15 April 2017

Consultation open for the draft South Australian Suicide Prevention Plan 2017-2021

If suicide has affected you or you just want to have your say. A sobering topic but close to home for too many.

The State Government and SA Health are encouraging the South Australian community to take the time to provide feedback on the new draft South Australian Suicide Prevention Plan 2017-2021

The new South Australian Suicide Prevevention Plan will identify priority areas that align to current best practice recommendations from national and international sources to prevent suicide in South Australia and builds upon the South Australian Suicide Prevention Strategy 2012-2016.

Many South Australians have been affected in some way by the death of a person who has taken their own life. Suicide is the leading cause of death for South Australians aged 15 to 44 and the numbers over recent years are on the rise.

The issue of suicide is complex; rarely resulting from a single cause. Understanding the problems helps us understand the solution.

Help shape the new South Australian Suicide Prevention Plan 2017-2021 by providing feedback and telling SA Health what you believe is important to include in the new plan.

Visit www.sahealth.sa.gov.au/suicideprevention to view the plan and provide feedback by Friday 19 May 2017.

Newsletter this week

I have spend quite a few hours so far this this weekend letter boxing the Clarence Park Ward newsletter. For those of you who are regular blog readers you will probably know much of the content already. People keep telling us how much they enjoy them. I've done north of the railway line and Don will start south of the line on Monday. It will keep you busy over a cuppa!

The Body in the Freezer: Learn more

The case of David Szach
The Body in the Freezer
The Body in the FreezerJoin author Tom Mann as he explores the notorious Adelaide murder of Derrance Stevenson in Unley in 1979. David Szach, a 19 year old, was convicted for the murder and sentenced to life imprisonment. After serving 14 years of his sentence, he was unexpectedly released. For more than 37 years, Szach has professed innocence and continues to seek clearance.
South Australia_s History Festival

Our Unley Museum Curator will
also speak about  our Terrible Tales of Unley exhibition which highlights many other dark stories from Unley's past.

THURSDAY 4 MAY, 7 - 8.30PM   
Gold coin donation on entry, bookings essential, phone 8372 5100 or book online.
Books available for sale at the event. Light refreshments provided. 

09 April 2017

Taxing times: what's worth a try?

Makes you realise that some
things in Australia are still cheap!
The article in this morning's Sunday Mail got me thinking Here are  afew on my thoughts. I don't have too many answers though.

Will eliminating Stamp Duty on the prchase of new homes actually reduce the cost or just get more money for the vendors?

What happens to those of us who have paid Stamp Duty, will we have to pay the yearly fee as well?

Should we tax vacant property so the Landlord is encouraged to rent it out, or develop it? That is leaving it empty or vacant would  be so expensive that the rents might come down. I'm thinking King William Rd, where there are way too many vacant shops.

Does rate capping for Local Government actual keep the rates down? History tells us no but the Liberals are still happy to push a feel good scheme that doesn't work.

Shoule we pursue inheritace tax as an option? My kids won't think this is a good idea; it might induce me to spend even more of their inheritance than I am now.

School Holiday fon for all ages at the library

Seeds for bees - seed bombing workshop

Join our local artist, The Textile Warrior, in creating some seeds for bees. Learn about bees and our environment, make and decorate your own seed packets, and seed-bomb our local area. Meet at the Goodwood Library and walk to the Goodwood Community Green Space for our seed bombing activity. For ages 7+ years.
Thursday 20 April, 10.30 - 11.30am
Goodwood Library
Free, bookings essential, ph 8372 5100 or  book online.
Cheryll Johns - Young Creatives

Cheryll Johns is an Adelaide based illustrator, artist and author who is in creative whirlwind mode pretty much all of the time. Her goal in life is to create soooo many paintings that when hung together, they make the wall fall down. Join us at the April Young Creatives Group to meet and learn from Cheryll's creative experiences. Bring your own art or writing to show and tell. For ages 12-25 years.
Thursday 20 April, 5.30 - 7.30pm
Unley Civic Library  - Youth Area
Free, bookings essential, ph 8372 5100 or  book online.

08 April 2017

Civic Centre mural getting even better!

If you see some cones and bunting go at the Civic Centre  this weekend round the walls near the table tennis table and the Council sign, that’s because Council are adding to the mural currently on the planter box.

Nish Cash the original mural artist will be back this weekend to develop the theme of ‘local flora’ on to the walls facing the table tennis table and round the corner on to Oxford Terrace.

Weather permitting, by the time we all return to work on Monday our Civic Centre will be adorned with even more public street art (..and watch this space for another potential mural being completed next week!)

05 April 2017

Nesting boxes are doing well!

A total of 28 Artificial Hollows/Boxes were installed in June 2009. They were erected in Ridge and Heywood Parks, with a single box installed on Windsor St. Over the years Council has built up the number of boxes to where we now have 121 located across all part of the City on Council parks, reserves or verges (106), schools (12) and private property (3).

Each year, as part of this environmental initiative, Council is provided with a report on the outcomes, success or otherwise of fauna use. As part of this monitoring process, each box is assessed for any changes that have taken place and to determine whether possible maintenance issues have arisen. This process is required to ensure that the wildlife value of the boxes are maintained and that public safety is observed.

