28 November 2015

How good are Unley's Community Centres?

The following statistics have recently been collected for July to Sept this year

  •  Visitation – 58,114 visitors
  • A total of 12 new regular hirers across the Centres (target for the year is 16)
  • 24 new programs (target for the year is 12), noting that this is on top of maintaining the high quality existing programs
  • Attracting and inducting 10 new volunteers
  • The undertaking of a customer satisfaction survey for users of our Centres, which showed that:

o   95% of respondents rated the customer service and support they receive at our Centres as good or very good.
o   93% of respondents rather our price/affordability as good or very good.
o   81% said we offer a good or very good range of programs (11% were unable to comment, mostly as they only participate in one program).
o   89% said we have a good or very good range of relevant information available (6% not able to comment).
o   94% said our facilities are good or very good at meeting their needs.
o   11 people indicated they would be interested in volunteering, another 6 indicated their interest in being involved in a community working group, and a further 8 want to share their skills by running a program or workshop.

22 November 2015

Time to Have Your say on Unley Central Development

Unley Central concept, looking west across Unley Road.

Council is considering rezoning Central Unley: Thomas St to Mary St and generally a block deep unless development is already beyond that point. Residents close by have received information in their letter boxes but it is time for everyone else to take an interest and tell us what you want. This is a direct response to the current state government's insistence that Unley find ways of being able to dramatically increase its population.

Unley Central Precinct

We are seeking your feedback on the proposed directions for the Unley Central Precinct.
Council’s vision for our city is that we be recognised for our “vibrant community spirit, quality lifestyle choices, diversity, business strength and innovative leadership”.
To help realise this vision, the City of Unley prepared the Unley Central Precinct Plan in 2014. The study explored the potential for higher and more dense building forms to achieve new commercial and residential developments in and around the District Centre. The Precinct Plan also identified opportunities to improve the public realm and the movement through the area to support this development.
To help guide new development and achieve the goals of the Precinct Plan, Council needs to change its Development Plan. Council has engaged a consultant team lead by URPS to  to provide recommendations on the desired urban design, built form, land use, traffic, transport and parking to guide the preparation of planning policy.  http://yoursay.unley.sa.gov.au/unley-central-precinct

New Parenting Kits

Our Youth and Children's team is excited to announce the launch of our new Parenting Kits!

Each kit contains several adult non-fiction parenting books, information sheets, and related children's picture books on a specific parenting topic. Our first four kits have been released and are themed around Sleep, Toilet Training, Parenting through Separation and Divorce, and Sibling Rivalry. Each kit is designed to encourage the discussion of life events and difficult topics through reading and carer-child interactions.
Council have more kits being produced on the topics of Grief and Food that will be available soon.

Full Council meeting:November 23rd 2015

There is a petition for Lyons Rd residents calling for changes to the Victoria St T junction. Items of interest include:

  • Adoption of Tree Strategy:regenerating Unley's Urban Forest: This will be discussed when the actions from the Infrastructure and Sustainability Committee are adopted. it makes for ver worthwhile reading. I am, concerned, however, that this committees agenda's seem to centre on sustainability and not on infrastructure.
  • Clarence Park Community Centre Partnering  and Management agreement 2015-18: this has taken well over a year of discussion and debate. Unley refused to cover any activities of the Childcare that is offered and much valued at the Centre. The Childcare will be run entirely by the Board on management.
  • Shared Street concept-Anderson Street, Fullarton: great concept for a street lacking in safety. the expense will be justified in the enormous lift to amenity for residents and increase in their safety.
  • Conservation Grants: Once again these have been well received. If your house is heritage listed or in an Historic Conservation Zone  (Most of Millswood) you might consider getting some help from Council to maintain your house or building.
  • Building and Swimming Pool Inspection Policy Review: Changed legislation has forced changes to this policy. All roof trusses and swimming pools must be  signed off by Council before they can be used.
  • Licence to Kiranari
  • Pedestrian Standards and Shared Pathways: This is a motion from myself responding to the danger inherent in many pathways shared with cyclists as a direct response from residents.
  • Goodwood Community Centre Future Lease CONFIDENTIAL
  • Centennial Park-Quarterly Progress Report CONFIDENTIAL
  • Damage to Flooded Gum CONFIDENTIAL

21 November 2015

Millswood pathway update

 I met with Jane Lavender Baker and Ben Leske yesterday and was accompanied by John Gasper (resident). After starting from what seemed to be an intractable position I believe that we made some headway. There is clearly much inconsistency in the way in which the decision was made. Nevertheless, they agreed to check the title of the land to see if an easement had been granted (at anytime) over the pathway. They also agreed that this was not just an easy way to get to the train station but also a path used by residents to safely cross Goodwood Rd. We pointed out to them that what has been currently completed adds to the lack of safety for people who use the footbridge as areas are exposed where any individual could attempt to touch the train as it passed if they wished. So will we see change? Almost certainly yes, will we see the track reopened? The juries out.

