26 February 2017

Full Councl Meeting: Feb 27th 2017

With a lot more agenda items than usual and plenty of Deputations this is likely to be a long meeting. Why so many? Either we are doing something right and people are now enjoying the opportunity to be heard or we keep getting it wrong and more and more people are happy to tell us so! Sadly, I suspect that the latter is true. The following items are include;

  • Petitions regarding Pay for use Parking Trial, Reducing Traffic Speed in Mills St and the Narrowing of the Victoria St and Goodwood Rd intersection.
  • Motion from Mayor Clyne with an intention "to take no further action on investigating potential redelopment of the Civic Centre site'. You may remember that in August 2016 Council voted to investigate the sale of the air rights to allow for/facilitate dvelopment on Council owned land at the Civic Centre and environs. This motion was moved by Cr Hewitson, seconded by Cr Hughes and the matter proceeded in confidence until a later time. I was the only Councilor that voted against this location as a preferred site.
  • Brown Hill Keswick Creek: a motion proposed by Cr Rabbitt to give the government a good prod regading funding so that action can happen.
  • DAP Procedures Review regarding Regulated and Significant Trees proposed by Cr Palmer.   He is concerned that some arborial assessments are not being performed by well-qualified arborists.
  • Corner of Victoria St and Goodwood Rd, redesign: Residents are very concerned that the narrowing the road way will not allow left and right turns to take place simultaneously from Victoria St. Cr Schnell has requested that work stop , that the proposed narrowing is installed as a temporary item, then further consultation occurs this time including residents in or near all of Victoria St. This is what I asked my colleagues to support in January but, unfortunately, not enough political pressure had come from residents at that time and I did not get their support.
  • Leah St, Forrestville: again proposed by Cr Schnell. I have written a couple of blogs on their plihght already.

21 February 2017

One mistake after the next

The review into the cause of the recent problems with the bikeway attached to the tram overpass was quite revealing. Not only was the project poorly designed, it was poorly built and  the certifiers signed off on work that failed to meet Australian Standards. Work to repair the bridge will begin with the removal of the throw screens. It is my understanding that work will be done at night to keep traffic disruption to a minimum. None the less, residents in Leah St are having their amenity shattered and are fearful that it can only get worse unless DPTI are brought to account and direct traffic, especially large vehicles, is steered away from Leah St.

19 February 2017

Thank you for life.

At Mum's 92nd  birthday with Louse Hicks,
Anne Lennard and Bill Jackson
I  spent a lot of time this week with my ailing mother, 
May Jackson,  as she gave up her struggle for life.  She 
had a good life and devoted much time to support the communities in which she lived. She will be sadly missed 
by all who knew her.

12 February 2017

Unley Central Update

You may remember that the Development Plan for this area is being upadated. Public consultation has aleary occurred, representations written and heard by the Ciry Development and Strategy Committee (CDSC). Council staff have worked tirelessly to collate the feedback and to provide Councillors with a way forward. This was discussed at  a recent Council briefing. Following that meeting the Mayor decided that further discussion was required befotre the matter went to the CDSC that was to meet thistrhis week. Instead a further briefing will be held on Monday, March 6th, followed by the postponed CDSC  on Tues, March14th. The matter will then be endorsed or further amended at the full Councl meeing on March 27th. From what I have heard I am hopeful that the revised plan will be more suitable to the vast majority of respondents.
I understand that there is a meeting organised at the Village Green next  Sunday , 19th March, 4pm-6pm) by residents who wish to discuss the proposed future of the Village Green. I can't  do more than to reitereate that I will not support a reconfiguration of the green and that I would like to see as many of the cottages as possible protected by zoning. However, on the western side of Unley Rd I will support reducing the current height limit (20+storeys) to something more reasonable which could be as low as 2 storeys and as high as 10.
I make this decision based on feedback from the proposed Black Forest rezoning when residents told us very clearly, 'not in Black Forest, surely Unley is more central and suitable?'.

The Notebook

Have you worked out what to do to celebrate Valentine's Day yet?
Why not go to the free cinema in Ridge Pk, Mytrle Bank to see The Notebook. Gourment delights and good local music will be availble from 6pm. The movie will start at sunset, from my reckoning this is now just after 8:30pm.
This is a free event provide bu Unley City Council.

07 February 2017

Large treee fails: Heywood Park

A large river red Gum in Heywood Park, most likely of pre-settlement age, has fallen over last night due to internal decay. The tree has been the centre piece tree of Heywood Park for many many years and is certainly a loss which our city is unlikely to ever get back. Many of you may know the tree as the tree which children were once known to have climbed inside as it is hollow and had a large opening in the base.   I certainly can rememeber my children enjoying doing just this some 25 years ago.
The fallen tree will be integrated into the park as a biodiversity feature and  other trees propagated from local genetic lines will be planted.

Buy Local Campaign

Following the Council resolution regarding a potential ‘buy local’ campaign, the Your Say surveys are now live. 

There are two surveys:

The surveys will be open until 5pm, Friday 3 March.  Feel free to participate and pass on to your networks.

Evening Under the Stars

The Unley Road Association invites you and your family and friends to their free major community event on Saturday 18 February: An Evening Under the Stars 2017 at the Soldiers Memorial Gardens, Unley Road. The celebrity MC will be Channel 9'sJessica Braithwaite, and they have invited the City of Unley's CEO Mr Peter Tsokas to speak on behalf of Council.

You are welcome to bring a rug and a bottle of wine to accompany some fine live music from Australia's favourite singer, Tony Pantano, and guests: Antonio Villano, Kata Lara Villano, their band and the Westminster School Senior Vocal Ensemble. Together they will sing hits from Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Elvis, Neil Diamond and more.

There will be a sausage sizzle run by the Make A Wish charity, foods stalls, and childrens activities from 7pm. The show starts at 8pm.

The businesses of Unley would appreciate your support, and would love to see you there

05 February 2017

Black Forest School Reserve Outcome

You may remember late last year that I met with Steph Key and interested residents at this reserve. Council took quite a bollicking at the meeting. I undertook to  find out who had the responsibility for what in the space. Council staff have now met with the Principal and gone through the agreement. It is the school's resonsibiltiy to look after the vegetation around the edges including moving all the debris, dead limbs and branches, rubbish,
etc. Council maintains the oval surface and the playground. As you walk into the school ground at the back of the reserve all the mess in this location is the reposibility of the school. Council agreed to do a one off tidy up of the native garden area in the s-e and n-w corners.This should be completed soon.

Like playing scrabble and chess?

Social Fridays
Every Friday we have a games in the Library. Board games and card games. Bring a friend or meet new people. Games includes Chess, Draughts, Scrabble®  and some of the assortment pictured above. And don't forget our jigsaw puzzle and colouring-in corners. Everyone welcome.