Some interesting facts from the report include:

·         There were 119 boxes surveyed across the City during 2016.
·         Over 50% of the wildlife boxes were used for breeding or denning and 77% were used by a range of the target vertebrate species.
·         Various fauna species were using 66 artificial boxes (57%), on the servicing/monitoring days, the highest numerical usage ever recorded.

This is a 'good news' story  for both the city and the local fauna.

02 April 2017

Unley Hosts Epic Day of Outdoor Play During April School Holidays

Thousands of South Australian kids are set to get very messy on April 27 for the City of Unley’s second Festival of Mud.

The popular festival held in partnership with Nature Play SA, and celebrating nature, outdoor play and healthy childhood development, is back and muddier than ever in 2017. More than 4,000 people attended the inaugural event last year and the City of Unley is anticipating a strong turnout again this year.

City of Unley Mayor Lachlan Clyne said the event was an opportunity for children to get outside and enjoy the freedom and sensory delight of nature play.

“If last year is anything to go by, our Festival of Mud is set to be a highlight of the April school holidays in Adelaide. From major mud play to geocaching, this is a fantastic way to help younger South Australians connect with their environment and get their hands dirty,” Mr Clyne said.

“We encourage families to come down to Orphanage Park at Millswood, set up a picnic and enjoy a whole day of fun activities.”

Other activities include stick cubby building, clay-based nature arts and story-time with Unley libraries.

The Festival of Mud also aims to teach parents and teachers new skills through workshops and information sessions.

City of Unley Community Development Officer Nate Overbeeke said consistent nature play had been associated with a range of benefits including increased happiness and improved wellbeing.

“Research shows children’s playtime has gone through significant change over the last two decades. It is important that screen time is adequately balanced with getting out and about in nature. For young children still building their immune systems, nature play can also help stimulate their immunity,” Mr Overbeeke said.

“This will be a great way for kids and their parents and grandparents to have a great day out together.”

Food trucks will be on hand with delicious and healthy eating options.

Bookings are essential and while the event is free, a gold coin donation upon entry is encouraged to raise funds for not-for profit organisation Playground Ideas.

The Festival of Mud will be held at Orphanage Park, Millswood, on Thursday 27 April, from 10am-3pm. For more information and to book a place, visit unley.sa.gov.au

Media Contact

Erin Thompson, Communications Officer, 0420 507 599

Ward briefing , March 30th 2017

The ward briefing last week covered the following items:
§  Forest Ave Reserve: following complaints to Step Key, Member for Ashford, and  a public meeting Council has now completed what it promised it would do. That is to clean up the site, especially around the edges as a one of offer of goodwill. The Black Forest school owns the land and has full responsibility for keeping the area safe and attractive. It is my understanding that the school has now hired a groundsman and the area is looking better, including the water leak that was flooding the centre of the grounds.
§  Lyons Pde: DPTI have agreed that the Perspex screen looks dreadful; they are investigating an alternate solution that retains a line of sight.
§  Cromer Pde: staff are looking at alternate landscaping options in the last triangular piece of land at the end of Chelmsford Ave.
§  Lonsdale Tce: The dead , dry and awful bits of landscaping will soon be replaced. This follows a resident request quite some time ago.
§  Canterbury Tce/East Ave: the safety improvement works will be undertaken soon.
§  Mills St concerns: unfortunately Councillors failed to support the residents and both Don and I in trialling right hand turn bans for a small portion of each day.
§  Goodwood Oval clubrooms: Council are likely to support a $250,00o upgrade to allow for women’s football and to generally make the facility look a little smarter inside.

§  Arundel Eve: staff will report back on the current state of the landscaping. Compared to Canterbury Tce it looks pretty awful. They will also check the trees that have the potential to become significant have been planted and are doing well. DPTI seems to have finished off what was struggling. Hopefully, it will be DPTI who are paying for the additional plantings

01 April 2017

DPA: Black Forest and Clarence Park (west of East Ave)

After a couple of years sitting on the Minister's desk and the completion of DPA 3 the Development Plan Amendment for this area is back on the drawing board. Councilors will need to discuss a way forward before residents are consulted again about what they find to be acceptable. The Minister has recently picked off sites that he believes are suitable for high rise development (over and above what is currently a;llowed in existing plans). Hopefully, he will think we have gone far enough on other sites and Black Forest and Clarence park will come through relatively unscathed.

9,7,5,3 and even 1

The last debate on the Unley Central Development Plan was held on the 30th March as planned. Only the two ward councillors were not present due to actual conflicts of interest; one because his son’s house is on the edge of the zone and the other as he submitted a representation. In times past neither would have been considered a conflict but under current legislation it seems they do.

In the end we finished up with heights from 1 storey (the cottages on Edmund Ave) to 9 storeys on the western side of Unley Rd and north of Arthur St. The shopping centre was zoned down to 7 storeys and the area immediately north of Thomas St to 5. On the eastern side, north of Oxford Tce was zoned 5 storeys, this being consistent with the rest of Unley Rd, and the block bounded by Unley Rd, Oxford Tce, Rugby St and Edmund Ave was zoned to 3. The Village Green will stay exactly where it is.In the end history will tell if this decision was visionary or short sighted. 

The plan will now go to the Minister for final approval. If he thinks it to be short sighted then he will amend the submitted plan, and it won’t be lower.Residents who attended were delighted with the final outcome.