10 September 2022

Report a complaint


Unley have developed a new portal for the community to let them know about issues in our city.  The new Report It Portal helps our customers provide  staff with the information they need, first-time, helping to prioritise and resolve issues in the most efficient way. The portal can be accessed from a mobile phone or a computer, offering the convenience of people reporting issues when it suits them.

The new report it portal tool is simple to navigate –a convenient map makes it easy to pinpoint the issue location, you can take photos using your mobile phone camera and you can choose how you wish to be kept informed. Every time a request is lodged,  an email is sent to the requestor with a unique customer tracking number.

You can find the new portal by visiting our website and selecting Report an issue on the homepage (see below) or by going to www.unley.sa.gov.au/reportit and then follow the prompts.


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