video on noise on facebook and website


  • speaking points for Devon St. South for the media
  • start media campaign with Messenger Press and Adelaide University radio and move up – get coaching on handling media
  •  investigate getting hay bales for Devon St.

Nicky & Sal

  • speaking points current and long term for the media

Michael and Jess

  • take expert noise readings
  • attend next CAG meeting to provide expertise re soil contamination information


  • contact D.P.T.I. on their 1300 443 198 (24/7) no. – also E.P.A. 8204 2004 office hours re noise problems and recordings pass recording of noise levels information on to Steph at the Ashford electoral office

Steph Key
  • will pass residents’ letters or emails on to relevant Ministers and these will be used to as questions in Parliament on the issue.

5. Future meetings
The next CAG meeting will be next week (Wed Feb 20).
Next G-RAG meeting Thurs Feb 28 at 7.00pm at Clarence Park Community Centre

Taste Unley

Are you looking for a great place to eat out,have coffee, get a good take away or something special to take home? If so Unley has just released a small booklet and now uploaded website with all of these establishments listed (http://www.unley.sa.gov.au/webdata/miniSites/taste/index.htm).
 The booklets are available from the front counter, all Council facilities, some stores and shop fronts as well as hotels and motels. Somehow, restaurants in Goodwood South are described as "Off the beaten Track".  Nevertheless, its a great little book if you  want to experience the variety that Unley has to offer. This follows the recently launched website findyoureverything.com.au  that is gaining great success and bringing increased traffic via the web to many businesses.

Soundproofing for Homes?

The residents along the railway line are now insisting on some sound protection for their homes. DPTI have continually refused this as they claim after they have finished their works the sound from trains will be less than it was before. While this may be argued logically in some areas (although I still think even this argument is unwinnable) it certainly is not the case in others. The residents in Devon St are now experiencing continuous loud noise 7 days a week. This noise will continue for at least another 7 months and when complete they will face the rail line instead of having a row of houses between them and the line. If DPTI resell the properties the residents will then have building and construction noise for another 12 months. Clearly it is crucial for these people to have sound amelioration now. This should mean a fence between the works and homes that is continuous (no gaps) and sealed to the ground level. What has recently been added is only a visual screen. The homes should also be provided with soundproofing to all windows and doors that face the street.. This will then set a precedent for other affected homes as the works move further south into Millswood and Black Forest.

Brownhill Creek Diversion

As the diversion of Brownhill Creek has progressed I have watched with interest the building of the culvert wondering at what point  and when the new works would be connected to the original creek channel  The picture shows that this is now, however my question is what happens if we get a decent storm? This is what is now constructed where the house was demolished on Victoria St.

16 February 2013

Recycling Trees

Behind the swimming pool

Black Forest Reserve

I have recently noted  the pile of wood behind the pool in Forestville. Hopefully, this is the remainder of what of the trees recently removed during the DPTI works. This wood should be waiting for recycling as landscaping in Unley Council projects.

After taking another look at he grey box trees behind Forestville reserve (on private property) I saw this huge piece of tree having recently been located near the playground. It even has a sign requesting  children to wait to discover it's mystery until after the bugs and spiders have found a new home.
The report on the preservation (or not) of the grey box trees will be debated by Councillors at the meeting on Feb 25th.

