29 July 2018

Full Council meeting: July 30th 2018

This additional meeting has been scheduled as the LGA wished to get feedback on rate capping from all Councils before the end of this week. The following make be of interest:

  • Strategic Property Committee from July24th: There was some agreemnent about further developing ideas regarding an upgrade of the Civic Centre by the committee. Strategically this may not be the best time to be looking at this.PASSED
  • Parkside Local Area Traffic Management (LATM): The proposes a scope of works including allowing businesses to purchase parking permits in some area. If you are a Parkside resident then a good read of this will be helpful.PASSED
  • Local Government (Rate Oversight) Amendment Bill 2018: Council are likely to rejuect the current legislation in its present form as it is overly cumbersome, creates another layer of government and will continue to allow cost shifting from State Government to Council. It is annoyiing that the government can add 6% onto the NRM Levy but require Council to stick to CPI. PASSED
  • Local Government (Rate Oversight) Amendment Bill 2018(Cr Salaman-Letter to the Minister): This motion asks the Council to write to the Minister and suggest that evidence from Unley is that we are capable of setting our own rate and keeping it at CPI plus growth.PASSED
  • Weller St Bicycle Boulevard (Stay of Works): Cr Salaman wishes that Council make the final decision about the progress of this poroposal. Feedback indicates that almost half of residents that replied were against this proposal. There was some feedback form outside of the zone but Councillors are yet to have access to the replies. PASSED
  • CEO Performance: CONFIDENTIAL

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