21 November 2015

Millswood pathway update

 I met with Jane Lavender Baker and Ben Leske yesterday and was accompanied by John Gasper (resident). After starting from what seemed to be an intractable position I believe that we made some headway. There is clearly much inconsistency in the way in which the decision was made. Nevertheless, they agreed to check the title of the land to see if an easement had been granted (at anytime) over the pathway. They also agreed that this was not just an easy way to get to the train station but also a path used by residents to safely cross Goodwood Rd. We pointed out to them that what has been currently completed adds to the lack of safety for people who use the footbridge as areas are exposed where any individual could attempt to touch the train as it passed if they wished. So will we see change? Almost certainly yes, will we see the track reopened? The juries out.

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