14 February 2013

Rocking Rosa Street: 22nd Feb

Rosa Street will be brought to life with Rocking Rosa Street, the first of a series of place
making and place activation community events scheduled to take place in the City of
Unley between now and April.
Rocking Rosa Street aims to attract local families, casual shoppers and the early diners
and cinema go-ers with live music, installation art and a resident writer asking questions
about what makes a space ‘a place’ for us.
The Honey Pies and The Aves, fresh from their recent triple j unearthed success, will
bring their distinctive style of rocking, popping, Indie and sometimes raunchy music.
All are invited to witness an art installation by visual artist Annalise Rees. Using recycled
materials from Goodwood Road traders and assisted by Goodwood Primary School
students, Annalise will create recycled cardboard city towers, resplendent with both real
and imagined architectural and individual features to make up a large collaborative
community installation.
Resident community writer Lilliana Rose will document the City of Unley’s program of
summer events with the Washing Line of Urban Dreams, a washing line upon which
people can peg their written ideas for the future of their city. Commenting on the people
and activities around her as the afternoon unfolds, Lilliana will challenge our notions of
place and space and question what makes our sense of place unique.
What: Rocking Rosa Street
When: 4pm – 7pm Friday 22 February
Where: Cnr Rosa Street and Goodwood Road, Goodwood
Other events in the series to look out for include Footstomping, Fables & Film at
Heywood Park on Saturday 16 March and Beats and Breakfast in the Soldiers Memorial
Gardens, 9, 16, 23, 30 March and 6 April.

12 February 2013

What a Day

Today I had the pleasure of attending the Merit ceremony at Government House. My achievements at work are achieved by the same advocacy role that I play as your Ward Councillor coupled with a good deal of initiative and ability to talk the talk. This is the first time I have ever attended and it was an honor to represent my school. It was also amazing to see one student, just starting year 12, receive a merit for Work and the Community; the student is autistic and has worked against the odds to achieve this.
In the afternoon I attended the Supported Residential Facilities Advisory Group as a member for the first time, representing Local Government.

10 February 2013

2013/14 Initiatives: What do you want?

Each year Councillors are asked to put in their wish list for funding  in the  following year's budget. Items that have been funded in this manner are the Local Area Traffic Management study in Black forest, the upgrading of the facilities at Clarence Park CC (toilet, bathroom and kitchen)and  some works at Goodwood Oval fencing at the playground and repairing the embankment). This does not include the footpath budget.
We have been asked to submit this list for Goodwood South in the next couple of weeks. So now is the time for you to tell us what you want. Some suggestions so far are;

  •  Ensuring sufficient funds are available to run the bike path  at Chromer Pde between the trees and the fence if DPTI do not provide the money for that section.
  • Greening William St on at least one side.
  • Tree replacement in Langdon Ave.
Now it is your turn, what do you want? Remember it is a wish list and not all (or even any) may be funded.


One of the reasons Black Forest has such abundant bird life. I'm not much of a photographer but this blossom in Hartland Ave was just buzzing with bees and according to the resident usually full of parrots as well.

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09 February 2013

Community Advisory Committee: meeting 6th Feb

I attended my first meeting of this group last Wednesday. Ward Councillors among themselves have decided that Council Representatives will be Bob Schnell and myself. This seems to be more of am information session that a forum for residents to negotiate with DPTI staff. However  it is early days and some suggestions seem to have already been taken on board. Resolutions include;
  • CAG agenda s and minutes will be uploaded onto the DPTI website
  • All questions will be recorded and if unable to be answered immediately will be answered at the latest at the next meeting
  • Members will receive the minutes at least 5 days before the next meeting
  • A landscaping plan is being developed  this will include offset vegetation in the tram corridor, Chromer Pde, Goodwood Oval, Millswood Park and the train corridor; I still wasn't given an assurance that Unley had a roll in this  although this must be resolved as soon as possible,.
  • As well trees damaged will be replaced or pruned depending on the extent of the damage.
  • A opportunity to distinguish between what is described as landscaping and what is urban planning?It seems landscaping is plants, the rest is urban design.
  • A suggestion that information and displays should be in the libraries and community centres. I have discussed this with staff and this will occur as soon as practicable with the supply of information from DPTI.
  • Dilapidation reports requested by residents have been sent out.
  • Dust readings show that on some occasions the dust levels have risen above 0 units/square metre. Some people expressed concern about this as there is not a clear understanding as to why DPTI chose 60 as the number that was acceptable.
  • The crossing at Fairfax Ave when completed if proposed to be at grade rather than an overpass being constructed. Residents are very concerned about safety and noise.
  • The sacrosanct nature of the sugar gums in Cromer Pde is still not fully understood by DPTI
  • Sound barriers  in Devon St. So far these residents would seem to be most affected by the works. Not only will this continue throughout construction but may also if the acquired land is sold for new housing. These residents have had their amenity destroyed in the short term and are holding out little hope in the near future.
  • What will happen to Lyons Pde if the freight line is moved, as planned, to to the west?
  • Is it possible to divert the traffic from Leah St? The noise and volume of trucks  is becoming unbearable?

