30 October 2015

Track closed today

The so called dog track that runs along the railway line between Millswood Cres/ Arundel Ave and Millswood Station was closed today. There was no consultation, no public meetings, no letter box drops, nothing. The job done is of poor quality and access to the path is still available from the train line itself. So much for safety!
It is true that the track was in poor condition and unsafe, but what we have now is less safe. The reality is that people will not want to work the extra distance. It is also true that the timing is appalling, shows us all just how well all levels of government are working together.
If you want to be interviewed by the Eastern Courier please let me know. If you want to complain try;
Kate Ellis on 82692433
Gemma on 82174366 or Bas on 02 82590724 (ARTC)
And don't believe their lies that Unley Council agreed to it, they didn't.

25 October 2015

Full Council Meeting: October 26th 2015

Items on the Agenda include;

  • Selection panel for the Australia Day Awards; This motion calls for nominations from Councillors to select the most deserving candidates
  • Naming the lane between Millswood Cres and the Cromer Pde; The Council proposes to name the lane Sasmee Lane. This name was suggested by SASMEE as many people find the model railway difficult to find.
  • Hard Waste Processing Contract;  The contractor has found a way to reduce the cost to Council through environmental initiatives
  • Disposal of Land in Dover St, Highgate; This is a small section of land parallel with West Tce. In my opinion it is large enough to be landscaped and many residents (although not the majority) of residents who responded to the consultation agree with me. In my opinion it costs too much to buy land back and we should consider every bit we own as a precious community resource
  • Finance Report; These paint Council in a very good light. If you're into drilled down facts and figures you will find them at (here)
  • 2014-15 Financial Statements; as above
  • Annual Report 2014-15; makes some interesting reading and puts a slightly more glossy view on the facts and figures
  • Review of Car Parking Policies;
  • Whistleblowers Protection Policy;

22 October 2015

Millswood Station update

The government announced last week that Millswood  station would remain open permanently. Thousand of people have used the station in the last year and the government are happy with the outcome. Congratulations to all who were involved in this effort, a job well done.
Now will come calls for the other stations along  the Belair line to also be reopened, just glad we got in first!

18 October 2015

Ward Briefing October 2015

The following updates you might find interesting?

  • Do we start looking at the problems in Byron Rd? You may recall that the Black Forest Local Area Traffic Management Plan made a number of recommendations for Byron Rd. These were deferred while we waited to see what the state government was going to do with South Rd. It seems this may never happen or is many years away. If we can get funding Council may once again look at the roundabout option and/or the options of raising or removing the speed restriction devices.
  • Safety when sharing a path with cyclists and pedestrians (now even more important as cyclists will also be allowed to share the footpaths). When I was little pedestrians always walked so they faced the traffic and could see what was coming, this tradition seems to have been lost and often the shared pathways are seen as unsafe by pedestrians. We are discussing a way forward.
  • The footpath renewal programme is now in full swing
  • Better signage will be provided for cyclists as they approach the train line from the south, it it tell them that the bike lane on East Ave is ending and that the preferred bike path is either Canterbury tce or Cromer Pde

15 October 2015

Time to vote for for your favourite event

Unley's Double Shot of coffee event held earlier this year has been nominated as a finalist for the best event. If you loved the event
or even have the time to vote for an Unley event please take the time to vote at the next link

Anyone in Australia with an email address can cast a vote for Australia’s Favourite Event by heading to www.eventawards.com.au - See more at: http://www.ausleisure.com.au/news/public-voting-opens-for-australias-favourite-event/#sthash.onkFWGgD.dpuf

12 October 2015


The LG has strayed a campaign to keep planning in the hands of local government. Thought you would find this interesting. Your comments sure welcome, should we let it go or fight to keep planning powers for the things that matter?

2015 Planning Reform Campaign header image

With an integral role in the State’s current Planning and Development processes, Councils know that South Australia deserves a better planning system. But the State Government has progressed reforms that remove many local roles  which Councils believe will leave communities high and dry - with no voice and no choice about issues which affect them.
2015 Planning Reform Campaign video image
Keep planning Local Have your say Video

We need a more accessible, integrated and accountable system, one which supports jobs through appropriate development and gives developers and the community more certainty about outcomes. However this does not need to be at the expense of local input.  A charter which outlines opportunities for community engagement is a great idea, but not if there are less opportunities for participation.
public survey backs these views.
If you want to understand more about the changes, find our summary here: LGA Planning Reform Consultation Paper September 2015(354 kb)   or click here to find out more about Planning Reform
The LGA is working to finalise a comprehensive submission to the Minister/Parliament after assessing extensive consultation with Councils and the public survey information. It will be available here soon. Click here for more on this campaign.
2015 Planning Reform Campaign FAQ image  

09 October 2015

Prime Time: Retirement Discussion Panel

You are invited to attend
Ex-ALP MP Hon John Hill, Councillor Michael Rabbitt, Probus President 
Pauline Rattley and Probus member John Schwerdt will share their 
experience and knowledge of the transition to retirement and the challenges 
of post-career life. Join the conversation and pick up some tips as you enter 
the prime of your life. 
Visit unley.sa.gov .au/leisure-recreation/unley-libraries to register , or ph 8372 5100

08 October 2015


PLEC Update: what's happening on Goodwood Rd?

