28 July 2018

Full Council meeting : July 23rd, 2018

You might find the following of interest:French lessons at Highgate School

  • Civic Precinct Working Group-Update: A report from this group (selected from application)was presented to Council. Clearly they have had wide ranging discussions about the possible changes that would enhance the area. As I was the instigator of this committee through collaborative discussion with residents it was good to see that the concept was working so well. PASSED
  • Support for the French Bilingual School in Highgate: It seems that the envisaged program is full and that there are  few, if any, places for local students. This report asked that Council write to the Education Minister to ascertain if the program could be offered to more students. PASSED
  • ERA resilient East Progress  Report:m So far there has been good work in the area of tree canopy cover mapping. PASSED
  • Co-working in the City of Unley: This report explored the way that spaces in the City are currently being used. However, it fell short of a cost benefit analysis. If Council rents a property  on a low lease rate and the created working spaces are let to start up businesses I need to know how much it is costing our ratepayers to do this and what the benefit is to the City.
  • Digital Unley Endorsement: Staff have been busy working in  cyber world that hopefully will make their work and your city much smarter sooner rather than later. PASSED
  • Appointment of Members to the Brown Hill Creek and Keswick Creek Stormwater Subsidiary: the nominations are still confidential but once appointed the group can start to get the job done of protecting the City from flooding. 

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