01 April 2017

9,7,5,3 and even 1

The last debate on the Unley Central Development Plan was held on the 30th March as planned. Only the two ward councillors were not present due to actual conflicts of interest; one because his son’s house is on the edge of the zone and the other as he submitted a representation. In times past neither would have been considered a conflict but under current legislation it seems they do.

In the end we finished up with heights from 1 storey (the cottages on Edmund Ave) to 9 storeys on the western side of Unley Rd and north of Arthur St. The shopping centre was zoned down to 7 storeys and the area immediately north of Thomas St to 5. On the eastern side, north of Oxford Tce was zoned 5 storeys, this being consistent with the rest of Unley Rd, and the block bounded by Unley Rd, Oxford Tce, Rugby St and Edmund Ave was zoned to 3. The Village Green will stay exactly where it is.In the end history will tell if this decision was visionary or short sighted. 

The plan will now go to the Minister for final approval. If he thinks it to be short sighted then he will amend the submitted plan, and it won’t be lower.Residents who attended were delighted with the final outcome.

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