Here's where Council and PLEC are up to on the undergrounding of powerlines in Goodwood Rd.
  • tenders have been called
  • start construction mid/late November
  • trenching, cabling, removing the stobie poles, installing new street lights
  • Completion of PLEC construction July/August 2016
Streetscape upgrade
Design options include:
  • Footpath delineation in DDA compliant part and ‘infrastructure’ part
  • Raising kerb to achieve less undulating footpath
  • Paver size options
  • Potential kerb buildout at key sections of Goodwood Road (only at bus stops, no loss of car parking, gain of footpath width), talks with DPTI being held re their approval of narrowing the carriageway

04 October 2015

Unley Libraries Festival - Learn it. Live it. Love

2015 marks our 4th year of running this event – Unley Libraries Festival -  Learn it. Live it. Love it.

Our focus is on health and wellbeing with a program that will get people active indoors & outdoors & trying something new. 

The festival will run from Friday 6th – Sunday 8th November and take place across several venues, the Unley Library, Town Hall and Village Green.

Some of the program highlights are:
·         Prime Time : Retirement panel discussion with our very own Councillor Michael Rabbitt, ex MP Hon John Hill and Probus member’s with Matthew Ives as MC
·         Gentleman’s Guide to Cool with author Paul Giles.  A workshop to help young men improve their self-esteem and presentation skills to bring excellence to everything they do.
·         Simon Bryant cooking demo, food tasting and Q & A
·         Declutter your life & home workshop
·         Evening outdoor family picnic  and movie screening of the Dreamworks feature Home.
·         Playspace – outdoor pop-up library and adventure playground, designed to get people away from technology screens and active outdoors.
·         Wellness Expo with a variety of external organisations showcasing what they can offer, from SA Dog Rescue with adoption ready dogs to neck and shoulder massages.
·         COTA – mature driver workshops
·         Zentangling

03 October 2015

Councils squeezed out of planning

New legislation already tabled in parliament is going to effect planning rules as we know them and most people will not be very happy about the loss of this section from local government for all but the most mundane development . We do know that;
  • Elected Members will be prohibited from sitting on panels assessing development applications;
  • Overall reduced role for Councils in planning and development;
  • Fewer activities will require planning approval and Councils will have reduced revenue from development applications;
  • Councils face increased costs through having to contribute to State programs (such as the new Planning Portal);
  • Councils will be encouraged to amalgamate their planning functions with other Councils in their region;
  • Council “Development Plans” will be phased out and replaced with a new “Planning & Design Code” with more standardised provisions;
  • Fewer avenues for residents to comment on or challenge inappropriate developments. ( thanks to Geens, Mark Parnell for this summary)

If you are interested you can  attend a public meeting convened by the Community Alliance on Wednesday 21st October, 7pm, at the Burnside Town Hall. Click here to download the flyer for more information.

01 October 2015

Small Sponsorship & Donations Scheme

The Small Sponsorship and Donations Scheme assists eligible organisations and individuals with projects, programs or activities that benefit the residents of the City of Unley.

Donations of up to $250 are available to City of Unley residents to participate in specific cultural, sporting, or recreational activities and events at state, national or international level.

Only one application will be considered each financial year.

Sponsorships of up to $500 per financial year are available for activities or purposes that:
  • Clearly demonstrate direct benefits to the residents of Unley
  • Meet a social, environmental or economic development need of some urgency

Applications will be accepted throughout the year and processed as they are received.

For further information, please phone 8372 5108.
Small Sponsorship Donations Scheme Form
Small Sponsorship Donations Scheme Guidelines

Community Grants Program

Community Grants Program

The next round of grant funding closes at 5pm on Wednesday, 30 September 2015.

Through our Community Grants Program, the City of Unley provide opportunities for individuals*, community groups and organisations to improve the wellbeing, quality of life, community participation and life skills of residents in the Unley community.

Grants of up to $4,000 are available for innovative community projects and/or programs in the categories of recreation, art and culture, community, community health and wellbeing and environment.  

* Individuals must be working on a project in collaboration with an auspice (either a local community group or organisation) to handle any funding received from the grant.

Further information can be obtained from the guidelines and application form or by contacting Matthew Ives on 8372 5134 or Pam Hocking on phone 8372 5108.
Funding for projects/programs that begin prior to December 2015 are not eligible and will not be funded.