20 May 2018

Rate Capping: it's time to work with State government

Now that the Liberals were elected with mandate of ratecapping in South Australia it is time to start working with them to get the best outcomes within a proposed framework. Rates for 2018/19 are unaffected as they hope to have legislation passed before rte deliberations start of 2019/20. Hopefully, working with them and being encouraged to participate in defing the detail of the legislation will be important.

New murals are something to talk about

Davenprt Tce, Wayville

Ridge Park: a reconcilliation piece
Under construction: Capri Theatre
A new one will be completed on the Basketball at orphanage Park in the near future, it too sound exciting.

18 May 2018

How to get your council's attention?

YouTube video, How to Get Council's Attention,

This video will be on interest to anyone who wants to raise and issue with Council but doesn't really know where to start. It was sent to me by a Victorian councillor as refers to councillors as politicians. Luckily we are party politics free on Council in South Australia although it is fair to say that there is plenty of politicking.

Not true, rarely in this Council

Under the heading of  Rate Capping a shot is taken at everyone's integrity. The words from one eleceted memeber were as follows in last week's Eastern Courier:

Every elected member had their wish list, and to win support, they supported everyone else's wish. We added up the cost and set the rate to pay for it.

I've been on Council now for nearly 14 years and I have seen deals done from time to time but they have mostly been around the positions that are avaialble on election: some come with additional remuneration and others just with power. But when it comes to what is in and out of the budget from my observation merit seems to be the determining feature as to why something is included or not.  This was cheap shot at everyone and  demeans the role of Councillors and our professionality in doing the job. Always, while I have been on Council, we   mindful of the CPI when establishing rates and we  have stayed as close to it as possible while still delivering an improving city.

16 May 2018

Redevelopment is beginnig to happen

for this!

The followinng is a list of development allpcations that are lodged or will shortly be lodged that are too large (according to the state government) for Unley"DAP to make a decision on:

  • Kaufland have lodged a development application for 60% of the LeCornu site for their new $34M supermarket. The remaining 40% is likely to be resold. This will be notified as Cet 2 which meand limited consultation
  • 248-252 Unley Road (Cremorne south) encompasses 6 x 2 storey residential dwellings (western portion of site) and a 7 storey mixed use building (adjacent to Unley Road) containing 5 commercial tenancies, 63 residential apartments, ancillary car parking (ground and below ground levels) and landscaping.  
  • 66 Anzac Hwy:  6x 3 storey townhouses.


I am proud to have been part of this initiative from Council. Young people were given an opportunity to work together to train, to apply for start-up funding and to develop a business from scratch. The business need to have a focus on the better good. On innovation young lady started a business in selling seedlings to help reforestation in the Adelaide Hills. For every one of her plants sold she is planting another. Another couple are developing a science program in the after school time slot so that after school care might be something kids want to go to and be able to learn.

Full Council meeting 14th April, 2018

This was a short but important Agenda for Unley's future.
Items included:

  • LED lighting contract: Pending final budget approval Unley will invest $1.5 million into replacing all residential street lighting with LED globes. The savings of nearly $360,000 per annum have the potential to repay the loan in 4-5 years. After that the savings will allow for greater saving accross the organisation.
  • Quarterly Report from Centennial Park: It seems they are tracking  better with improved memorialisation sales.
  • Unley Central Precinct: CONFIDENTIAL