06 February 2013

Nairne Tce Concerns

The following is the answer  from Michelle Carroll (DPTI)to the comment posted under  Crossing Closed; Gordon Rd

1. Why is it that not one mention has been made of the fact that the overhead gantries for electrification do not fit in the rail corridor and are being installed on Nairne Terrace at Forestville?
DPTI have held preliminary discussions at interface meetings with Unley Council regarding this issue. ( this was news to me but may not have been to the ward councillor)

Essentially, the corridor is not wide enough in this location and Nairne Terrace poses some intricacies of its own (it is a narrow street, with on street parking, driveways and is required for two-way cyclists as part of the greenways project). We also need to make sure the garbage truck can pass parked cars.

To this end, DPTI has commissioned a set of artists impressions to determine the impacts of barrier options and to date we are not happy with any of the options that have been developed.
DPTI is continuing to work to find the best solution for any portals that will need to installed at Nairne Terrace, Forestville. It must be noted, that because of the space constraints afforded by the rail corridor on the ARTC side, it is likely that there will be some kind of protuberance in the street but this is expected to be less than half a metre. 

The electrification project is being implemented from Seaford toward Adelaide and the design is progressing in this sequence, the detailed design for this area is still some months away. This is one of the more challenging design issues that the project is facing and when DPTI is comfortable with possible design solutions, will recommence discussions with residents and the council.

2. The residents have no idea that this is going to occur. There was a notice letterboxed last week regarding "pilot hole drilling" that is happening this week, however it is not to be found on the DPTI internet site like all the others.

Pot holing works were undertaken on Nairne Terrace on 4 February  2013 to confirm that ground conditions were suitable for future under-track boring works (ie that it does not contain rock and also to identify the depths of common services).

At a later stage DPTI will need to undertake directional drilling at this location to relocate cables from overhead to underneath the rail tracks. The relocation of overhead cables has occurred at many other locations along the rail corridor.

The link to the letter is available at:


  1. Wow. Half a metre is a lot when you look at the street. Already it's hard to drive through in a large car if there is a truck or trailer parked. Will they ban parking in the street? How will people get to their houses if they don't have off street parking?


  2. Yes, it certainly is a narrow street and cyclists spill into it from the bike path at the southern end. The above is not my opinion but the answer from DPTI about this street.As always it seems to be about finding a solution suitable for DPTI and then defending their position.