28 February 2022

Ward Briefing Feb 2022

 The following items were discussed at this briefing:

  • Nuisance trees
  • North-South corridor: DIT will shortly commence their own Local Traffic Management Plan regarding what will need to happen in local streets after and during the construction of the new road,
  • Street Seeping: most streets are swept every 3 to 6 weeks depending on the type of street tree and time of year. Residents can request extra sweeps if they feel it is required. Council will soon have a second sweeper which will better allow for additional sweeping and make the actual sweep time more predictable.
  • Victoria St: there has been some additional parking allowed on the street to slow traffic.
  • Aged Care Development on Victoria St has commenced: the construction may take two years.
  • Millswood Croquet Clubrooms: rebuild has commenced.
  • Mills St: drainage works are complete and traffic management changes are nearing completion.
  • Page Park: consultation regarding use is nearing completion.
  • Stormwater Management: Hammond Ave and Wilson Ave should be completed this year. Homer Rd the following year
  • Dunrobin St: will be fully reconstructed in 22-23

15 February 2022

E Scooters for Unley trial


Unley is now trialing the use of scooters on its streets. With the launch yesterday they should be visible now. Where Unley's trial is different for others is that you will be able to ride them into and out of the city. Up until now the electronic field only allowed us in the CBD or other specified areas. One other major difference is that they must be parked in specific locations. 

Unley's significant tree register


This register was added to the Unley Development Plan earlier in the century and is in need of being updated. It was transferred into the new development code but:

  • Many of the trees are missing or have been removed (legally or illegally)
  • Many of the trees no longer meet the current criteria
The protection afforded to these trees is additional to that afforded to trees based on the circumference of their girth, species and/or location. 
There are currently 350 trees on the register, 90 of which no longer exist. Additionally we asked residents to nominate trees they believed should be on the register and Council received 38 nominations. Staff then examined the latest tree canopy data and was able to identify an additional 300-500 trees that could be added. Council must now decide how to proceed to ensure the best protection for these trees.

11 February 2022

Clarence Park CC: programs for children

Playgroup returning Monday 14 February 10am – 12 noon

0-5 Years

 $5 per session per family (please bring the correct money or payment can be made at the front office)

 A reminder that this is a Playgroup SA Registered Playgroup and an enrolment form must be completed upon your first visit and Playgroup membership is required by the third visit.  Forms are available on the day.

 No bookings required. 

 Moving Madness returning Wednesday 16 February 9:30am – 11:30am

 0-5 Years

 $10 per session per family (please bring the correct money or payment can be made at the front office)

 A registration form must be completed upon your first visit and payment made on the day.

 No bookings required.

06 February 2022

Page Park: Your say on dogs.

The action under Council's Animal Management Plan requires review of the existing shared use arrangements for Page Park, specifically related to dogs on/off leash. As part of this, Council are commencing engagement with the community to test the demand, identify any improvements/changes needed in relation to dogs and also address any concerns that arise.

This survey will be hosted via Council’s Your Say Unley engagement platform and is live now and runs until Sunday 27th February. Community sessions at the park at 8am and 5pm next Wednesday, Feb 9th, so feel free to pop in for a chat with staff. Click here for more informationhttps://yoursay.unley.sa.gov.au/page-park 

02 February 2022

Synthetic grass on verges.


I read an update on this in the press last week. As many of you are aware Council now discourages the use of synthetic grass on verges. It has been discouraged as the surface temperature of the grass can be worse than bitumen; so while the green effect is attractive it is contributing the the heat island effect in our streets.  There is no restriction to the use of this on private property. Some other Councils have gone so far as to request residents to remove existing grass, however, Unley has not.

Your Say: Disability and Inclusion

The new Disability Action and Inclusion Plan is now available for you to have your say. Please click the link to read the draft plan that was approved  for consultation by Council on Monday night. Hopefully, we have got most things right but I'm sure someone will have some additional ideas that are worth including?