24 October 2022

Full Council meeting: Oct 24th 2022

You might find the following of interest:  

  • Adoption of the City of Unley2921-2 Annual Report: this makes interesting reading. Council has achieved far more than most people imagine.
  • Design code Amendment for 70-85 Mary St and 58-62 Arthur St:
  • Council Action Records: with the end of this Council term there is very little left on the lists of incomplete projects
  • Progress Report_ Brown Hill Keswick Creek Stormwater Board: finished projects include the new wetlands in the Adelaide Parklands, the opening of Wilberforce Walk to Anzac Highway and the preparation for deepening and widening the creek between Avenue and Regent street in Millswood
  • Option to Investigate Options to Recycle Material Such as Blister Packs: Motion form Cr Anastassiadis.

25 September 2022

Garden Competition


Open to all residents of the City of Unley, categories include:

  • Produce Garden
  • Ornamental Garden
  • Small Garden
  • Environmental Excellence

·         Young Gardener Award (for residents 16 years and under)

Entries close Friday 14 October 2022, with judging to take place by a panel of community judges between 24 October and 4 November.

Winners will be announced and prizes awarded on Sunday 20 November at the Unley Spring Fling Community Picnic at Soldiers Memorial Gardens.

Further information is available on the Spring Fling page of our website www.unley.sa.gov.au/spring-fling

19 September 2022

Time to retire

I was first elected to Council in 1995, some 27 years ago. 

After five Council terms and as many elections I decided not to contest this election. When talking to a resident who came to chat while I was having morning tea with my little granddaughter ( 3.5 years ) I realised that her mother was a similar age when I was first elected and that I needed to show courage and end my time on Council.

I believe I bought a strong sense of commitment and drive to Council  that has enabled me to get things done. I learned early that there was often more than one way to do this and that keeping pushing in the same direction wasn't always the most successful way. I've stood alone on many projects  when a matter was initially  put to the vote to later find that my colleagues were able to support what I wanted in the long run. Some of the things that come to mind are banning smoking inside the chamber and later all Council facilities as well as progressing the paving of footpaths to see them now complete.

I would have liked to see more changes legislated by state government that I believe would further improve local government; these include compulsory voting, max 12 year terms for elected members and keeping it political party free.

As the currently longest serving member it has been a pleasure to serve the City of Unley and its people in this manner.

14 September 2022

Female players wanted : cricket




GIRL CRICKET PLAYERS  - Goodwood Girls registration is open!



We play in the Strikers Girls Cricket league U12s and U15s -  Training at Goodwood oval on Wednesdays, matches are on Fridays.  Great coaches, great facilities, great fun!

  •  'Come and Try' day  - Sunday 18th September, 10am-11.30, Goodwood oval nets
  •  Registration closes 30 September, with the season starting 21 October.   
  • Enquiries: Rachael 0438 872 483, girls@goodwoodcc.com

10 September 2022

Leader St bakery site to be rezoned


Approval to initiate a Private Code Amendment to re-zone the site for medium density residential development..  Under the Planning Development and Infrastructure Act, a private land owner can apply to the Minister for Planning and undertake the process to re-zone land.  

 With the approval to initiate the Code Amendment it has been uploaded to the PlanSA Portal web-site and become public information   https://plan.sa.gov.au/have_your_say/code_amendments#current_code_amendments   

The Code Amendment itself will be completed in the following months and then a formal consultation process will  be undertaken on the rezoning proposal.  Council will have its opportunity to review and comment on the Code Amendment as part of the formal public consultation period, anticipated to commence in late 2022 or early 2023.

 Following consultation and review of the Code Amendment, the outcome is ultimately determined by the Minister for Planning.  Once approved the new zone policy will apply.  A Development Application may be lodged sometime thereafter for the an actual development proposal in accord with the new zoning.


Report a complaint


Unley have developed a new portal for the community to let them know about issues in our city.  The new Report It Portal helps our customers provide  staff with the information they need, first-time, helping to prioritise and resolve issues in the most efficient way. The portal can be accessed from a mobile phone or a computer, offering the convenience of people reporting issues when it suits them.

