04 February 2013

Cowper Rd Concerns to DPTI and Council

Things we need to know:
·           Up-to-date copy of current plan

·      ·        Timeline of whole Greenways project including timeline for start/finish of cycle path from Emerson to Clarence Park Stations in relation to Cowper Road
·      ·        Wheel & track noise. What noise level in decibels at opening of Cowper Road now and on completion of current plan 
·      ·         Height of track when finished – will it be higher or lower than current
·      ·         Material of barrier & essential qualities, i.e. noise absorption & deflection
·      ·        Essential to be aesthetically pleasing from our homes & front gardens
·      ·        Sheoaks removal/preservation. We request 7 days notice prior to removal
·      ·        Will there be facility for access by vehicles to the train line from Cowper Road when work completed?
·      ·        Lighting – distance between poles, height of poles, any deflection or reflection into residents homes or gardens. Is the lighting solar powered? How long will the lights be on during the night.?
·      ·        What rules/regulations ie. Federal/state/local would prevent a solid barrier being erected to prevent our homes being exposed by the removal of the current solid structure

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