09 April 2017

Taxing times: what's worth a try?

Makes you realise that some
things in Australia are still cheap!
The article in this morning's Sunday Mail got me thinking Here are  afew on my thoughts. I don't have too many answers though.

Will eliminating Stamp Duty on the prchase of new homes actually reduce the cost or just get more money for the vendors?

What happens to those of us who have paid Stamp Duty, will we have to pay the yearly fee as well?

Should we tax vacant property so the Landlord is encouraged to rent it out, or develop it? That is leaving it empty or vacant would  be so expensive that the rents might come down. I'm thinking King William Rd, where there are way too many vacant shops.

Does rate capping for Local Government actual keep the rates down? History tells us no but the Liberals are still happy to push a feel good scheme that doesn't work.

Shoule we pursue inheritace tax as an option? My kids won't think this is a good idea; it might induce me to spend even more of their inheritance than I am now.

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