23 June 2018

Clarence Park Ward Briefing Update

I could name the locations, but will show restraint.

Every second month the staff brief us on the happenings in our ward and we get to add things to the list that we would like to see discussed. Works well except that the one two months ago was cancelled rather than being postponed.
The following might be of interest;
  • The poor state of the pavers on the bike path from KWR to Goodwood has been examined by staff and they agreed it is need of repair. Unfortunately the path is on DPTI land and we can let them know it needs fixing. Don't hold your breath.
  • Staff agree to two additional 'flexible guide posts" in the road way (as well as those on the raised area). Hopefully, this will keep turning cars out of the bike lane.
  • Millswood bowls will be asked to forewarn residents when they intend to have fireworks or a nosier than usual event. Lack of doing this has caused some concern for residents nearby.
  • Staff  are presently preparing a business case for the CEO and Council for the employment of an additional parking inspector. This should enable better patrolling near Goodwood Oval during games and training, and illegal parking near Clarence Park Station.
  • A yellow line will be painted  to prevent parking of the first 50 metre of Dryden Rd at the intersection with South Rd. This decision follows observation by staff of a safety issue with cars parked on both sides of the road.
  • Some traffic hazards still exist near Black Forest Primary School on the Forest Ave intersection with Oban Ave. Minor works would see this intersection safer. However, the school has failed to apply for additional funding. Consultation with residents should occur soon.
  • Survey results for the Chelmsford Ave/ Victoria St parking issues will bring a recommendation to Council this month for 3 hour parking restrictions in part of Victoria St, Chelmsford Ave, Allenby Ave, Curzon Ave and Fairfax Ave. I believe that Meredyth Ave should be included in this as displaced cars are sure to look further afield to  still be able to commute and catch the tram

I'm not as old as I used to be

Getting older, getting louder, making sure your voice is heard.

Join an interactive, fun session with a different topic each month. In partnership with The Exchange - an initiative of the ACH group.

SATURDAY 4 JULY, 10.30 - 11.30AM
Gold coin on entry, bookings essential, phone 8372 5100 or book online.
Tea, coffee and biscuits provided.

Learn CPR with St John Ambulance

Learn practical, lifesaving CPR skills in a hands-on, relaxed and supportive session. Practice CPR on a manikin, learn basic wound management and how to help someone who is choking. Come armed with your first aid questions for Q&A.

SATURDAY 7 JULY, 1.15 - 4.15PM
Cost $5 to be paid on booking, bookings essential, phone 8372 5100 or visit the Libraries. Tea, coffee and biscuits provided.

16 June 2018

Call for women to nominate for Council

  ​Please share with others who may be interested.​
(Fliers attached).
​ALGWA SA is liaising with the Local Government Association in promoting its 2 free sessions:
​Make a Difference – Nominate for Council
Saturday 28 July 2018
9.30am – 12.30pm Local Government House, 148 Frome St, Adelaide.
Enrol online at: http://training.lga.sa.gov.au/index.cfm/enrolment/
Date: Tuesday 31 July 2018
6.00pm – 9.00pm Local Government House, 148 Frome St, Adelaide.
Enrol online at: http://training.lga.sa.gov.au/index.cfm/enrolment/

​Another approach for women candidates is 
Become Election Ready with our Outspoken Women Bootcamp ( flier attached below)
Date: Saturday 18 August Time:
9am - 5pm Location: Adelaide CBD, tbc
Cost: $775+gst 
Contact: Louise Pascale Mb: 042 420 8787 Email:hello@outspokenwomen.com

Unley will need 6 new Councillors

and may get even more. If you have ever thought of giving it a go there may never be a better time than in this year's election. The current Council of 13 has already been reduced to 11 by the resignations of Clyne and Koumi. While the rest of us are managing pretty  well many are not seeking re-election and at least 2 are running for mayor. Unley has announced that their first session for hopeful candidates will be held in the Council Chambers on Tuesday July 10th at 6:30pm. You will get an opportunity to learn about Unley Council and the expectations and responsibilities of being on Council. This role suits people of all ages, employed or retired regardless of gender or race. You get about $16,000 per year including free childcare if you need it. You need to work hard for this but most of the work can be done when you have time and not at a particular time. All up 15 plus hours per week or more depending on time and energy. Why not give it a go!

11 June 2018

Saving Money in Local Government

I loved the letter to the editor this morning about payment of CEO's in Local Government. Why don't we pay them what they have saved us? Unley current CEO, Peter Tsokas, has saved ratepayers over $400,000 per year by cutting costs to run council in every year he has been CEO. This has saved  over $3 million. Bet he'd be happy with this payrise? Be careful what you wish for!

Mayoral candidates face off

 Both Cr Bob Schnell and Cr Michael Hewitson have now announced  that they will run for Mayor of Unley in the 2018 elections. While Bob put a small add in the Eastern Courier announcing his candidature Michael has letter boxed a large colour pamphlet. While I read this with interest it brings to mind Don Palmer's recent blog about leadership (http://www.donpalmer.org/are-your-leaders-showing-leadership/ ). To this end I hope that my efforts as a Councillor are seen as those of a leader, someone who can work with others and sees ideas (both mine and others) through to fruition.