09 February 2013

Community Advisory Committee: meeting 6th Feb

I attended my first meeting of this group last Wednesday. Ward Councillors among themselves have decided that Council Representatives will be Bob Schnell and myself. This seems to be more of am information session that a forum for residents to negotiate with DPTI staff. However  it is early days and some suggestions seem to have already been taken on board. Resolutions include;
  • CAG agenda s and minutes will be uploaded onto the DPTI website
  • All questions will be recorded and if unable to be answered immediately will be answered at the latest at the next meeting
  • Members will receive the minutes at least 5 days before the next meeting
  • A landscaping plan is being developed  this will include offset vegetation in the tram corridor, Chromer Pde, Goodwood Oval, Millswood Park and the train corridor; I still wasn't given an assurance that Unley had a roll in this  although this must be resolved as soon as possible,.
  • As well trees damaged will be replaced or pruned depending on the extent of the damage.
  • A opportunity to distinguish between what is described as landscaping and what is urban planning?It seems landscaping is plants, the rest is urban design.
  • A suggestion that information and displays should be in the libraries and community centres. I have discussed this with staff and this will occur as soon as practicable with the supply of information from DPTI.
  • Dilapidation reports requested by residents have been sent out.
  • Dust readings show that on some occasions the dust levels have risen above 0 units/square metre. Some people expressed concern about this as there is not a clear understanding as to why DPTI chose 60 as the number that was acceptable.
  • The crossing at Fairfax Ave when completed if proposed to be at grade rather than an overpass being constructed. Residents are very concerned about safety and noise.
  • The sacrosanct nature of the sugar gums in Cromer Pde is still not fully understood by DPTI
  • Sound barriers  in Devon St. So far these residents would seem to be most affected by the works. Not only will this continue throughout construction but may also if the acquired land is sold for new housing. These residents have had their amenity destroyed in the short term and are holding out little hope in the near future.
  • What will happen to Lyons Pde if the freight line is moved, as planned, to to the west?
  • Is it possible to divert the traffic from Leah St? The noise and volume of trucks  is becoming unbearable?

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