15 November 2018

Goodwood Oval Grandstand Open Day

The open day for everyone to view the new plans and comment on them will be held at the oval on Sat 24th November between 11 am and 2pm. This will be your opportunity to look at the plans and the exact location of the proposed new building. This is what the diagrams as they are are unable to show you. Everyone is welcome and welcome to  make comments both for and against what they see. Next week the application will also be publicly notified for planning approval. A formal representation (either for or against) will need to be made in the correct format. As this will be Category 3 the representations can be made by anyone with a concern.
On another note the new scoreboard has now been appoved and the hours of use for the lights have been agreed between the Goodwood Saints and  the representers.

13 November 2018

Recycling : we just don't seem to get it right

Image result for what can be recycled sa

There was an interesting article in yesterday's paper about recycling. It seems that most people really don't know what can and can't go in the recycling bin. Given that 10% of people think it all goes directly to landfill its not hard to see why many don't bother to get it right. The problem is that just a small amount of inappropriate material in one bin can contaminate the entire truckload!


  • Plastic lids from jars and bottles • Plastic bags and other soft plastics • Food scraps • Packaging contaminated with food • Tissues and paper towel • Clothing and fabrics • Polystyrene foam packaging • Foam trays and cups • Crockery or drinking glasses • Mirrors, light globes, oven-proof or window glass • Car parts • Toys • Nappies • Garden waste or organic material • CDs, DVDs, video or audio tapes


  • Paper and envelopes • Newspapers, magazines, catalogues and junk mail • Cardboard boxes and egg cartons • Shredded paper (if contained inside a paper bag or box) • Cartons such as milk, juice and stock cartons • Pizza boxes without food scraps • Aluminium and steel cans and tins • Metal lids (contained in a steel or aluminium can) • Empty and dry paint tins • Empty aerosol cans • Glass bottles and jars (rinsed with lids off) • Plastic bottles and containers (rinsed with lids off) • Yoghurt and butter containers (rinsed with lids off)

Gourmet Gala:best Festival and Event

Unley Gourmet Gala 2018 has been  named best Festival and Event at the 2018 South Australian Tourism Awards. This event continues to be Unley's best event and accolades should go to staff for creating a much loved event.
This then puts elected members into a dilemma when it comes to funding for 2020. We are increasingly being told by rate-payers that it is too expensive and that the money would be better spent elsewhere! The new council will need to make this decision when the budget is debated.

12 November 2018

Here's what the Eastern Courier had to say

Women to outnumber men in Unley Council chambers

'There is a changing of the guard in Unley.
The inner-southern council, which for past four years has had just one female councillor – the lowest number in Adelaide – is set to welcome eight women to the chamber.Joining long-serving councillor Jennie Boisvert are Sue Dewing and Jane Russo (Unley Ward), Kay Anastassiadis (Parkside Ward), Jordan Dodd (Fullarton Ward), Monica Broniecki (Unley Park Ward) and Emma Wright and Nicole Sheehan (Goodwood Ward).
Four men – Don Palmer, Michael Rabbit, Michael Hudson and Peter Hughes – all returning councillors, have been elected, alongside new Mayor Michael Hewitson.

11 November 2018

A new face for council

Yesterday's vote count saw a change in he face of council. Eight women were elected!! Michael Hewitson has won the mayoral position gaining a quota in his own right (more than 50% of the vote). The election saw the following elected:
Clarence Park: Jennie Boisvert and Don Palmer
Goodwood: Emma Wright and Nicole Sheehan
Unley: Sue Dewing and Jane Russo
Unley Park: Michael Rabbit and Monica Broniecki
Parkside: Kay Anatassiadis and Michael Hudson
Fullarton: Peter Hughes and Jordan Dodd
I'm certainly looking forward to working with these people for the next four years.

10 November 2018

Re-elected: Thank you for your support

With 1390 ballots (32%) the final tally of votes cast I was fortunate enough to have gained 474 first preference votes, which was over quota. Don Palmer came in second and was elected  on over quota votes and a top up from the last placed candidate (Angus Wallace). Congratulations to all candidates on a good, campaign.

09 November 2018

International Games Day

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See the Unley Town Hall transform into your very own games paradise. Come and join us for a day of free gaming fun, from board games to video games. A perfect event for gaming enthusiasts and families alike.
Free, no bookings required.