10 August 2019

Scomo to ban export of our waste

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In a new development yesterday the Prime Minister announced that sending our recycling waste overseas for processing was a practice that had to cease. What this will do to the price Councils get for this waste product is yet to be determined. Of the 4.5 million tonnes of waste exported only 12% is eventually recycled and yet all of the waste (paper, plastic and glass) is potentially reusable waste.   What this means for all of us is that we must be trying harder to reduce the amount of product that we use and that industry must develop in Australia to more innovative in the way this material can be processed. Using the $2.8 billion  currently paid for shipping alone will be a good start.

Vacancies on King Wiliam Rd

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Despite media claims there are just 10 vacant shops on KWR (Arthur to Mitchell). Some of the shops where trading has ceased have already been let. Leading up to the works 22 vacancies existed. The vacancies that actually occurred during construction had been determined long before the construction started. This means that many of the shops that appear vacant have been re-let and are in various states of refurbishment. It would seem that there is great optimism from  new tenants about how good the trading environment will be on completion.


05 August 2019

Accountability, transparency, cutting red tape, improved conduct

Suggested Local Government reform includes the above headings. While some reforms are overdue many of the suggestions (from those printed in the paper) should not be enacted. The paper is currently open for public comment at www.yoursay.sa.gov.au . Here's my summary:

  • Crack down on poor behaviour but dealt with at Council level
  • Fewer Councillors in some Councils: Unley might be well served with 9 members (3 per each of three wards)
  • On line voting
  • Compulsory voting
  • Landlords automatically on roll


  • Independent review of CEO salaries
  • Local Government Commissioner
  • Longer term for Lord Mayors
  • Mayors given a vote on all matters: does this mean an ordinary and deliberative vote? While accountability would be good to votes are not OK
Please take the time to read the report and make your comments, I will be

04 August 2019

Local Area Traffic Management Plan, last day!

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Parking changes are proposed here.

Tomorrow  (5th August) is the last day to respond to the Clarence Park LATM. The very well attended Community drop in on Monday saw people given an opportunity to discuss options with staff, with themselves and with their Councillors (Don and me). I was ready to listen to what people had to say, to respond to questions and to discuss premises and outcomes. There was mixed opinions about the best option for Clarence Park itself. Many thought that doing nothing may be the best outcome. This would be a similar outcome to the Byron Rd consultation a few years ago. There were also people concerned about the proposed change of right of way at the junction of  Home, Ripon  and Lorraine Aves. People  seemed generally happy with the more rigid parking restrictions near Goodwood Oval. I did not speak to anyone who was concerned about the  proposed Aroha Tce changes near the shops

31 July 2019

South Road Link

As many of you are aware the government has planned to divert all large trucks for Portrush Road to Cross Rd at some point in the future. The government is also investigating Globelink; that is diversion of freight (and maybe trucks) from the train corridor. This would then allow a passenger train to again service Mt Barker. The suggestion in today's paper from the Freight Council is to link the freeway to South Rd via a new tunnel and road connection at Springbank Road. For those who use Cross Rd frequently or live near there this would enable the existing amenity to remain.Related image

SALA 2019

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Tomorrow marks the official start of SALA Festival.
This is our 13th year of association with the ever-growing SALA Festival – 8,000 artists in 700 exhibitions and events. If you didn’t know SALA Festival is the largest open access festival for visual artists in the world.
This year SALA runs throughout August and Unley’s involvement includes:
  • Over 30 venues displaying work in a variety of mediums from around 140 artists. This continues to be one the largest responses to SALA in any metropolitan area. 
  • The City of Unley Active Ageing Award – our fourth year sponsoring this award and promoting our Active Ageing Strategy. Aimed at artists over the age of 60 across the state, we attracted over 30 submissions.
  • Chris Webb’s exhibition “Revealing A Narrative” at the Hughes Gallery and Unley Library. 
  • The SALA Registration Subsidy Scheme which has assisted Unley based artists and venues to cover the costs of registering with SALA. Over 20 artists’ registrations were processed successfully for this scheme.
  • Inclusion of a SALA in Unley map to be used in conjunction with the SALA guide;
  • The SALA in Unley app. This is an app version of the map with additional information similar to the main SALA guide. This can be downloaded from izi.TRAVEL.
  • Coordinating and designing a joint promotion with 18 other councils with a full page advertisement on the back of the main SALA Festival program. The aim of this advertisement is to showcase the role of Local Government supporting the arts.
  • And some really innovative promotion on over 40 street and park bins (along with the All Connections to Unley Art Prize winner) and inserts on our community bus.

28 July 2019

Rates notices this week

Everyone will probably have their rates notice by now. If your new valuation is higher than what you think you can sell your house for then you can lodge a complaint with the Valuer General. If your house rose in value the same as everyone elses  (6-10%) then the lowering of the amount in the dollar by Council should see your rates rise by less than 3%. The amount of revenue in total collected by the City of Unley will be only 2.35% as  described in the Annual Business Plan. You might find the information here useful?