G-RAG Newsletter 2

Above is the latest G-Rag newsletter. The switch to Unley Council taking more responsibility in what happens is duly noted. I have pushed for this since after learning at a recent Cromer Pde meeting that Council would be asked  to design and manage implementation of the landscaping in the train corridor, as well as the design and location of the cycle path. Up until that point Council's responsibility was to be only the maintenance of the landscaping when complete. I am meeting with both Peter Tsokas and John Devine on Monday to discuss the role that the Infrastructure Committee will play in decision making in this process.

One of the questions here I can answer and that is that in the short term water will be pumped from the rail cutting into the dry creek bed rather than the culvert. In the longer term the old creek bed will carry the water collected from Arundel Ave, Malcom Ave, the rail corridor and Mitcham-that is when the Stormwater Management Authority signs off on the current plan before it and when the culverts upstream are constructed. This might be as long as 5-10 years.

08 February 2013

FOCUS Meeting ;7th Feb

Last night I attended a Friends of the City of Unley Society meeting at the  Citizens Centre. This was very well attended as David Brown, Chief Planner from Unley City Council, was the guest speaker. The topic for information and discussion was the raft of Development Plan Amendments that Unley has been forced to implement to satisfy the state government's desire for greater infill housing. David's speech was excellent and informative and the questions that followed probing. Ultimately, the thing most likely to allow Council view to convince the government that the proposed plan pushes the boundaries too far are your submissions. These must reach Council by the 22nd February. The items to dispute include building heights and set backs, the access to sunlight, overshadowing, bulk and scale, parking and access, the extent of the new zone and notifications to get the list going. Go to the following link for more detail; http://yoursay.unley.sa.gov.au/dpa-greenhill-unley-roads 

06 February 2013

MS Mighty Swim This Weekend

The MS Mighty Swim, is being held this weekend at Unley Swimming Centre.  This year is the eighth year that the swim has been conducted . The event, which involves teams doing swims for 24 hours. 400 participants will swim in the event  and registrations are still open. The Multiple Sclerosis Society is hoping to raise over $100,000 this year. The money is used for community exercise classes for those with MS.

DPA3;Eastern Courier Comments

Add voice to the big debate
Eastern Courier Messenger, Adelaide  by  John Stokes 06 Feb 2013

 PEOPLE power must help sway Unley Council to limit proposed building height increases, a residents’ group says.
The council has proposed a 10-storey height limit on Greenhill Rd west of Goodwood Rd and seven-storeys on Greenhill Rd to the east of Goodwood Rd up from three storeys.

It also wants to see buildings up to five storeys on Unley Rd, up from two storeys, as part of its Development Plan Amendment.

The changes are being made to fit in with the State Government’s 30-Year Plan which predicts a population increase of 560,000 people in Adelaide.

Friends of the City of Unley Society president Ros Islip has labelled the heights excessive.

Mrs Islip said they would not blend in with Unley Rd’s streetscape of predominantly single storey and heritage buildings.

Tall buildings would block AL adelaidenow. MESSENGER WITH com.au AL neighbours’ sunlight and views and invade privacy, she said.

We’re waiting to hear what our members and the public think but I would think a limit of three on Unley Rd and five to seven on Greenhill Rd would be preferable,’’ Mrs Islip said.

She also said, in all cases, residents should be notified about nearby developments.

Under the amendment, residents will only be notified if land use is outside of expectations or the building height is exceeded’’.