The new report it portal tool is simple to navigate –a convenient map makes it easy to pinpoint the issue location, you can take photos using your mobile phone camera and you can choose how you wish to be kept informed. Every time a request is lodged,  an email is sent to the requestor with a unique customer tracking number.

You can find the new portal by visiting our website and selecting Report an issue on the homepage (see below) or by going to www.unley.sa.gov.au/reportit and then follow the prompts.


08 September 2022

Candidates for the Council election 2022: Unley

It's great to see all seats are being contested.

Mayor 1 Vacancy Contested


HEWITSON, Michael Gordon



Councillor for Unley Ward 2 Vacancies Contested

FINOS, Stephen



Councillor for Parkside Ward 2 Vacancies Contested



BONHAM, Jennifer


Councillor for Fullarton Ward 2 Vacancies Contested






Councillor for Goodwood Ward 2 Vacancies Contested

TIPPER, Denise

HART, Georgie



McPHEE, Scott



Councillor for Clarence Park Ward 2 Vacancies Contested


ROGERS, Rebekah

SQUIRE, Jayden

Councillor for Unley Park Ward 2 Vacancies Contested


RABBITT, Michael James

CHATAWAY, Roslyn Marie

PRIOR,  Paul

30 August 2022

Black Forest trees saved


The government has today announced the purchase of a property in Winifred St, Black Forest. Residents have raised their concerns over a number of months, since the property was put on the market. Luckily, it failed to sell at auction giving time for the government to make this decision. It would not have happened without the hard work of resident, Kate Hubmayer and the local member, Jayne Stimson. The property will be subdivided so that about half can be resold for residential housing and the back half incorporated into Black Forest Primary School's reserve. The regulated grey box trees will be preserved. It is my understanding that these trees are the only remnants of vegetation that remain in Black Forest.

24 August 2022

Art trails in Unley



This initiative is a major project which documents the outstanding contributions artists have made to our public realm gallery for well over 20 years. While the list is not exhaustive, this brochure acknowledges well over 25 major individual and collective commissions Council has undertaken.

Divided up in to murals, sculptures and public art walking trails, this brochure gives the community the opportunity to find public art on their doorstep and then just beyond!

This brochure is available at all our Council facilities, online and also part of our suite of maps on the IZI.travel app. More information here.

18 August 2022

Parking strategy developing

 Let’s have a conversation about parking!

Working with the Shaping Unley Community Panel, we have created a 'Shaping Unley Parking Conversation Guide' which includes parking ideas, decision-making principles and community engagement improvements.
We now want to test this Conversation Guide with you. Do you support its ideas and principles? Please read the Guide and give us your feedback at yoursay.unley.sa.gov.au/city-wide-parking-strategy by Friday 2 September.
May be an image of 6 people and indoor

30 May 2022

Full Council meeting: May 23rd 2022

You may find the following of interest?

  • Agreement with Alliance Francaise ; this agreement will provide money for the Xmas market and other small projects. PASSED
  • Community Grant distribution: This once again attracted wide interest and various local organisations have received up to $4,000  for their project that will improve the lives of others. PASSED
  • Page Park: shared use trial: This trial was first mooted about 5 years ago and after much consultation and debate and despite overwhelming community support trial was refused by Council. However the follow up included rewriting the animal management plan and further consulting with users of Page Park. A trial with an extra hour of use will take place from June 30th until October 2nd this year. Please enjoy the additional dog off leash time and, hopefully. you might still get home before dark. PASSED
  • Master Plan for Ridge Park: the plan will provide a guide to future development. PASSED
  • CONFIDENTIAL ITEMS (Goodwood Community Centre and Centennial Park)

13 May 2022

Council events and activations


 Busking Activations

Our 6th and final busking music activation will take place on Fullarton Road in the heart of Highgate Village, in front of the premises of Aged Care Alternatives on Saturday 14th May featuring duo “Melange a Trois” performing from 10am to 1pm. We encourage you to come by an enjoy your morning coffee whilst listening to their classic tunes.

