15 February 2022

Unley's significant tree register


This register was added to the Unley Development Plan earlier in the century and is in need of being updated. It was transferred into the new development code but:

  • Many of the trees are missing or have been removed (legally or illegally)
  • Many of the trees no longer meet the current criteria
The protection afforded to these trees is additional to that afforded to trees based on the circumference of their girth, species and/or location. 
There are currently 350 trees on the register, 90 of which no longer exist. Additionally we asked residents to nominate trees they believed should be on the register and Council received 38 nominations. Staff then examined the latest tree canopy data and was able to identify an additional 300-500 trees that could be added. Council must now decide how to proceed to ensure the best protection for these trees.

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