If it is approved you could get 10 storeys built on Greenhill Rd and, if it met all the specifications, nobody would be notified,’’ Mrs Islip said.

If there’s a big community input against it hopefully we’ll be able to get things changed.’’

Goodwood South Ward Cr Don Palmer, who has many years building industry experience, encouraged residents to speak up.

The society will hold an open meeting on the plan with Unley Council’s principal planner David Brown at Unley Citizens Centre on Thursday, February 7, 7.30pm.

Public consultation on the DPA closes on Friday, February 22.

Details online at: focusonunley.org, yoursay.unley.sa. gov.au or dpti.sa. gov.au/planning/ innermetrogrowth

My comment  is that Council need enough evidence to convince DPTI that what they propose and have insisted Council go to consultation on is not what people want. A compromise position on setbacks, potential over shadowing and height limits can be reached and still provide for the addition housing that the government desires.

Nairne Tce Concerns

The following is the answer  from Michelle Carroll (DPTI)to the comment posted under  Crossing Closed; Gordon Rd

1. Why is it that not one mention has been made of the fact that the overhead gantries for electrification do not fit in the rail corridor and are being installed on Nairne Terrace at Forestville?
DPTI have held preliminary discussions at interface meetings with Unley Council regarding this issue. ( this was news to me but may not have been to the ward councillor)

Essentially, the corridor is not wide enough in this location and Nairne Terrace poses some intricacies of its own (it is a narrow street, with on street parking, driveways and is required for two-way cyclists as part of the greenways project). We also need to make sure the garbage truck can pass parked cars.

To this end, DPTI has commissioned a set of artists impressions to determine the impacts of barrier options and to date we are not happy with any of the options that have been developed.
DPTI is continuing to work to find the best solution for any portals that will need to installed at Nairne Terrace, Forestville. It must be noted, that because of the space constraints afforded by the rail corridor on the ARTC side, it is likely that there will be some kind of protuberance in the street but this is expected to be less than half a metre. 

The electrification project is being implemented from Seaford toward Adelaide and the design is progressing in this sequence, the detailed design for this area is still some months away. This is one of the more challenging design issues that the project is facing and when DPTI is comfortable with possible design solutions, will recommence discussions with residents and the council.

2. The residents have no idea that this is going to occur. There was a notice letterboxed last week regarding "pilot hole drilling" that is happening this week, however it is not to be found on the DPTI internet site like all the others.

Pot holing works were undertaken on Nairne Terrace on 4 February  2013 to confirm that ground conditions were suitable for future under-track boring works (ie that it does not contain rock and also to identify the depths of common services).

At a later stage DPTI will need to undertake directional drilling at this location to relocate cables from overhead to underneath the rail tracks. The relocation of overhead cables has occurred at many other locations along the rail corridor.

The link to the letter is available at:

05 February 2013

Dogs and Cats

 Thought you mind find this letter from the Dog and Cat  Management Board interesting?

Each year the Dog and Cat Management Board collates statistics, conducts surveys and reviews research from Australia and around the world to help inform strategies and policy advice for South Australia’s dog and cat management.

Over the last two years, the Board has paid particular attention to researching various management interventions that can reduce the risk of dog attacks in our community.

Sadly, there have been 19 dog attack related incidents reported in the media in the last six months ranging from a small boy losing his nose, to an elderly lady being rushed at by a dog while walking her own dog, falling and breaking her arm.

In addition to media reports, the Dog and Cat Management Board Annual Report for the period 1 July 2011 to 30 June 2012* indicates:
  • 230 people have been admitted to hospital for dog attack related injury
  • 673 days of hospital time have been used by dog attack patients
  • Children aged 0-9 at the highest rate of admission for dog bite related injury representing 27% of total admissions.

(* Dog and Cat Management Board Annual Report 1 July 2011 to 30 June 2012 - refer www.dogandcatboard.com.au)

While those figures are alarming, Omnibus surveys further indicate that at least 80% of injury caused by dogs goes unreported, consequently actual injury in the three year period surveyed is estimated to afflict 2.1% of the population. That’s approximately 11,500 South Australian’s a year.