15 November 2015

Update on the Millswood Walkway

I have spent a lot of time this week on the phone trying to get someone to listen to residents views on the track closure. Kate Ellis' office apologised for giving me information that has proved to be wrong regarding reopening, even though it was the best available information at the time.
However, ARTC staff have offered to meet with me late this week to walk the area and to do a further assessment of the issue. This may well be a step in the right direction.

Paris Tragedy: Unley's Response

Unley has done a number of things as a response to the tragedy in Paris that unfolded yesterday. Last night the Town Hall was lit in red, white and blue as a mark of respect and French flags are flying at half mast today. A vigil is proposed for Tuesday evening at the Memorial Gardens at 6pm. I hope many of you will make the time to attend?

Interesting art in Ridge Park

The recent removal of a large tree in Ridge park has given a local artist an opportunity to showcase their work. Looks great!

Street Tree replacement; Millswood Cres

Street Tree Removal – Millswood Crescent, Millswood

In the near future Council’s Arboricultural team is proposing to remove a number of street trees in Millswood Crescent.

As part of Council’s street tree succession program a number of the Golden Rain Trees (Koelreutaria paniculata) have been identified as reaching the end of their Useful Life Expectancy (ULE). Council is planning to undertake removal over the coming summer months with replacements scheduled for the 2016 planting season (May to September).

The following Golden Rain Trees have been identified for removal:

Replacement #s
88 Millswood Crescent
70 Millswood Crescent
24 Millswood Crescent
18c Millswood Crescent
14 Millswood Crescent
4 Millswood Crescent
39 Millswood Crescent
43 Millswood Crescent
45 Millswood Crescent
49 Millswood Crescent (2 trees)

Trees identified for removal have a white spot of paint on the trunk base.

Further to the above, vacant tree planting opportunities have been identified at the following locations:

Replacement #s
60 Millswood Crescent
34 Millswood Crescent
29 Millswood Crescent

The replacement species selected for Millswood Crescent is the Chinese Flame Tree (Koelreutaria bipinnata). From the same genus as the Golden Rain Tree, Council finds the Chinese Flame Tree holds its foliage longer and hence provides more environmental benefit through shading and cooling. The two species of trees are almost identical in size, stature and growth habit. There are already some Chinese Flame Trees that have been used previously as replacements in Millswood Crescent (examples at #s 5, 31 & 47 Millswood Crescent).

08 November 2015

Goodwood Community Services AGM

The AGM is to be held at 6pm on the 23rd November. This service seems to have had some ups and downs this year with a complete change of Board members earlier this year. It is my understanding that the selection of this Board will be confirmed (or not) at this meeting. There is always an opportunity for others to get involved if they wish.

Vodafone tower refused

Last Thursday, at a Special meeting of the Development Assessment Panel, the proposed tower was refused. As the development was non-complying the applicant has to appeal rights. It also means that Council will not have to proceed to a lease of the land and the consultation on this is no longer necessary. As I am a member of the DAP I will not make further comment other than to say that all members were in agreeance of the decision.

Active Unley

Active Unley is a key action of the Sport & Recreation Plan 2015-2020, aimed at promoting physical activity and encouraging the community to lead healthy lifestyles.

It was recently featured on a channel 10 weather segment (filmed at the Swimming Centre) and is also mentioned in this week’s Messenger newspaper.
The program so far includes:
  •  the development of an attractive brand identity
  • partnering with over 25 organisations to offer free activities to our community from November to June, from yoga and pilates, to lawn bowls and flamenco!
  •  a ‘passport’ promotion, where the community can participate in events, collect stamps and go into the draw to win prizes
  • promotion of the ’21 Things to Do’ in Unley (currently on the  website)  
  • information on Council's website and social media

 It will be officially launched at the Ignite Unley event at Unley Oval on Friday 20th November.

Dora Guild Playground

Council is  undertaking a minor community engagement on the upgrade of the playhouse, softfall and installation of shade at Dora Gild Playground, Clarence Park, to seek feedback on how we spend the budget allocation of $30K.  It closes on 25 November.

Houses near the park have been letterboxed
to find out what minor changes people who use the park would like to see.