22 November 2015

Full Council meeting:November 23rd 2015

There is a petition for Lyons Rd residents calling for changes to the Victoria St T junction. Items of interest include:

  • Adoption of Tree Strategy:regenerating Unley's Urban Forest: This will be discussed when the actions from the Infrastructure and Sustainability Committee are adopted. it makes for ver worthwhile reading. I am, concerned, however, that this committees agenda's seem to centre on sustainability and not on infrastructure.
  • Clarence Park Community Centre Partnering  and Management agreement 2015-18: this has taken well over a year of discussion and debate. Unley refused to cover any activities of the Childcare that is offered and much valued at the Centre. The Childcare will be run entirely by the Board on management.
  • Shared Street concept-Anderson Street, Fullarton: great concept for a street lacking in safety. the expense will be justified in the enormous lift to amenity for residents and increase in their safety.
  • Conservation Grants: Once again these have been well received. If your house is heritage listed or in an Historic Conservation Zone  (Most of Millswood) you might consider getting some help from Council to maintain your house or building.
  • Building and Swimming Pool Inspection Policy Review: Changed legislation has forced changes to this policy. All roof trusses and swimming pools must be  signed off by Council before they can be used.
  • Licence to Kiranari
  • Pedestrian Standards and Shared Pathways: This is a motion from myself responding to the danger inherent in many pathways shared with cyclists as a direct response from residents.
  • Goodwood Community Centre Future Lease CONFIDENTIAL
  • Centennial Park-Quarterly Progress Report CONFIDENTIAL
  • Damage to Flooded Gum CONFIDENTIAL

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