08 February 2013

FOCUS Meeting ;7th Feb

Last night I attended a Friends of the City of Unley Society meeting at the  Citizens Centre. This was very well attended as David Brown, Chief Planner from Unley City Council, was the guest speaker. The topic for information and discussion was the raft of Development Plan Amendments that Unley has been forced to implement to satisfy the state government's desire for greater infill housing. David's speech was excellent and informative and the questions that followed probing. Ultimately, the thing most likely to allow Council view to convince the government that the proposed plan pushes the boundaries too far are your submissions. These must reach Council by the 22nd February. The items to dispute include building heights and set backs, the access to sunlight, overshadowing, bulk and scale, parking and access, the extent of the new zone and notifications to get the list going. Go to the following link for more detail; http://yoursay.unley.sa.gov.au/dpa-greenhill-unley-roads 

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