18 October 2015

Ward Briefing October 2015

The following updates you might find interesting?

  • Do we start looking at the problems in Byron Rd? You may recall that the Black Forest Local Area Traffic Management Plan made a number of recommendations for Byron Rd. These were deferred while we waited to see what the state government was going to do with South Rd. It seems this may never happen or is many years away. If we can get funding Council may once again look at the roundabout option and/or the options of raising or removing the speed restriction devices.
  • Safety when sharing a path with cyclists and pedestrians (now even more important as cyclists will also be allowed to share the footpaths). When I was little pedestrians always walked so they faced the traffic and could see what was coming, this tradition seems to have been lost and often the shared pathways are seen as unsafe by pedestrians. We are discussing a way forward.
  • The footpath renewal programme is now in full swing
  • Better signage will be provided for cyclists as they approach the train line from the south, it it tell them that the bike lane on East Ave is ending and that the preferred bike path is either Canterbury tce or Cromer Pde

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