06 March 2022

Full Council meeting: Feb 28th 2022

You might find the following of interest:

  • History of Unley Publication: (PASSED). The additional costs for this will now be $35,000. The publication will be available early in 2024.
  • CEO Performance Report Update: (PASSED) This report provides a data analysis and reports on the different functions of council.
  • Quarterly Report Centennial Park: (PASSED) The board is now fully independent from council with no councillors sitting on the board.
  • Motion to the Australian Local Government Association: (PASSED). Cr Anasstasiadis has crafted a motion that would enable the association to start work on a project that would see labelling required to show how each container should be disposed of. 
  • Greenhill Rd corridor upgrade (northern boundary): (PASSED) Council owns a strip of land up to 5m wide on the northern side of Greenhill Rd
  • Preservation of the Gosse building in Highgate: (PASSED)
  • Lease of 166 Unley Rd: (CONFIDENTIAL) 

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