 French Fridays in Unley

On Friday 24th June, we will be holding an event showcasing French culture featuring a cooking class and the screening of a classic French movie “’L’aile ou la Cuisse” in the Unley Town Hall.  Bookings will be opening in the coming weeks and will be shared via our social media channels.

 Upcoming Community Events (sponsored by the City of Unley)

 Multicultural World Music Day

26 June 2022

St Augustine’s Anglican Church.            

An afternoon concert featuring community and school choirs and individual musical items celebrating many forms of music around the world. The event aims to bring together people of many nationalities during Winter, who live in the Unley community.

 Trinity Sessions 20th Birthday Celebration

Fri 8th, Sun 10th, Fri 15th, Sun 31st July 2022.

Church of the Trinity, Clarence Park.

Trinity Sessions has been operating as a live music venue for 20 years. This event is a series of special concerts in July to celebrate 20 years of live, original, contemporary music and will bring together a range of local musicians who played at Trinity Sessions in the early days and continue to do so. Musicians include: The Audreys with Cal Williams Jr, Junior with Dr De Soto, Kelly Menhennett and Band and Courtney rob and Band, The John Baker Songbook plus Kathie Renner.

Information and tickets via: https://www.trinitysessions.org/

 Bastille Day

3pm to 6pm, Sun 17 July 2022

Capri Theatre.

This event celebrates the French National Day, Bastille Day. It is a family friendly event with all ages catered for and is an opportunity for both the French and French speaking communities of SA to get together and enjoy French culture, food, cinema and conversation.


Mike Turtur Overpass

Council will be briefed by Department of Transport next Monday at 6:30pm. The meeting will be in the Council Chambers and is open to the public. We are to be updated as to the current status of the project, community feedback and further community consultation process.

28 April 2022

Full Council meeting: April 26th 2022

 You may find the following of interest: 

  • Mike Turtur Bikeway Overpass: CLMP  Consultation: The response to consultation was an overwhelming no. however, the scene has changed significantly since this began and the new Labor government have already called for nominations for a Community Reference Group to help rework the concept and process. The motion passed was to acknowledge the above but to neither say No or Yes to the project.
  • Clarence Park Community Centre Partnership Agreement: Every 5 years the agreement between the CPCC Board and Council is revamped. This time the Board asked for the surety of an additional $15,000 to help fund the The Shed program. PASSED
  • Proposed Changed to Fullarton South Traders Association fees and area the fees are collected: Th new fees did not resonate with the traders and Council has decided to leave them as they were. PASSED
  • Mainstreet Association Marketing Funding Requests: Each year the traders associations in the mainstreets ask for funding to support the work that they do: this money us raised by charging the traders in each street and additional fee. PASSED
  • Draft Annual Business Plan for consultation: The approved plan allows for a 3% rate rise plus .5 % for growth. However, the March quarters CPI is now 4.7% and this may well be flagging price rises that have not been included in the budget. The Council will seek feed back from ratepayers  on the e projects included and the rate rise. PASSED
  • Code of Conduct Complaint: Mayor Hewitson was the subject of a complaint to Council reading the publishing of an article he title Silly Rules in the Eastern Courier. He was found to have breached 2.4 and 2.7 of the code and the Council agreed to censure him for this.

20 April 2022


Unley  have launched this year’s Tree Voucher Incentive Program, as part of Council’s approach to increasing tree planting on private land.

 The Program builds on the success of last two years offering vouchers to new residents to Unley. This year we are inviting all property owners across the City of Unley to enter the draw to win an $80 tree voucher to plant a new tree in their garden. The voucher can be used towards a native, ornamental or fruit tree which will grow to at least 3m tall at maturity.

 There are 500 vouchers to be won, with 125 being randomly drawn every Thursday with the assistance of one of our Justice of Peace volunteers over a four-week period from 28 April to 19 May 2022.

 Winners will be emailed and need to redeem their unique code voucher by 30 June 2022 at one of the two local garden centres: Barrow and Bench Mitre 10 and The Conservatory.

