04 February 2013

Independent Members of Section 41 Committees

Congratulations to the following people selected as Independent Members of the following committees;

Infrastructure and Capital Projects- Nicole Edwards, Gavin Burman and Paul Dilulio
Development Strategy and Policy- Theo Maras, Tim Horton and Roger Freeman
Community and Culture-Lynn Arnold, Greg Mackie and Peter Croft
Unley Business and Economic Development- Chris Vounasis, Phillip Brunning, Andre Stuyt, Andrew Barr and Gabrielle Leoello.

1 comment:

  1. It is interesting to note that only 2 women will take up positions on these committees as Independents.(2:12) While the final gender ration is not known for UBED ( each street selects their own representative and some may be womem)of this group the ration almost exactly mirrors that of Council at 2:11. One committee will have no women, one will have only a female elected member (Cr. Tipper) and the other will have two. Interestingly, the committee with the best representation will be the Infrastructure Committee. Any suggestions to get more women to nominate and to get panels to select women when they do would be very welcome.