28 November 2015

How good are Unley's Community Centres?

The following statistics have recently been collected for July to Sept this year

  •  Visitation – 58,114 visitors
  • A total of 12 new regular hirers across the Centres (target for the year is 16)
  • 24 new programs (target for the year is 12), noting that this is on top of maintaining the high quality existing programs
  • Attracting and inducting 10 new volunteers
  • The undertaking of a customer satisfaction survey for users of our Centres, which showed that:

o   95% of respondents rated the customer service and support they receive at our Centres as good or very good.
o   93% of respondents rather our price/affordability as good or very good.
o   81% said we offer a good or very good range of programs (11% were unable to comment, mostly as they only participate in one program).
o   89% said we have a good or very good range of relevant information available (6% not able to comment).
o   94% said our facilities are good or very good at meeting their needs.
o   11 people indicated they would be interested in volunteering, another 6 indicated their interest in being involved in a community working group, and a further 8 want to share their skills by running a program or workshop.

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