We have used the Council’s latest LiDAR canopy data to multiply the number of entries received from lower canopy suburbs to increase their chances to win;

    • Entries from suburbs with less than 20% cover will automatically go into draw 3 times (Wayville, Parkside, Forestville, Unley and Everard Park)
    • Entries from suburbs between 20-25% cover will go into draw 2 times (Goodwood, Highgate, Fullarton, Malvern, Clarence Park, Black Forest and Hyde Park)
    • Entries from suburbs over 25% canopy cover will go into draw with single chance per entry (Kings Park, Myrtle Bank, Millswood and Unley Park).

 Entering is easy, however people will need their Rates Assessment Number (found on Council Rates Notice) to prove they are the property owner.

 For more information on the Tree Voucher Incentive program, please follow the link below:



11 April 2022

Shaping Unley:City -wide Parking Strategy


 As exiting way forward.

The City-wide Parking Strategy consultation will officially commence on Monday 11 April 2022 for a four-week period, applying the new and innovative Shaping Unley Process.

 The first phase of the project is the Issues and Ideas Forum, where we will be seeking city-wide community views on:

                  any current issues you have with your on-street parking experience(s); and

                  any ideas on how you think these issues could be resolved.

 We are also seeking community views on good parking experiences and what people think works well.

 We are very excited in anticipation of the feedback we may receive from the community to help inform the future Community Panel discussions. Invites to 1200 randomly selected Unley residents and businesses will be sent on Monday 11 April 2022, seeking to register their interest to form the 30 representative panel (15 residents and 15 businesses). We are seeking a diverse group of people to form part of the Community Panel, the second phase of the Shaping Unley process.

More details can be found at City-wide Parking Strategy Issues and Ideas Forum on Your Say Unley via your networks and discussions. The Shaping Unley process aims to empower the community to influence Council’s decision-making. The more people that Council hears from regarding on-street parking experiences in the City of Unley, and their ideas on how parking can be improved, then the more genuine the process will be.

05 April 2022

Anzac Service: all welcome


 Please find attached our social media post of the 2022 Unley RSL sub-branch Anzac Dawn Service. (Memorial Gardens)

 We are excited to return to a full capacity event this year. Highlights include;

  • Royal Australian Navy catafalque party
  • Unley Council Band
  • Scotch College Piper
  • Singer Georgia Payze
  • Keynote speaker RADM Scarce (former Governor of South Australia)
  • Gunfire Breakfast in the park after the event

 We welcome other groups and businesses to join us afterwards to host the Gunfire Breakfast in the park.

30 March 2022

MyCanopy: shows you the amount of tree canopy at your place


This week Council have officially launched the MyCanopy app (
). You can read about the app and the launch here:


 The app allows our community to search their address and view how canopy cover has changed on their property since 2018.


They’ve also added an Explore mode that allows you view canopy change across the whole city.


22 March 2022

Neighbour Day: Sunday March 27th 2022

Want something fun to do next Sunday and get to know your neighbours better. Collect a Kit for CHALK IT UP  at the Community Centre, library of Civic Centre.  Use it as a catalyst to get to know each other better:

  1. Start with a smile
  2. Strike up a conversation
  3. Follow up
  4. Offer to help or share
  5. Host an event

Use the hashtag #NeighbourDayUnley to share your creations and connections or email photos to communitycentres@unley.sa.gov.au.

Tips and tricks for your best life


On March 31st  Stephen Yarwood (a former Lord Mayor for the City of Adelaide) will  speak about active aging in the Town Hall at 7 pm. He is a very emotive speaker and should be great to listen to. For your time you'll be served a glass of wine. You will need to book at www.townhalltalk-stephenyarwood.eventbrite.com.au

09 March 2022

Harmony Week: there is a lot to choose from

Unley Libraries along with our Community and Cultural Development and Community Centre teams will be celebrating Harmony Week 2022 with several events during the month of March, which are listed below. The official dates for Harmony Week this year are Monday 21 – Sunday 27 March.