The Board considers dog bite injury to be a human health issue and preventative interventions have been the focus of the Board’s research.

We thought that you would be interested in some of the findings and enclose a summary of our research titled Mitigating the risk of dog related injury in our community for your review.

If you would like to learn more about any of the research, policy or interventions included within the executive summary, contact the Dog and Cat Management Board on (08) 8124 4962 or at dcmb@sa.gov.au.

I can send you the full paper if you would like, just let me know.

Crossing Closed: Gordon Rd

February 2013
As you are aware, construction work to upgrade the Noarlunga rail line commenced on 2 January 2013. The upgrade of the rail line will include upgrading 13 kilometres of track from Oaklands to Adelaide by installing gauge convertible concrete sleepers, new ballast, new and refurbished rail, upgrading eight level crossings and improving drainage.
As part of this project, it is necessary to close some pedestrian crossings temporarily throughout the construction period to ensure work proceeds safely and efficiently.
The pedestrian crossing located at Gordon Road, Black Forest will be temporarily closed for approximately 8 weeks from early February 2013 with no pedestrian access available at this location. Alternative pedestrian crossings are located at the city end of Emerson Station and at Cowper and Homer Roads.
Pedestrians are advised to only cross the railway tracks at designated locations as construction equipment will be operating in the rail corridor.
Every effort will be made to minimise disruption to residents, however some construction noise is unavoidable. We recognise that reversing beepers on site vehicles are often disruptive, however for safety reasons they cannot be switched off.
Traffic speeds will be reduced to 25km in affected areas, and we ask that motorists, pedestrians and cyclists observe the directions of traffic control staff and signage in the area.    DPTI

The disruption is moving further south. This was recently letter boxed in the area adjacent to the crossing.

04 February 2013

Independent Members of Section 41 Committees

Congratulations to the following people selected as Independent Members of the following committees;

Infrastructure and Capital Projects- Nicole Edwards, Gavin Burman and Paul Dilulio
Development Strategy and Policy- Theo Maras, Tim Horton and Roger Freeman
Community and Culture-Lynn Arnold, Greg Mackie and Peter Croft
Unley Business and Economic Development- Chris Vounasis, Phillip Brunning, Andre Stuyt, Andrew Barr and Gabrielle Leoello.

Cowper Rd Concerns to DPTI and Council

Things we need to know:
·           Up-to-date copy of current plan

·      ·        Timeline of whole Greenways project including timeline for start/finish of cycle path from Emerson to Clarence Park Stations in relation to Cowper Road
·      ·        Wheel & track noise. What noise level in decibels at opening of Cowper Road now and on completion of current plan 
·      ·         Height of track when finished – will it be higher or lower than current
·      ·         Material of barrier & essential qualities, i.e. noise absorption & deflection
·      ·        Essential to be aesthetically pleasing from our homes & front gardens
·      ·        Sheoaks removal/preservation. We request 7 days notice prior to removal
·      ·        Will there be facility for access by vehicles to the train line from Cowper Road when work completed?
·      ·        Lighting – distance between poles, height of poles, any deflection or reflection into residents homes or gardens. Is the lighting solar powered? How long will the lights be on during the night.?
·      ·        What rules/regulations ie. Federal/state/local would prevent a solid barrier being erected to prevent our homes being exposed by the removal of the current solid structure

