13 July 2018

Rate Capping

Capping rates would restore the faith that residnts have in local councils according to Minister Knoll. While I am not at today's Town Hall meeting I have had a keem interest in this. While I personally don't think anything will be achieved by rate capping I have said that it is time to work with the state government on this one. The questions that need to be asked are:
  • What are we trying to achieve?
  • Will cost shifting from state to local be reversed?
  • Will state govenment hold its own fee rises to the same amount?
  • Will Councils be able to continue to borrow for large infrastructure projects additionally to the capping?
  • Will this continue to drive prices down by forcing further collaboration between Councils (eg. bulk buying of rubbish collection)?
  • What have we learned from capping interstate?
  • How long is it anticiapted that the cap will last for?


The original paving works

Following an extensive consultation period over the last 3 months, and an overwhelming response from the local community, traders and visitors, the City Of Unley will now commence draft design plans to transform King William Road, including repaving the much-loved mainstreet.

The concept is based on renewing the iconic paved road surface to preserve the Hyde Park precinct’s distinctive village identity, and provide a more flexible streetscape that increases opportunities for greening, places for people, and regular places to cross the street.

The community was given three road-resurfacing options to choose from and Council gained valuable insights from more than 450 conversations about the transformation of King William Road.

10 July 2018

Time to curfew cats?

Marion Council will this week investigate a potential bylaw to ban cats after  being invited to do so by Environment Minister, David Spiers. At this stage there are no details of the time that cats would be compelled to stay at home. Hopefully, this will reduce the carnage of small native birds and animals and reduce the resident complaints. This is a good one to watch as it may be helpful in Unley in the future.

We're a compliant bunch

I remember when the wearing of seatbelts was made compulsory. After endless whinging and moaning when the day came we simply started wearing them. Same for helmets when bike riding. When I lived in America in the late seventies I was amazed that so many people did not comply with similar laws there. Not part of the culture I was told. I note that they still use their cell phones when driving. So is it any surprise that laws to stop people smoking in bars, playgrounds and coffee shops have needed little policing to get compliance? The same cannot be said for people who choose to park all day in limited hour time zones. There are plenty of complaints from Goodwood people about lack of enforcement of the 4 hour zones. Council are currently doing a cost-benefit analysis to see if and extra compliance officer would cover their wage costs.

08 July 2018

A night of chocolate

Learn from a Bracegirdle's chocolatier
Bracegirdle's is Australia's most awarded chocolate maker. Their products are completely hand made, by an exceptional team of talented chocolatiers who can custom design chocolates depending on the occasion.

Journey into the iconic brand's history at this special event and watch
a demonstration as delicious handmade chocolates are made right in
front of you. If you have a sweet tooth this is the event for you!

THURSDAY 12 JULY, 7 - 8.30PM

01 July 2018

Dog Therapy: dogs needed

The City of Unley is looking for volunteers and their well-behaved dogs to visit people one-on-one and in groups in local aged care homes.

Council will provide you and your dog with paid-for dog therapy training and the opportunity for your dog to be recognised with a Canine Good Citizen Award. This training will be provided over four, one-hour sessions on Sunday mornings in July and August, by local expert dog trainer Sharon Crichton of Positive Dog Training.
The volunteering role requires you to visit the resident you are matched with at least 10 times before the end of the year. This is a flexible position and can be undertaken at a time convenient to the resident and you.                 

Once your dog is recognised as a Canine Good Citizen, they will really be a community resource, able to visit people in hospital, community facilities and others in need of some animal love.

Applications to the program can be made online by filling out the dog questionnaire found at our Volunteer Opportunities page by COB Friday 15 June. If you and your dog are selected to be part of the program, in addition to the dog training, a police screening, council induction and site induction are also required before you commence visiting independently.

For more information, contact Council’s Active Ageing Project Officer, Alyssa Hill on 8372 5111 or email ahill@unley.sa.gov.au

When you think the amenity is not what it used to be

Following complaints from residents about speeds on Addison Rd, staff Have provided the following traffic counts. The data shows that the amount of traffic is relatively low and decreasing while the speed that the cars travel is lower than  trending downwards.

The recent traffic and speed collection data was undertaken the week of the 18th of June on Addison Road, Black Forest between Gordon Road and Coulter Avenue is as follow

                     Average Speed – 37km/hr
                     85th Percentile – 44.2km/hr
                     Total Vehicles per Day – 628

The data collected in 2015 on Addison Road, Black Forest was as follows:

                     Average Speed – 38.5km/hr
                     85th Percentile – 46.8km/hr
                     Total Vehicles per Day – 720

As a comparison, the data collected in 2012 on Addison Road, Black Forest was as follows:

                     Average Speed – 43.2km/hr
                     85th Percentile – 51.5km/hr
                     Total Vehicles per Day – 668

Unley:An age friendly city

Folow the link below to read a great article about the City of Unley. The strategies descibed are making a difference to the quality of life for our residents. The most poignant points are;
  • Additional cost is minimal
  • What we do for aging people will assist many other groups including the disabled, children and parents using a stroller. In fact it will be safer for everyone.