  • Thursday 17 March 7 – 8pm at Fullarton Park Community Centre. A panel discussion ‘You Are Welcome’ with Master of Ceremonies Matthew Ives hosting Sebastian Geers, Manager, Welcoming Cities and Kha Nguyen a member of the Vietnamese Community in Australia (SA Chapter) along with representatives from newer migrant communities.  They will be talking about their stories of challenges faced leaving their mother countries to settle in Australia and what we can learn from their experiences.
  • Thursday 24 March 6.30 – 8.30pm, in the Unley Town Hall.  A screening of a free community movie, The Hundred-Foot Journey  which is based on the book by Richard C Morais.
  • For the duration of March we have a very special exhibition of Ukrainian Pysanky Eggs at Unley Civic Library.  These are traditional eggs painted with folk designs, colours and symbols.  Each egg is a token of friendship, respect and appreciation while also holding special meaning such as peace, health and hope.
  • Unley Civic Library on Tuesday 22 and Goodwood Library on Thursday 24 March the Library Children’s Team will be hosting special Storytime sessions highlighting the theme of Harmony Day.
  • Fullarton Park Community Centre and Unley Community Centre are decorating the centres orange for the month, in recognition of the National celebration.
  • Unley Community Centre’s art classes are dedicating their time in March to create cultural pieces of artwork.
  • The library fa├žade lights along Unley Road will also be lit up orange for the official week of celebrations.

  Unley in Harmony is designed to showcase all the media we have created over the years as part of our Harmony Week activities. It also lists our upcoming Harmony Week events. You can find the page here – http://www.unley.sa.gov.au/unley-in-harmony



06 March 2022

Beam: come and try Unley

Beam has offered to host a free e-scooter training event in Unley– named Beam Safe Academy.

 The Beam Safe Academy will offer the community the opportunity to learn a range of e-scooter manoeuvring skills and techniques, all under the guidance of professional safety instructors in a fun, practical ‘come-and-try’ session.  The event will be hosted by SAFM's Andrew ‘Cosi’ Costello. 

 his session is free to all adults over 18. Participants will receive a $5 ride credit voucher from Beam just for taking part. 

 When: Thursday 10 March 5:30 – 7pm

Where: Unley Civic Centre car park, adjacent to the Village Green

Full Council meeting: Feb 28th 2022

You might find the following of interest:

  • History of Unley Publication: (PASSED). The additional costs for this will now be $35,000. The publication will be available early in 2024.
  • CEO Performance Report Update: (PASSED) This report provides a data analysis and reports on the different functions of council.
  • Quarterly Report Centennial Park: (PASSED) The board is now fully independent from council with no councillors sitting on the board.
  • Motion to the Australian Local Government Association: (PASSED). Cr Anasstasiadis has crafted a motion that would enable the association to start work on a project that would see labelling required to show how each container should be disposed of. 
  • Greenhill Rd corridor upgrade (northern boundary): (PASSED) Council owns a strip of land up to 5m wide on the northern side of Greenhill Rd
  • Preservation of the Gosse building in Highgate: (PASSED)
  • Lease of 166 Unley Rd: (CONFIDENTIAL) 

28 February 2022

Ward Briefing Feb 2022

 The following items were discussed at this briefing:

  • Nuisance trees
  • North-South corridor: DIT will shortly commence their own Local Traffic Management Plan regarding what will need to happen in local streets after and during the construction of the new road,
  • Street Seeping: most streets are swept every 3 to 6 weeks depending on the type of street tree and time of year. Residents can request extra sweeps if they feel it is required. Council will soon have a second sweeper which will better allow for additional sweeping and make the actual sweep time more predictable.
  • Victoria St: there has been some additional parking allowed on the street to slow traffic.
  • Aged Care Development on Victoria St has commenced: the construction may take two years.
  • Millswood Croquet Clubrooms: rebuild has commenced.
  • Mills St: drainage works are complete and traffic management changes are nearing completion.
  • Page Park: consultation regarding use is nearing completion.
  • Stormwater Management: Hammond Ave and Wilson Ave should be completed this year. Homer Rd the following year
  • Dunrobin St: will be fully reconstructed in 22-23

15 February 2022

E Scooters for Unley trial


Unley is now trialing the use of scooters on its streets. With the launch yesterday they should be visible now. Where Unley's trial is different for others is that you will be able to ride them into and out of the city. Up until now the electronic field only allowed us in the CBD or other specified areas. One other major difference is that they must be parked in specific locations. 

