21 February 2013

Decide, Defend, Defer, Delay

I have now attended two Community Advisory Group meetings. After the first I thought this forum might work after last night I am very disappointed at the actions of staff. Too often the decision was to bring back more information at the next meeting: this was about landscaping, rail location, noise, dust, pedestrian crossings, the Greenways project and electrification.
Just last week a flier went from DPTI  to residents near Arundel Ave informing them of drainage works in the corridor, they commented that they didn't anticipate having to remove the significant trees but if they did they would let residents know. Now we're being asked to approve the removal of 3 of then and pruning of roots and canopy of others. Why not be honest in the first place, have the trees  declined in health in the last week?  Now they need to defend a decision when, if they had been upfront, asked residents what species of  replacement tree they wanted and where they wanted them , offered to replace the screen with new materials and added additional nesting boxes for both birds and possums the decision might have been acceptable in the first place. I will write  a full report tomorrow on the CAG meeting with a little more impartiality if I can manage it.

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