03 February 2013

February Update 2013

The following items should be of interest;
  • The Heritage DPA has now been signed off by the Minister and has interim effect immediately. That is if a place in on the list it now can not be demolished until after the consultation process is complete and then only if it is removed as Council believes listing is no longer warranted. If your house is on the list you would have been sent a letter. From memory no listed properties were in Goodwood South. It has now taken me 6 years to get this result. If you wish to read further, make a submission or check which properties council would like to protect please go to; http://www.unley.sa.gov.au/site/page.aspx?c=24872
  • Residents of Lynton Ave have until Feb 8th to comment on the installation of pavement bars at the intersection with Millswood Cres. It is hoped the installation of these will stop motorists cutting the corner and creating an unsafe environment.
  • The kerb and water table is currently being replaced in East Ave, near the train line.
  • Some have asked what is being built on the vacant lot on the other side of South Rd? after an email to Tim Pfeiffer Councillor for the Glandore area he tells me that    'The vacant Weeks Peacock site has a DA to become a renovation company showroom with office and car park. It has been quite a controversial site and previously had a car wash facility slated, but the local community wasn't keen on this (long story!)'.        
  • Further requests have been made for line marking the parking bays in Aroha Tce. This will guide people to allow more parking and, hopefully, not get one car thoughtlessly parking over 2 spaces. This is now on the work list for the line marking team.
  • Council are currently consulting over the Unley Oval Masterplan, if you have an interest in what is going to be planned the check out the details at; http://yoursay.unley.sa.gov.au/unley-oval-precinct-master-plan

Backyard Biodiversity Project

Backyard Biodiversity Project

Tell us about your experiences with wildlife in your gardens!
The City of Unley has limited open space. It is important that as a community we use our open spaces in a way that is sustainable and productive. One way of doing this is by ensuring we have a variety of habitats available for our local wildlife to live in.
We are looking at improving the habitat available to our local birds by encouraging residents to consider 'bird friendly' gardens with a range of plants (trees, shrubs and undergrowth) to provide food and shelter, and a water source such as a bird bath.
If you are interested in finding out more about how you can help your local community create a bird friendly environment, please participate in the discussion boards below.

01 February 2013

Saving the Sugar Gums

'The Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure would like to acknowledge the representations received from members of the community about the Sugar Gum trees on Cromer Parade.
A number of rail projects will impact vegetation, including electrification, signalling, and the Greenways Cycle Path.  A committed team of environmental officers are working with designers  to explore options, and there are a number of design constraints to be considered. DPTI is also engaging an independent arborist to assess the trees to ensure their retention wherever possible.
Only one of the Sugar Gums is tentatively scheduled for removal, subject to finalising the design and location of overhead wires.  Any removals of significant trees will be done in close consultation with residents and Council once final designs are complete. The current design is looking at minimising this impact with adjacent masts and signal boxes and if possible for safe operation of the rail, a waiver will be sought to retain significant vegetation that slightly encroaches into the clearance envelope. It is DPTI’s intention to retain all of the Sugar Gum trees if possible.'

DPTI will continue to provide updates to the community as soon as they become available, when details of the design are confirmed.

These comments from the DPTI website  show some empathy to the plight of the trees. However, no undertaking has been given that all can be saved from either removal or pruning. These make a beautiful  avenue  and are an invaluable habitat. They are also worth fighting to retain and the Cromer Pde residents are prepared to be very active in ensuring their retention.

Forestville Reserve Update

The following is a summary of the actions so far by Council regarding Forestville Reserve and the necessity for creek works following  a government decision to divert Brownhill Creek to enable the train underpass at Goodwood Junction to be completed. To look at the diagrams and complete the survey please click the link included.

  • Work on the Goodwood Junction Rail line commenced earlier than expected, meaning the new culvert to divert Brownhill Keswick Creek is being installed between the end January and mid February 2013.
  • To coincide with the works on the new culvert, Council is taking this opportunity to plan for an upgrade of Forestville Reserve.
  • Following on from a public meeting on 18 December 2012, Council is now seeking community feedback on the reinstatement of the recreation facilities, the final appearance of the new culvert opening, and the future development of the reserve.
  • 1500 surveys have been delivered to local residents, and the survey is also available on Council's engagement hub Your Say Unley, by logging onto http://yoursay.unley.sa.gov.au/
  • Consultation commenced on Tuesday 29 January and will close on Tuesday 12 February 2013.
  • It is intended to present this plan to the community for their input by the end February 2013, with a final plan being prepared by the  end March 2013.