Unley's significant tree register


This register was added to the Unley Development Plan earlier in the century and is in need of being updated. It was transferred into the new development code but:

  • Many of the trees are missing or have been removed (legally or illegally)
  • Many of the trees no longer meet the current criteria
The protection afforded to these trees is additional to that afforded to trees based on the circumference of their girth, species and/or location. 
There are currently 350 trees on the register, 90 of which no longer exist. Additionally we asked residents to nominate trees they believed should be on the register and Council received 38 nominations. Staff then examined the latest tree canopy data and was able to identify an additional 300-500 trees that could be added. Council must now decide how to proceed to ensure the best protection for these trees.

11 February 2022

Clarence Park CC: programs for children

Playgroup returning Monday 14 February 10am – 12 noon

0-5 Years

 $5 per session per family (please bring the correct money or payment can be made at the front office)

 A reminder that this is a Playgroup SA Registered Playgroup and an enrolment form must be completed upon your first visit and Playgroup membership is required by the third visit.  Forms are available on the day.

 No bookings required. 

 Moving Madness returning Wednesday 16 February 9:30am – 11:30am

 0-5 Years

 $10 per session per family (please bring the correct money or payment can be made at the front office)

 A registration form must be completed upon your first visit and payment made on the day.

 No bookings required.

06 February 2022

Page Park: Your say on dogs.

The action under Council's Animal Management Plan requires review of the existing shared use arrangements for Page Park, specifically related to dogs on/off leash. As part of this, Council are commencing engagement with the community to test the demand, identify any improvements/changes needed in relation to dogs and also address any concerns that arise.

This survey will be hosted via Council’s Your Say Unley engagement platform and is live now and runs until Sunday 27th February. Community sessions at the park at 8am and 5pm next Wednesday, Feb 9th, so feel free to pop in for a chat with staff. Click here for more informationhttps://yoursay.unley.sa.gov.au/page-park 

02 February 2022

Synthetic grass on verges.


I read an update on this in the press last week. As many of you are aware Council now discourages the use of synthetic grass on verges. It has been discouraged as the surface temperature of the grass can be worse than bitumen; so while the green effect is attractive it is contributing the the heat island effect in our streets.  There is no restriction to the use of this on private property. Some other Councils have gone so far as to request residents to remove existing grass, however, Unley has not.

Your Say: Disability and Inclusion

The new Disability Action and Inclusion Plan is now available for you to have your say. Please click the link to read the draft plan that was approved  for consultation by Council on Monday night. Hopefully, we have got most things right but I'm sure someone will have some additional ideas that are worth including?

29 January 2022

Full Council meeting: January 31st, 2022

 You might find the following of interest: 

  • Culross Ave Consultation summary:  residents in Culross Ave have ongoing concerns about a perceived change in car movements and parking with the additional homes that have been completed on Fullarton Rd. A survey undertaken, now that the new homes are occupied doe not support road closures. 
  • Draft North Unley Park Masterplan: an revamp of this park is long overdue. The draft plan, following extensive consultation, is refreshing and demonstrates a clear community vision.
  • Mike Turtur Bikeway Overpass: after consulting with the community the Council would like to make further recommendations to this much needed project. These include widening the opening under the existing bridge, establishing a connection to Richards Tce, making the platform and access to it DDA compliant and ensuring the open spaces are usable.
  • Financial Incentives for Trees on Private Property: This discusses a proposal  to give rebates to properties that have and maintain a 30% canopy cover on their properties. I'm yet to be convinced that this will achieve its purpose.
  • Draft Disability Access and Improvement Plan: worth a read.
  • Support for Businesses During COVID-19 (Omricon): I have asked Council to consider any further initiatives that may assist struggling businesses.
  • Waste Management Services Contract: CONFIDENTIAL